About deluscar

The name, “deluscar” is a name chosen by combining a portion of various usernames I used in some forums. After switching around the sets of combinations and letters, “deluscar” was the final outcome.

Anyway, deluscar was created so that I could share my views and impressions on some anime, games, visual novels, light novels and various other hobbies as well. Please note that I’m not the type to always watch/play the newest thing, so I could be reviewing a show as old as 1950 on one post, and I could be reviewing another show so new it just released this second. Nevertheless, I’ll still try my best to be as “updated” as possible.

I might also be commenting on various other things. Figures, will be a main focus.. if I happen to buy any new ones that is. I might be doing various music as well, not just within the anime boundary but outside the anime boundary as well, like kpop or cpop. At times, I’ll also provide some witty impressions on various other subjects. Anyhow, please give me a comments if possible, they always make me happy <3

About the author

I’m “Kai”, the smexy founder of deluscar. My original main focus was to just share some of my collections of figures but I still decided to include things like anime, games and music too. Probably when my room is running out of space for figures, you will probably see more of the latter posts. I had quite a long history with anime and had been watching them since like almost 10 years ago? Don’t quite remember. My current list of favorite anime includes Gintama, To Aru Majutsu no Index and Steins;Gate. I’m quite “open” with my tastes for anime and appreciate any kinds of genre. Oh, and I love mah yuri <3

Some real life things to know about me is that I’m a Chinese, living at the far end of the world. I play piano and guitar (I think forgot everything I learned by now though). Finally, I raep lolis IRL. That’s all, I guess.

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