For those who want to chat with me, just leave me some comments here. Or if you prefer e-mails, like say, for guest posts or something, please use the form below. I provide smut talk as well.

If there are issues with the contact form, you can contact me via the following methods as well:
Gmail: scarletpercival[at]gmail[dot]com (basically the same e-mail I used for the contact form)
Msn: scarlet_percival[at]hotmail[dot]com
Skype: LunaWard

PS3: KuroMaho

19 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I would be very happy if you agree to link exchange with me. I like your blog a a lot. (do visit my blog and see if you like it). Thanks :)

    • Checked, and good thing you reminded me here. Haven’t been checking my mails much recently D:
      Anyway, added. As for the banner, you can use this one.

  2. Hi there. I saw and read your policies for applying in your blogroll. and Here I am asking if it is possible to join your list? I have a newly created anime review blog. I hope it works, thanks!

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