So I bought a 3DS…


I’m not really what you call a “hardcore gamer”, and I’m not really the type to buy games or consoles the day they were released. But just last month, I finally bought a 3DS.

Math and Games in Isshuukan Friends – The Journey is More Important than it’s Conclusion

[HorribleSubs] One Week Friends - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.24_[2014.06.17_19.25.02]

In episode 9 of Isshuukan Friends, Fujimiya said an extremely attention-grabbing statement, an eye-opener for those who hate math, myself included.

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Actually Tells Profound Themes on Manga and Work Ethic


Who could had thought? Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, a currently airing anime in the Spring season, is basically those ecchi harem story; the main protagonist being the mangaka, with hordes of assistants under him as his harem. Or at least, one would normally expect something like that from such a setting. However, when scrutinized, the anime actually tells profound themes on ecchi manga and work ethic.


An odd hobby I just recently discovered – Listening to Internet Radio


Has there ever been a time where you got fed up listening to the same songs over and over again in your collection? I do. I tried to remedy this by getting as many songs as I possibly can in my computer, even going as far as downloading torrents consisting of massive batches of songs, some of them nearing almost 10 GB.


Video Games – Philosophy of Good Graphics


Video games had underwent thorough massive improvements and evolution – style, aesthetics, interactions and the list goes on. Especially on the visuals aspect of video games, more powerful hardware specs mean a more stronger, more elaborate art and animations. But is having a “good art” simply mean more stronger and detailed graphics? That is of cause, one element that determine the quality of art of a certain game, but I feel there is much more than just having very powerful and detailed graphics.