GTA V: My Obsession with Suits


When I was playing GTA V, I realized I had a certain odd obsession which had nothing to do with the gameplay – my obsession with suits. I made countless visits to Ponsonbys (clothing stores in GTA V that sells suits), getting myself different suits in preparation for each story sequences, unsurprisingly, I love wearing full black colors, although I still do choose other colors, especially if it’s during the day and I wasn’t doing anything significant, like say, heists.

Sakura Trick – Anime Rendition of Sono Hanabira

[Mezashite] Sakura Trick - 01 [CE6A102E].mkv_snapshot_13.08_[2014.03.16_14.02.45]

A lot of people, or at least, those who had experienced both franchises, had been comparing both Sakura Trick and Sono Hanabira, especially with their similarities. Even before watching the first episode, I was aware of how similar they are, but now, after ten episodes in, I can even more clearly see why.

Questioning the Significance of Anime Shorts

[HorribleSubs] Strange+ - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.29_[2014.03.09_13.57.27]

[HorribleSubs] Strange+ - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.29_[2014.03.09_13.35.08]

What I’m discussing here is about those anime episodes which is only around 3 to 5 mins per episodes in length – thus, anime shorts. Not a side-story of a main anime, nor an OVA or something, purely new anime with only 3 to 5 minutes to wiggle around per episode. I personally don’t watch a lot of them, but for some reason, there are a lot of them this season, ranging from Pupa, to Strange+, to Onee-chan ga Kita; but do they work? Can they even deliver with such a short airing time? This is not the first season where anime shorts are aired together with other main anime titles however, a quick search led me to titles such as Litchi DE Hikari Club, also an anime short adapted from a manga.

Nisekoi – Exaggerated Anime Expressions

[HorribleSubs] Nisekoi - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.22_[2014.03.11_19.57.17]

Nisekoi is a romantic comedy, or romcom, for short, as it is more commonly abbreviated. From my general experience of romcoms, it usually involves a slice-of-life setting, and have the characters mess around in the setting. It puts a grin on our face as our boisterous characters had their fun time playing around, and I feel that the latter part of the phrase “romantic comedy” – “comedy”, came about from this very element. It’s an additional term to tell us that this is not your soap opera romance story, but a lighter tale with the characters having fun, telling corny jokes, and dealing with romance in a less stressful and serious manner than that of the former. The second word of the phrase – “comedy”, is something added for that very context, and it does not necessary mean that the anime is actually funny. At least, that’s how I see it personally from most typical romcoms I had watched. But, you see, Nisekoi isn’t just your typical romcom.


A Hipster Gaming History of A Single-Player Gamer


Due to some circrumstances in my childhood, there was a period of time where my perspectives, opinions, tastes and cultural views differ to my other friends. Especially during the later parts of my childhood when my friends started having specific hobbies which weren’t quite as easily accessible – my own hobbies begun to differentiate themselves from the rest. While the rest of my friends were talking about the hottest anime or games, I was playing extremely antique, uncommon games or just stuck studying in general. I never did watch any anime aside from the random bits and pieces of VCDs, or if I was in luck, Cartoon Network might air one. Of cause, this changed once I had internet at home. I easily caught up with the latest episode of Naruto which was still the most common talk around the school, with some other anime to boot, including even the more uncommon titles. However, while I could easily catch up with anime, even when I had internet, I chose not to follow in their footsteps, with my hipster gaming status remaining even to this very day.