Kai’s Question #6 – Sweaty Hands and It’s Effects on My Gaming Experience

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I have a medical condition since birth – it doesn’t interfere with my social and everyday life, but it does interfere with my gaming and technological life. From googling, I found out this medical condition of mine is called hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating on certain body parts; in my case, it’s on my hands. What’s worse, Brunei, the place where I live, is a naturally hot country, so my body, and especially my hands sweat very easily. Sometimes, I showered a multitude of times per day just to wash off the sweat.


Analyzing Harem Protagonists and Their Perverted Nature


Harem protagonists-for unknown reasons, they always have a mysterious charm in attracting women, regardless of age, race, and sometimes even species. In any case, I feel all harem protagonists are perverts by nature.

I/O Review


More than a decade ago, Kotaro Uchikoshi and Takumi Nakazawa written what would be undeniably known as the greatest visual novel of all time, Ever 17. Personal bias aside, Ever 17 did indeed garner massive amount of attention especially in the English-speaking community. Ever since they went on their own separate ways, Uchikoshi had been working on the Zero Escape series which had received considerable level of fame. Meanwhile, Nakazawa founded Regista, which produced I/O – one of it’s first major visual novels.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Review

Dual Desitnies cover

Personally, when Capcom announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, the fifth installment in the Ace Attorney main series, will be on the 3DS, I have my doubts, but after playing it, I understood the reason behind the switch. There are obviously quite a number of changes, and especially in the gameplay aspect, it actually brings more good to the series than bad.

To those uninformed of the series, I think the best, most simple explanation of what Ace Attorney is in a nutshell, is that it is a series of lawyer-simulation games with a “visual novel-like” storytelling (not bona fide visual novel, mind you, though you might argue to the contrary.) The basic structure of the games is divided into two parts – the investigation segment where you had to talk to people, investigate for evidences and so on, and the courtroom segment of the game where you had to defend your client against false charges, using all the evidences you found in your investigations and finding contradictions in testimonies.


All You Need Is Kill Review


All You Need Is Kill is a light novel written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, and illustrated by Yoshitoshi Abe. The story has an military sci-fi setting, and one pivotal plot point of the novel involves time looping.