Silver Cross and Draculea Review


Silver Cross and Draculea. The title itself is already a big giveaway, but it’s a light novel about vampires. The novel is written by Totsuki Yuu and illustrated by Yasaka Minato.

Top 5 Graphic Adventure Games


…or AKA “Top 5 Visual Novel-like Games”.

I decided to make a separate list for these games since the one in my main video game list is getting kinda packed (obviously I’ll copy/paste this in an actual page in due time). You might be asking though, “But Kai, why not just put these in the visual novel list?” If you haven’t already notice, I have a really stubborn view on distinguishing visual novels from games for some reason-so these titles while don’t make it as visual novels, they are all to me excellent graphic adventure games nonetheless.

Behind the Commissioner – Commissioning is Serious Business


Note: This post was written with the assumption that you have a somewhat clear idea of my mascots.
You can check them out here.

Miharusshi probably doesn’t know this, but I had been thinking of writing about commissioning for awhile, she ended up beating me to the punch in, but I’m going to expand on the idea in this post, and will write about different aspects of my commissioning so far, some of these may also help if anyone of you would like to start commissioning too.

Gintama just don’t give a damn – A Brief Look at Gintama’s Voice Actors

One night, I couldn’t sleep (refer to above video which was pretty much me at the time) so I opened youtube and watched some random seiyuu videos. I didn’t even know why I suddenly had the urge to watch them, though it may have to do with the fact that at the time, I just don’t feel like watching anime nor playing games, and just staring at my twitter to pass the night don’t seem exactly productive either. In doing so though, I ended up discovering something interesting.

When voice actors are being interviewed and they are asked about their roles and the anime they are starring in, I always thought that they should be selling the show and putting it over as much as possible, after all, they themselves are starring roles in the anime too. But Gintama in this case, is kind of in an unique spot.

Corpse Party Review


Note: It’s Halloween, so in celebration-here’s a horror game review from me. The full version of this game is actually called Corpse Party BloodCovered: …Repeated Fear, which is an enhanced remake on the PSP, and is the actual version I played. But because it’s such a handful to type, I’ll just call it Corpse Party.

Whether or not I don’t have the time to play, or it’s because I seem to always have other games on my plate I want to prioritize, Corpse Party is one of those video game series I never gotten the chance to try, despite hearing high praises from various other gamers and visual novel players alike. Finally having the time to try out the first game in the series-the PSP remake that is, how does this famous survival horror game hold up to my expectations?