Rin Group Commission Poll


Kirei: My Rin is BEST GIRL.
Producer: No, MINE.

I’m a commissioner, I’m someone who has a thousand of images in his mind which I really want to visualize, but due to time and money, couldn’t get them done as fast as I hope. One of my many ideas for a commission, was to feature my own mascot, Rin, in a group commission with Rins from other anime.

Kyouko Fujiwara – Another New Mascot for Deluscar


To celebrate for the new year, I have another mascot for deluscar!

Kyouko is the stoic, gun-toting maid working for the Kougetsu household, serving Ran, Rin and any other important Kougetsu family members. When she is not busy doing housework chores, she is busy shooting down terrorists, saving people and protecting my blog from harm.

While maids are always associated with loyalty and obedience, I thought it’s interesting to give the archetype a spin by giving her firearms and combat skills. Ninja maid, as tvtropes would call it. Admittedly, this is, at this point, not the most original of idea, especially with badass maid characters like Roberta and Sakuya already out there, but it’s still an interesting spin in my opinion.

As usual, to know more about her, feel free to check out her profile page. Incidentally, I think this will be the last mascot for deluscar until further notice. I will still commission for illustrations though, very sporadically, at least.

Plastic Memories and it’s Tonal Shifts

[HorribleSubs] Plastic Memories - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.56_[2015.04.19_19.37.16]

I just watched episode 3 of Plastic Memories, and looking up some MAL discussions, I seen some people getting really butthurt with the shift in atmosphere. Why so butthurt though?

Colloquium: Kai and Miharusshi Talk Gintama


In celebration of Gintama’s return from hiatus, I, or actually, we decided to write another post on Gintama, this time with miharussi of Anime Vios. We didn’t had a set topic to talk about so we ended up just talking whatever were on our minds, not sure if that was a good idea since this post is almost behemoth-like by the end. I do hope you will have the patience to go through this wall of text though, since we ended up discussing a lot of interesting topics, ranging from Gintama’s movies, serious arcs, comedy and their parodies/references.

Musings on Project Diva F 2nd


I got this game awhile ago, and while I’m admittedly a slow-player, I finally managed to play this to a degree that I’m willing to dedicate one whole post about it. Bear in mind this isn’t a review, just some things about the game I want to talk about.

For those unfamiliar, the Project Diva series is a series of Vocaloid rhythm games. While I felt pretty neutral about the medium despite heavily talked about in the fandom, Project Diva F, the series’s previous localized game, was what finally propelled me into a Vocaloid fan.

Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet Review


I had seen comparisons to Eden with Planetarian, and admittedly, I haven’t play the latter (I should soon though!), but seeing as how this visual novel is developed by minori; the same studio behind ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two-I just had to see this. I actually had been dying to play this visual novel long ago, and seeing people singing praises for it when they read the untranslated version years ago didn’t help either, but now that it’s officially translated…


How living the Gintama-way Enriches your Lifestyle

Ginpachi-sensei will teach you the meaning of life.

Ginpachi-sensei will teach you the meaning of life.

Note: Since it’s April Fool’s day, time for a little ridiculousness.

Gintama is random and bizarre, but at the end of the day, underneath the wacky facade, the show teaches you important life lessons, which, believe me or not, enrich one’s lifestyle. Below are a few key points I learned from the anime personally and following them in real life, had enriched my lifestyle tremendously. So please follow them too, as I’m sure it will enrich yours as well, I guaran-damn-tee it.