A Call for Help – Guest Posts for Deluscar

There’s no denying I’ve been slowing down. I’m… uhh… getting a little bit on in years. And as I age, I find it’s harder and harder to get into the right mood to write. A long time ago, you can see a new post every few days or so, but nowadays you would be hard-pressed to even see a new post per month.


Time Limits in Video Games

I have a confession to make……… I have never like the “time limit” system in video games.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Review

Trails in the Sky the 3rd, as it’s name already suggests, is the third and last part of the Trails in the Sky trilogy. It’s a… weird addition to the series, as the entire thing feels like a massive fandisc. That doesn’t mean it’s not good though, far from it, it’s just different.

Five Flaming Hotties

I was tagged by MedievalOtaku for the Five Flaming Hotties. While making this list, I notice the thing that ties most, if not all of these characters is “passion” (and lots of red too). Because come on, nothing speaks “flaming” more than the word “passion”. I suppose you can alternatively treat this list as “Top 5 Passionate Characters” or something.

Anyway, enjoy the list, in no particular order:


Top 5 Anime Gourmands

Because anime possesses the ability to express even beyond the capability of real life, anime characters eating good food is always a fascinating thing to observe. And since it’s April 1st, it’s time for another dumb post — below is a list of Top 5 Anime Gourmands.