Happy (haha) New Year

Another year has passed. Some things happened last year that is at least somewhat of an improvement, but the stress and anxiety never stop coming. In a way, the latter might have become even worse. It’s like I’m constantly jumping from one hell to another recently. In other words, life goes on (lol).

Colloquium: Top 10 Anime Idols

As I experienced another lull in activity, I toyed with the idea of making another list to inject some life in the blog, and decided on a Top Idol list. Then the idea of collaborating with someone on the list springs to mind, so I asked a good friend and fellow blogmate, Leap (of Leap250’s Blog) and we decided on a Top 10 Idol list (we would do 5 each) not ranked consecutively.

8 Year Anniversary

Damn, 8 years.

Not sure how this happens, but I’ve stuck with blogging much longer than I thought. Again, thanks to everyone who’s been involved with this 8-year long journey. Your presence gave me the power and motivation to keep on writing, so I hope you will continue visiting this graveyard of a blog (lol).

If I can last the next year, I’ll see you guys again by then.

Yakuza 0 Review

Known by many as essentially a spiritual successor to Shenmue, the Yakuza series has always been respectable in it’s iteration of what made Shenmue such a masterpiece. But it is Yakuza 0 that arguably transformed the series from cult classic to a mainstream fan-favorite.

Drakengard Review

When I was just getting into the Yoko Taro universe, I thought it’s only fair that I begin from the one that first started it all. So how has Drakengard hold up?