Top 5 Rappers Eminem is Too Afraid to Diss

1. Mori Calliope

Being one of the member of HoloEN, a sub-division of the heavyweight vtuber group, Hololive — Mori Calliope surprised everyone with her sick bilingual bars. Her Dead Beats EP, has literally topped the iTunes music charts. So while this may (or may not) be a shitpost, Mori does legit has some incredible resume on her belt.


An Anime Fan as An Adult

I’m an adult.

Well… I’m technically one. I’m of age, but I’m definitely not the mental age of the mature adult that everyone expects. Anyway, it may sound like I’m saying all these out of the blue, but I would like to reflect on how adult life has been influencing my hobbies, in this case — anime, games and whatnot. The short answer? Not good.

The older you grow, the more the responsibilities you bear and the obligations you have. You just have more things to worry about, from career to relationships to pretty much everything that has to do with this dumb thing called “life”. It can get extremely difficult to watch anime, play games; with all the stresses and hardships of real life, bearing down on you like shackles chained on your ankles. These days, instead of enjoying anime, I spent more time complaining about how I worry I can’t enjoy them. The fucking irony.

New Year

For now… damn.

While I’m just as usual preoccupied with all my endless personal problems, I can feel 2020 was one of the worst years ever even in a general sense. You know the news, so I’m gonna spare you the mumbling. In fact, you guys are probably more affected by them than me who live in a small corner on the other side of the world.

12 Days of Gintama – Merry Christmas

I was first introduced to Gintama back during the early 2000s, and since then, has been with me through thick and thin for years. It’s a show that I find myself keep coming back to.

12 Days of Gintama – Day 12: Gintoki and Takasugi, A Battle to Reaffirm Their Own Brand of Bushido

Note: A warning for spoilers. Also, this is technically a shipping post, I suppose, lol.

Gintama’s fights are fueled with emotions, fueled with the desperate attempt to survive. But furthermore, Gintama’s emphasis on the characters’ motives make Gintama’s battles truly a vendetta of ferocious bloodbath — a clashing of two characters who just do not see eye to eye. There is a rich history behind the two characters in a fight that provide the substance and backstory rather than just being a pure spectacle of violence and blood. All Gintama’s fights are praiseworthy because of this, but there’s no fights in the series that display this trait as clearly as Gintoki VS Takasugi — my favorite Gintama fight ever.