Creative Blogger Award: Part 2


Okay, guess I should hide the fact that I am starting to run out of ideas, but I believe it’s a great time to dig out some of the “award” posts I have lying somewhere around my blog. This one is the Creative Blogger Award nominated by Infinitezenith on February 2016 (kept you waiting, huh?). In this award, you need to share 5 facts about yourself.

And since it’s no secret I like anime, I suppose it’s a good time as any to show everyone 5 of my non-anime hobbies.

The Beauty of Nasuverse

You know the best thing about having an universe so exceptionally large you can make a dozens of anime based on it? It is another way to improve fandom engagement and one of the many reasons why Type-Moon has been so popular even to this day. Yes, I am talking about the infamous “Nasuverse”.

Rakugo – An Undying Art Form


The second season of Rakugo is a story of inspiration. A story of a simple man called Yotarou who was inspired by his master’s rakugo. And sometimes, inspiration is all you need to keep an art form alive.

My Thoughts on VNDB’s Top 10 Visual Novels

VNDB’s Top 10 Visual Novels

One day I was kinda bored, and sorted through VNDB’s visual novels through rating — technically VNDB’s top visual novels (picture above), so to speak. The result was interesting and I was about to tweet my findings, and then realized I might as well just do it here since it’s actually kinda long.

Visual Novels I Had Been Messing Around With – Part V


To all those who have been following my blog since it’s infancy, you might notice I have a series of posts called “Visual Novels I Had Been Messing Around With“, where as it’s self-explanatory name indicates, is just me talking about visual novels I have been playing. Truly the most original of ideas, created by my past self, my phantom — the more amateurish writer in me that can string together English words so well English professors around the world are put to shame.

In any case, I have been ignoring that series of posts and haven’t update any posts since. However today is a good day to brush off the dust and go back to it one last time, as it is April 1st — April Fool’s day. I will be talking about five shitty visual novels I have no idea why I was even playing. Yes, laugh at me all you want today as I show you the five visual novels I recently played — the visual novels that can only be handled by true, absolute madmen.