9 Year Anniversary

Month after month, I kept dragging my blog’s lifeless carcass around, stubbornly refusing to stay down. And one way or the other, I managed to last till October 1… you guessed it, the date of my blog’s anniversary.

30 Visual Novel Questions

I saw this making the rounds on twitter a while ago, and while I thought of participating, I figured I might as well post it on my blog instead since the content seems blog-worthy enough. …Just imagine I took 30 days to answer each of these questions then publish all of them in one go.

Anyway, enjoy.

One Lovely Blog Award

I suppose it’s time for some awards again. This is the One Lovely Blog Award nominated by Ignite18. For this award, you need to share 7 facts about yourself, and I will do it, musical-style. I will talk about 7 music-related facts about me, and I suppose now you will finally come to comprehend my shitty tastes in music.

Sunshine Blogger Award: Part 3

*tried to make a joke about sunshine, where the sun don’t shine and something about ass, but I gave up*

Anyway, yeah, it’s time for another one of these award things. This time, I’m nominated by TPAB. In the Sunshine Blogger Award, you need to answer your nominator’s questions. Without further ado:

Mystery Blogger Award

Awhile ago, I was nominated by Zainou for the Mystery Blogger Award. For this award, you need to do 3 things, mainly — share 3 facts about yourself, answer 5 questions from whoever nominated you for the award and share your best post(s). So, without further ado: