8 Year Anniversary

Damn, 8 years.

Not sure how this happens, but I’ve stuck with blogging much longer than I thought. Again, thanks to everyone who’s been involved with this 8-year long journey. Your presence gave me the power and motivation to keep on writing, so I hope you will continue visiting this graveyard of a blog (lol).

If I can last the next year, I’ll see you guys again by then.

Yakuza 0 Review

Known by many as essentially a spiritual successor to Shenmue, the Yakuza series has always been respectable in it’s iteration of what made Shenmue such a masterpiece. But it is Yakuza 0 that arguably transformed the series from cult classic to a mainstream fan-favorite.

Drakengard Review

When I was just getting into the Yoko Taro universe, I thought it’s only fair that I begin from the one that first started it all. So how has Drakengard hold up?

Axed Manga, Sudden Cancellations and Rushed Endings

Some time ago I wrote a post about why I don’t read a lot of manga, but there was one more thing I failed to mention — axed manga, ones that are forced to cancel usually due to low ratings, legal issues, poor health of the author and so on. This results in a very universal issue for the medium — rushed endings.

10 Video Game Pet Peeves

Yes, guys. It’s time for another boring list (because new ideas, HAHAHAHAHAAHA). I have been a longtime gamer (admittedly really on-and-off throughout the years) and there have been some things that just don’t sit well with me. Some of these may be a culture thing, or it’s the problem with the developer’s decision, or something about the genre, or maybe some parts of the mechanics or designs just frustrate me — but nonetheless, below is my 10 video game pet peeves.