About deluscar

The name, “deluscar” is a name chosen by combining a portion of various usernames I used in some forums. After switching around the sets of combinations and letters, “deluscar” was the final outcome.

Anyway, deluscar was created so that I could share my views and impressions on some anime, games and various other hobbies as well. Please note that I’m not the type to always watch/play the newest thing, so I could be reviewing a show as old as 1950 on one post, and I could be reviewing another show so new it just released this second. Nevertheless, I’ll still try my best to be as “updated” as possible.

I might also be commenting on various other things. Figures, will be a main focus.. if I happen to buy any new ones. At times, I’ll also provide some witty impressions on various other subjects. Anyhow, please give me a comments if possible, they always make me happy <3

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