Steins;Gate Review

“Mad scientists will prevail!”

When I first saw the visual novel, I had dreamed of wanting to play it in the years to come since I’m always pessimistic regarding the availability of translation for visual novels. All of a sudden though, the anime came out while I was “agonizing” and while I was waiting for more episodes, the translations for the visual novel were already almost done too. I wonder if it’s the same translators for Chaos;Head (haven’t looked this up yet), if that’s so, that explains the speed. Kudos to them seriously, insanely fast! I think other translator groups should follow their example hmm~ *nods cockily*

Steins;Gate, originally a visual novel developed by 5pb and Nitroplus, was adapted into an anime in a span of 24 episodes. A certainly good and ample amount for most standard anime and certainly quite enough for “dumping massive information”. I read comments from various Steins;Gate VN readers and they are quite impressed with the anime as well. Some minor details were missed out in the anime but that can always be read anytime once the translations are completed. This proves that Steins;Gate had certainly done a great job in adapting the visual novel, unlike a certain Chaos;Head adaption.

Anyhow, Steins;Gate talks about the concept of time travel. The plot revolves around Okabe Rintarou, self-proclaimed mad scientist who also nicknamed himself Hououin Kyouma, and I’m still wondering if this nickname have any deep meaning, though it somehow sounds like Hohenheim from Full Metal Alchemist. Ultimately, most of his friends just call him Okabe, or Okarin. Okabe is a first year student attending Tokyo Denki University and is 18 years old (I seriously thought he’s older then that though). He opened up a lab in Akihabara and with his two friends he deemed his lab members, Daru and Mayuri namely. The group made countless useless gadgets but there IS one interesting invention, one they called the Phone Microwave, which can send text messages to the past. And with that invention, comes the beginning of Okabe’s most hardest point of his life.

The story has a lot of plot and twists, as expected of Nitroplus. The script is well thought out. Using logic and theory, number of concepts are brought out to explain certain aspects of the time travel. Ideas like the Butterfly Effect, the Observer Effect and Schrödinger’s Cat, etc.. Kudos to Steins;Gate for using a great deal of of science theories to support the science fiction, and the concept of time travel is more detailed and vivid then other time travel anime shows out there.

The characters are also what help in making this series a masterpiece. Aside from the aforementioned mad scientist Hououin Kyouma, the other characters are fun as well. Introducing the main characters, Daru, the Super haker Super hacker, Mayuri, the normal girl archetype and Christina Kurisu, Okarin’s assistant my favorite character in Steins;Gate. Daru is not bad himself, he is a bad-ass hacking otaku, enuff said. Speaking of which, I had seen quite a few kick ass otaku in anime to date, Sakata Gintoki from Gintama who deliver badassery in a whole new level, Switch from Sket-dan who’s my favorite character in that show and now Daru. Otaku ftw~

Steins;Gate is an extraordinarily good looking series in itself. In terms of visual, I don’t think I had a single problem with it, except maybe with just one minor flaw. I noticed that Kurisu’s hair color is shifted to more of a red shade instead of the original brown color in the visual novel. I always prefer characters to look as similar as their original counterparts so this is just a tad bit disappointing. This reminds me of Aria in Hidan no Aria, who has bright pink hair in the light novel but had her hair color shifted to orange shade in the anime. Seriously, wassup with that?

The opening is a typical J-pop track, completely mediocre I would say. The endings are better, some of them are really enjoyable to listen. “Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku”, performed by Sakakibara Yui, in particular gets my attention the most. Though I got to say the voice acting is superb, and is one of the things in the anime which brought it to life. They did a particularly good job when voicing all those through those monotone scripts, especially for scenes where theories are explained to the viewers so they can grasp how it works. Miyano Mamoru did a fine job if I do say so myself. I love his narcissistic laugh when he’s doing the ‘mad scientist’ quote. Kudos for Hanazawa Kana as well as she did pretty good too. Some of Okarin’s dialogue incredibly left a great impression in my mind. Some of my favorite Okarin quotes:
“I am the mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma. Deceiving the world is nothing to me!”
“Mad scientist. It’s so cool. Sonuvabitch”

In the end, this series tells us not to mess around with the powers of a god, or suffer the extreme consequences, just like a double-edged blade. What goes around comes around afterall. I really enjoyed this series. Although I can’t make a comparison with the visual novel since I haven’t read it yet, it won’t be long before I can do so. Once the translation are done (they are already at the editing phase, damn!) perhaps I will make a review for the visual novel as well and make some comparisons there, hmmmmm~ Not sure if I had the time to but sure hope I can do so. I also hope I can find the time to do more anime reviews too as it’s been such a long time since I actually wrote one. Anyhow, signing out~

El Psy Congroo.

Story: A+
Character: A
Art: A-
Animation: B+
Sound: A-

Final Score

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