Visual Novels I Had Been Messing Around With – Part I

Recently, I managed to play some raw untranslated visual novels, unlike before when I was avoiding them like the plague. I was originally playing them to learn more kanji but I ended up relying on my dictionary/translator more.. not really an effective way to learn since I’m too lazy to even look at the Japanese words with my heavy reliance on my translator, lol.

Well, in this way, I had been alternating my visual novels gameplay between English and Japanese ones consistently. Here are my impressions for the ones I had been playing, some completed, some halfway through, and some barely even started. Oh, just in case, warning for spoilers though you should be safe since some of these visual novels are pretty much old news. But just a warning just in case.

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Technically, this isn’t your typical PC visual novel. It is a game from DS and is a half visual novel half puzzle game. I only heard of this game a bit later so I ended up playing it very late after all the buzz about it. This game is a masterpiece. Made by the same writer who made Ever 17, 999 is about a group of nine people who got kidnapped and abducted by a man called Zero and was forced to participate in a game known as the “Nonary Game.” The 9 players include, Ace, Snake, Santa, Clover, Junpei, June, Seven, Lotus and the useless 9th man. As you can see, the characters use code names, all except for Junpei since his real name was accidentally revealed.

The premise is pretty much like Ever 17, with the characters stuck on a drowning ship and looking for a way out. The puzzles are quite fun too, most of the puzzles require you to look around the room in search of useful objects to get you to escape the room. I also like how all the 9 players are, in more ways then one, connected to the previous “Nonary Game” and the mysterious past. The true end is spectacular, though they kinda overused the “invisible information transfer” concept a bit too much. I also don’t like how there is only one save file. I accidentally overwrote my save file one time, luckily, it seems you can fast forward it already despite the game telling you that you can fast forward only “after” you had finished a route. Well these are just some minor flaws. Other then that, this is an awesomely made masterpiece.


Alright, the first of those Japanese untranslated visual novels I was talking about. First reason I chose this was because of the beautiful artworks. I saw some of the pics at zerochan and after looking it up at vndb, I just had to play it. Second reason was because it’s slice of life so it should be pretty easy to understand, and I was right. Though I had to rely on my translator most of the time, I managed to get through two routes. Anyway, the visual novel is about a guy called Kazuki who had problems communicating with people. He is part of the ‘Ningen Shikkaku’ (human failures) community on Communis, a site where a lot of people joined, who similarly have troubles communicating in real life.

Most of the story revolve around Kazuki and the three heroines, Kotone, Miyu and Rena, with their struggles in their hardships in life, which made them the way they are right now, and how they ultimately overcome them. In the common route, when making contact with the heroines, you have to choose a topic for discussion to start your conversation with them, a pretty nice system which fit with the concept of the plot. Some topics, the girls may find them interesting and some, not so. It also depends on the choices you made during these conversations as well. Though it is pretty easy to see whether or not you made the right choice by observing their behaviors when they finished talking. Overall though, the visual novel gets a bit dull and boring some times. And it’s one reason why I probably would never get to finish all the routes, including that secret heroine…

P.S I can’t help but feel that Rena’s voice is a bit too soft for being a.. tsundere xD


I think this was translated around last year, and due to lack of time, I only managed to finish them recently. This one is made by the famed Nitroplus, which made titles like Kikokugai, Chaos Head and Saya no Uta, a company professional at games with murders, gore, blood, rape and the likes (oh joy). Hanachirasu’s plot is surprisingly simple though, compared to Nitroplus standards. It’s about a character, a girly man at that, Takeda Akane (even his name is girly, lol), who had an obsession to clash with his rival, Igarasu Yoshia in a swordfight. The setting is set in present world where nuclear weaponary was never developed, and with the ban of the firearms, this certainly gives a good excuse for all the swords and blood everywhere.

One thing I don’t like about this game, is their overly excessively long explanations on all those sword techniques. With a pillow on my lap, I dozed off several times reading wall of text of how this moves and how that moves blah blah blah. Ironically, even with all those explanations, the game is already very short, you could probably finish everything within 10 hours of gameplay. Some of the alternative endings though, doesn’t even seem like an ending. When making a bad choice, the scene after that will probably be finished in 10 secs and will then bring you back to the menu screen, prompting you to reload and select the other choice. They don’t even make much of an impact to be even labelled as an “ending”. Though I suppose this makes it easy to collect CGs. Also, the zombie apocalypse in the eternal end had me went WTF~ And I thought the weirdness of that ending would just ended there with the shounen-ai confessions too but no, that’s only the beginning of absurdity. Overall, I don’t really like the other endings but the normal ending alone (which I believed is the canon ending) is pretty good. Some of the characters feel a underdeveloped, although Akane is one of the best anti-hero character I seen recently though, definitely a plus.

Ultimately, I feel this visual novel is kinda inferior to other Nitroplus visual novels but compared to all other visual novels in general, this one is not bad so it is definitely worth a try.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata o Suki na Shiawase

So after a hell lot of infodumping on 999, brain cells wastage with reading Japanese text on Cure Girl and all those blood and rape on Hanachirasu, I figured it’s about time I rest my eyes and brain for all those “destruction.” Something simple, sweet and fluffly is good at this point, and Sona Hanabira, is always a good choice during these hard times.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata o Suki na Shiawase (A Kiss For The Petals – The Joy Of Loving You, in English), is the fifth instalment in the ultra yuri series, Sono Hanabira, which and continues the story of my favorite couple, Mai and Reo from Hanabira 3, total <3 So far, there were already three couples shown (excluding the untranslated ones), namely, Nanami X Yuuna, Sara X Kaede, and Mai X Reo. The other couples are good too but ultimately, it's still Mai and Reo who takes the position of my favorite :D

Mai and Reo are still the same as ever, making love at every possible moment, of cause, it's Mai who's initiating them most of the time. Perverted Mai and a bashful Reo, it's been a long time since I played Sono Hanabira 3 but this combo, as usual, is as dangerous as hell.. or heaven in this case. Like Hanabira 4, looks like they added some drama here too. Because of some issues, Mai and Reo had a big argument and ended up neglecting each other for quite a while, but that doesn't stop them from making up, with their love for each other grew even stronger after they reconciled^^

At the end of the day, I just want to say.. yay, yuri ftw <3

P.S I originally wanted to use the original cover of the visual novel but that's too NSFW so quite impossible ;p I'm not sure the source of the picture above is from what but maybe it's from the OVA since there's a DVD icon at the bottom.

Bloody Rondo

Another Japanese visual novel. This time, instead of a simple slice-of-life, I chose a vampire themed one, so it’s a bit more complicated.

The story revolves around Shinkurou, who at day, is a high school student, and at night, hunts vampire. Plot isn’t really that unique eh? But I like the main character though. He’s calm, decisive, strong, and most of all, badass. The rest of the characters does not disappoint as well. In fact, all of them are pretty enjoyable throughout the game. We have Luna, the loli vampire princess, Rinko, the trigger happy hunter, Alice, the mysterious one, Lynette, the Lunacon (enuff said) and Sayaka, the most normal of the bunch.. and useless.

And I also like how the main character’s “best friend” played a big role in the plot as well since most “best friend” characters are usually pushed into a corner as they are pretty much irrelevant. Being a vampire themed, there are also quite a lot of action too, most of them pretty good. The main character uses a gun and halfway through the visual novel, he obtained a visual power which helps with his shooting. The others also have their own unique supernatural powers as well which they called Duminas (not sure if I spelled it right). Some of them includes hacking, cloning, fire, etc..

This game is actually the first game made by a new company called 3rdEyes. Since Bloody Rondo’s not bad, I would definitely love to see any new works from this company some time in the future.

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