Top 10 Most Fashionable Anime/Game Characters

Good day folks. Today we will have a look at the list of the Top 10 Most Fashionable Anime/Game Characters. Please note all of these is from my own observation and perspective. Feel free to add your own.

Kasugano Sora

One just have to wonder, just what goes through this girl’s thick skull as she wears thick costumes despite the heat 24/7. Sora, the fraternal twin of Haru, is constantly seen wearing white lolita costumes, even when inside the house and even in a hot sweaty session during summer. It also seems like white is sora’s favorite color, as almost all her attire are white in color, including her lolita costumes, her uniforms and even her undergarments xD

Either way, Sora is a very diligent fashionista, or perhaps she was trying to win her brother’s affection and definitely deserves a position in the Top 10.

Gaara (Naruto Shipuudden)

One of Naruto Shipuudden’s aspect is the growth, development and evolution of the characters in the previous series. They, of cause, looked physically different, but costumes played a big part as well. Some of them look even gayer, some don’t look that much different from Part 1 (coughnarutocough) and some look even more superior then their previous counterparts. Garra, of cause is of the latter.

Although, Garra already has a decent outfit in Part 1, he returned with a bang as a kazekage, wearing a long crimson coat. A grey chest protector is worn which goes all the way to his left shoulder. Grey straps are also used to hold his gourd in place. Adding a pair of symbolic ninja sandals and even a Kazekage hat, Garra may be one of the best dressed character in the ninja world of Naruto.

P3P Heroine

Next in line is the female protagonist of Persona 3 Portable. The still nameless heroine is often given fanmade names, with some including Arisato Minako or Arisato Hamuko.

Unlike the male protagonist who leave his blazer open, the P3P heroine buttoned it up. A school logo can be seen around the left breast pocket. She is also seen always carrying around a vibrant red color clip-on headphones in contrast to the male’s grey one. However, the most intriguing design for her costume is probably the XXII hairpin she always used to clip her hair, which has a certain deep meaning~ I will just quote this below. Credits to Rebellion598 of gamefaqs.

The barrettes in her hair can be seen as the roman numeral “XXII”, which corresponds to the Fool arcana (The Fool may be either 0 or 22) and is used to indicate that she is a new character (Persona 3 originally had 21 characters, the female protagonist is the 22nd). It’s true that the Fool Arcana can be XXII or 0, but its true number (according to G. O. Mebes, one of the greatest Mystic Masters in Russia: it’s impossible to find his work on English – but it can be
found in Russia, China and Brazil) is XXI, and World Arcana (or Aeon, for Thoth deck of Crowley) is XXII. The number 0 cannot be accepted as a true number for the Arcana; the Tarot was given birth in ancient Egypt, and the number 0 was yet to be ‘discovered’. According to G. O. Mebes the number 0 can be given to Fool because the 0 means an exceptional condition of being, and the Fool Arcana is a exceptional arcana.

Jin Kisaragi

The Arc System Works 2D fighting game, Blazblue, is certainly an interesting game, and one of it’s interesting aspect, is their character attires. All the characters have great unique costumes with each costume designed in great detail for each characters. There are a few of them I really like, and one of them is Jin Kisaragi’s military uniform.

The NOL always attracts a lot of attention but it’s no wonder if Jin is involved. The most attractive part of his outfit would be his cape, which comes with a colorful combination of blue, red and yellow colors. The cape is in blue colors and yellow stripes can be found as well. Red colors occupy the inner part of the cape. It also comes with two long pieces of cloth which is connected to the shoulder part of the cape. His boots are also in the same colorful manner. With this, Jin would
indeed look dazzling. the designers for his costumes deserves an award. Kudos to them.

Sakata Gintoki

Aliens had invade Edo, bringing in new technology, culture and fashion. With Edo being turned into a developed country, even samurai needs to update their fasion sense! One samurai in particular has a very peculiar sense of fashion, one who is known by many as Sakata Gintoki, the main character of Gintama.

His outfit, is a mix of traditional japanese costumes and western attires. He first wears a black T-shirt with collars inside and then wears a long white kimono over it, which is worn pretty much like a coat. Gintoki also hangs one side of his kimono loosely, leaving that side of his arm exposed. At times, he likes to rest his exposed hand on the other side of his kimono, which makes him looks like a splitting image of Auron from FFX. It is actually shocking they had never done a parody out of this yet. Anyhow, he then wears what looks like an obi around his waist and a small tiny belt along with it and with those, he slips his wooden sword in. He then wears western style long pants and boots. The result looks bizarre and contradicting for a samurai but overall, it quite fits in with the craziness and randomness of Gintama. Cheers for the sugar loving samurai :D

Noel Vermillion

Blazblue has certainly lived to to it’s standards, in a fashionable sense as we have our second blazblue entry, Noel Vermillion, joining in the fray of the Top 10 most fashionable anime/game characters ever. As a fellow junior and squadmate of Jin, Noel’s attire is also mainly blue in color. She is always seen wearing a blue military hat. She wears shoulder pads with two red belts (?) clinging on both of her arms. She wears a one-piece sleeveless uniform vest, with a small red neck-tie on top. The most sexy part of her costume is definitely the back part which is completely bare. And Noel wearing it brings that smexiness of dat back to another level. Noel is a pure epitome of “Sexyback” as Justin Timberlake always says, or sings.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Fashion, as we all know, had a long, long history, even back in the 1500-1600 eras in Italy, fashion is compulsory even for assassins! Of cause, our protagonist, Ezio Auditore doesn’t disappoint in the clothing department. Excluding various additional outfits, Ezio is seen wearing 2 unique outfits. The first would be his costume in AC2. Likewise with other assassins, the basic premise is there, a white robe with an eagle-like hood. He also wears a lot of armor pieces which, other then increasing his defense, also served as a purpose to enhance his looks. Two wrist guards with hidden blades are won and a shoulder pad is worn too on one side of his shoulder while for his other shoulder, a cape is seen dangling down, probably used to hide his hidden blade. In Brotherhood, Ezio returned with a slightly different design. The first attention grabber part of his outfit would be his new belt, which has an even more detailed design then the one in AC2. Some minor changes include the bright red collar, his white cape, and the lines on his sleeves. All in all, Brotherhood did a good job in enforcing his costume.

Next, would be the Armor of Altair. Unlike the usual white robes, this one is black in contrast. The sleeves are in black and white stripes and his chest armor looks gallant. This one is easily one of my favorite costume in AC, especially when combined with the mask/golden mask in one of the mission, you will have one of the best dressed game characters in the year. The Armor of Brutus in Brotherhood is a major disappointment in my books. The armor makes Ezio looks wild and bulky, like a jungle orang utan rather than an assassin. The red hood and cape doesn’t look fitting and the bottom part of the robe looks like some mexican dancer.

The costume in the upcoming Revelations looks like a combination of the Armor of Altair and the Armor of Brutus. The outfit is black in color, with furs on the left shoulder and on the wrists. The bottom part of the robe is in very dark green. I’m also quite liking this outfit and would love to see it in action soon when the game is released.

Anyhow, Ezio has the most detailed and unique outfits an assassin could ever get. It makes me wonder sometimes, “Aren’t those outfits too flashy for an assassin?”


One of Capcom’s most iconic figure ever, Dante, who works as a mercenary, specialized in hunting demons. The man is good at anything he does. From sword-fights to gunslinger, from gunslinger to acting, from acting to tango dancing.. wait what?

Dante (should be obvious by now but I don’t mean the new “Dante” in DMC) wears a slightly different attire with each instalment. However, in each of them, there is no mistaking that iconic long trench coat which Dante almost wears 24/7. In DMC3, he wears an amulet around his neck, which will plays a big part in the story. He wears his coat of cause but is completely bare inside (scream fangirls xD) In DMC1 and DMC4, there isn’t much major change, except for the attire worn within his coat, with DMC1 spotting a red color uniform-like shirt, though using belts as buttons (which looks kinda funny actually) and in DMC4 spotting a black one, with the latter looking more better in my opinion. I also love the stylish boots and belts for DMC4 too.

Although Dante does indeed looks good, he don’t just dress fashionably, he FIGHTS fashionably as well. To give some insight, he fights with a pizza in his mouth, steps on a demon and slides on it like a skateboard, and slice a snooker table in half while shooting the snooker balls like a pinball. Everything this guy do, he does it with STYLE.

Cloud (Advent Children)

Main protagonist of the Final Fantasy VII series who had set the trend of many iconic styles in motion. One of them would obviously be the spiky hair fashion which had certainly become a famous style in square enix, with characters like Sora and Axel in Kingdom Hearts adopting that similar hairstyle. Although quite silent, the blonde is fond of many weird and dangerous hobbies like motorcycling and dressing as a drag (lol).

Being a trendsetter, Cloud, of cause, dresses himself like the epic trendsetter he is. He first wears a sleeveless attire inside, much like his costume in the original FFVII. He also wears a shoulder pad on his left shoulder, with a lion/tiger badge on it, and the shoulder pad comes with sleeves for his left arm. Matching his left sleeve, his left leg is also covered partially with another piece of cloth, probably originated from his shirt. Finishing up, he wears dark pants and boots.

As expected of the mane who wields one of the most badass swords, he wears a lot of belts so that he can hold them in place, one can be seen across his chest and some more can be seen around his waist. This is probably not visible in the original FFVII but Cloud wears earrings as well. The earrings are a pair of ring-shaped earrings in silver colors. Cloud also likes to wear sunglasses, if he went motorcycling, he will always wear that favorite sunglasses of his. Too bad it was spoiled/lost when he was fighting with Kadaj and the Remnants of Sephiroth on his bike. It must be branded, I wonder if it expensive? But I guess Cloud’s rich since he doesn’t even mind ditching his phone underwater.

This is still subjective for debate but Cloud may be one of the most influential character in the world of JRPGs. Making it in various top spots in various game charts, he also certainly deserves the Top 2 spots in out own Top 10 Most Fashionable Characters.

Black Rock Shooter

Although Black Rock Shooter did not played such a big role in the vocaloids, alll of a sudden, her suddenly skyrocketed. Black Rock Shooter was originally a small character created for one of Hatsune Miku’s music videos, titled “Black Rock Shooter” likewise. Just from that, dozens and dozens of artowrks began emerging one after another as fans are quite fond of the abstract art style of Black Rock Shooter artworks. Only after a short while, due to all the fan reception, a movie of Black Rock Shooter was already released. During this time, companies like Figma and Good Smiles company are making tons of Black Rock Shooter figures and selling them like hotcakes. A PSP game adaption of Black Rock Shooter is made not long after that and just recently, an announcement was already made for an upcoming Black Rock Shooter episodic TV show. The sudden outburst of Black Rock Shooter’s popularity is downright scary, in a good way..

Black Rock Shooter manage to look both stylish and sexy at the same time. Because of her pale white skin, and her choice for dark clothing, it really makes her skin stand out even more. She wears a black bikini and pair of stylish short pants, with smexiness over 9000. She also wears a big white leather belt around her short pants and long boots to top it off. She also wears what looks like a long black jacket/coat, which nearly reaches her knees. It also has a hood which Black Rock Shooter would wear from time to time, though quite seldom. The jacket has white stripes on the sleeves and a ★ symbol near the left chest area. Most of Black Rock Shooter’s weapons, which includes a canon, a black sword and so on.. gives Black Rock Shooter an even more better reputation visually.

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  1. Ooh lovely post! I’m a huge fan of anime/ game fashion, so it’s a blast to see your top 10. Agreed with a lot of the choices. BRS is especially cute indeed. Love her rocking look. ^ ^

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