Black Rock Shooter – Strength Nendoroid by GSC

Strength (or STR) is part of the supporting cast in the OVA anime series Black★Rock Shooter. She is implied to be the “other self” of Yuu. She first appeared in huke’s official Black★Rock Shooter visual works.

Like Geshumaru, Strength uses mechanized weaponry. Her arms are made up of two huge mechanical guns. She has a robotic tail that can move freely and her feet are metal stilts. She has a black hood with white flames on it and white ribbons at the base of her tail and knee highs. She has white eyes and short white hair as well.

She is shown approaching Black★Rock Shooter and the Dead Master in their battles, while at the same time Yuu’s feelings at being “left out” grow darker.

I pre-ordered this way back then and just got this a few weeks back. Haven’t got much time to unpackage and stuffs until now. Have a look~

The box have a very similar design to Fate Testarossa’s nendroid box, with all the black and yellow colors.

Strength comes with much lesser additional parts compared to other nendroids. She got some extra arms and legs. Most notably would be the two pair of robot arms, which are cast-off. It only comes with one extra face. The scarf can also be taken off. Like the rest of the other BRS nendroids, a checkered stand comes together with it. The weird thing is mine doesn’t have the BRS DVD thingy, which is pretty much a good thing since I already have 3 of them…

The fingers on her mechanical arms can be pushed down to make a fist though I didn’t try this much..
Oh yea, I’m using my mom’s lousy camera halfway through so I ended up having to fix my photos a bit in photoshop, some still doesn’t look as good even though I did that >w<

Of cause, what’s a BRS nendroid without this pose ;D

Shots together with my other BRS nendroids~

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2 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter – Strength Nendoroid by GSC

  1. I want her to be in the PSP game or anime. Either one will do. I won’t repeat how envious I am that you have this adorable chibi re-imagining of a silent warrior in your collection.

    • Oh now that you mentioned it, there are going to have an anime episodic show right now aren’t they? Strength will most certainly be there for sure^^ She’s a pretty major character I think. And thanks xD

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