K-ON! – Nakano Azusa by Max Factory

Birthday: November 11
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 150cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: AB

Azusa is a new student who joins the light music club and plays a Fender Mustang electric guitar but she is also in possession of a Gibson Les Paul Custom 50th Anniversary Gold Top (as seen in episode 13). A self-proclaimed novice guitarist who has been playing the guitar since the fourth grade and whose parents are working in a jazz band. She is in the same year and class as Ui and has quite a mysterious demeanor. She often finds herself bewildered by the tea parties and cosplaying aspects of the club, when she would rather just practice and is curious on how the club is able to play so well despite their problems and lack of practice. However, she has a certain weakness for cakes and can be calmed down rather easily, sometimes by just being petted. She could be described in part as a tsundere. She is constantly hugged by Yui and is nicknamed Azu-nyan after trying on a pair of cat ears and meowing. In the band, she looks up to Mio the most due to her maturity and the fact that she is an experienced bassist. Since joining, Yui comes to her for advice on playing guitar, as well as maintenance.

I had been “targeting” this figure for a few months, and ordered it online some time ago. I was sure hyped up when it arrived ;D

The box quite big and wide, as you can see..

It comes with Azusa, the cat and the peach-like cushion. The most appealing thing actually would be the stand Azusa is laying on which looks and feels realistically like a real carpet. The latter is probably the thing which used up the most space in the box.

Opps.. the cat kinda faced the wrong direction.. D;

I kinda messed up the camera settings and the resolution, which as you can see, looks different then the ones I usually use (if you compare to my previous nendroid pics). Kinda sad, since this is the second consecutive time I messed something up with my figure shots T_T I might have to retake some proper shots for my DA or something..

Looks comfy <3

Last three shots are taken in my room, so it looks more blue ;D (ooh it rhymes ;p)

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10 thoughts on “K-ON! – Nakano Azusa by Max Factory

  1. I really like this figure mostly because I love her outfit in this. The red and orange stripes are super cute and chic. It’s the kind of casual attire that I find really fashionable. it’s something I’d wear. ^ ^

  2. She looks so relaxed. I wanted to buy her initially and I would if I have healthy bank statements. What I like most about this figure is the pose. It’s rare to see this sort of relaxed pose. Sigh.

    • I can totally relate to that. This isn’t a really cheap hobby.. and I got another problem. I’m already running out of space in my room, lol. And my collection isn’t even half of some collectors I see in the net too D;

      Hmmm indeed, though ironically, it’s these kinds of pose which uses a lot of space ;D Especially the white carpet stand, though it does look fancy, yea ;D

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