Little Busters! – Natsume Rin (Nekobiyori) by Kotobukiya

Height: 153cm (5ft)
Weight: 43kg (94lbs)
BWH: 77-54-80

Rin is the main heroine in the story. She is the younger sister of Kyousuke Natsume and is the only female member out of the five original members of the Little Busters. She does not communicate well and is seen as inarticulate. Due to this, she is anti-social, and is usually seen alone. When playing baseball with the others, Rin is an ace pitcher, although she used to be quite a bad pitcher — her throws would go in completely unpredictable directions — until she gets into a baseball stand-off between Sasami, where she demonstrates two “super-power” pitches, where one of them is a fastball and the other one is her own version of a changeup. Rin loves cats and at school takes care of several strays; it is not uncommon for several cats to crawl onto her.

I’m pretty much obsessed with Little Busters, and seeing such an epic Rin figure make my figure-collecting passion burned up even more ;D I pre-ordered this few months ago and it only arrived here rather recently. Have a lookie~

The box is pretty big, with a shade of blue and teal colors. The sides have matching catprints on it. I didn’t took this photo, but the interior of the box looks awesome. The box has a background of a park with grass and trees, mostly to match the grassy stand the figure uses. I think the picture is actually a CG background of the game, though I’m not too sure, been a while since I last played Little Buster.

Anyhow, let’s look at some pics to see a general outlook of the figure.

True to the figure’s name, there are.. well.. a lot of cats. There’s also a cat on her head, a signature look in the game, where a cat could be laying on her head or shoulder. Other cats are also present and all of them can be seen relaxing around Rin, basically, Rin’s surrounded by cats on all 4 corners.

Now.. some photoshoots for the cats as well xD

Lot of cats indeed ;D All of them are in various positions and poses so you can even pose the cats to your own liking.

Here’s some more shots~

I admit I’m not a good photographer, and a lot of my photos had quite a lot of problems (this time, my photos seem to be very grainy for some reason). I usually try to fix all the flaws in photoshop but I got kinda lazy this time.. Except for one, all the rest of the photos are raw. Can you spot the photoshopped photo? ;p

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11 thoughts on “Little Busters! – Natsume Rin (Nekobiyori) by Kotobukiya

    • Thank you ;D Indeed ;p And I love the grassy field too ;p
      I think there was one for her, though I didn’t recognize it is and just put it back in the box. Right now, she is just sitting on the bench without it, seems quite fine to me though.

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