Jay Chou, Exclamation Mark, Advent Children, Devil May Cry and Facepalming

Good day folks, today, I bring you a more original post, a post where I want to talk about one of my former favorite musician, Jay Chou, mixed in together with some awesomely poopy details.

Rock songs had been one of the most easiest genre of music if you want to make a powerful impact, and is one of the reason why most shounen anime shows like to use them so much, at least from my own perspective. To give another example, the difference between the FFVII’s One Winged Angel track between the version in the original FF VII and the one in Advent Children would make it look painfully clear, with the latter changed into a rock arrangement and all.

Jay Chou, one of Taiwan’s top mandarin singer, tried to make another “bad-ass” song in the same manner, with the result.. turning into a nearly 4-minute noise. Jay Chou had been one of the most influential musician in Taiwan, or if not, in the world, but one could easily that instead of being creative, he’s more into the current culture of music, which is actually the downfall of most musicians nowadays.

Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號) sounds like a replica of his much older iconic song, “nun-chuks” (双截棍), with the former being more of a shameful failure. Despite being the album’s trademark song, Exclamation Mark is too experimental and repeatable; hearing him shouting the same word for almost 4 minutes straight (kakaka) brings pain to my ears.

Because I haven’t been much interested in mainstream music, I only saw the MV for this song recently, and my impression on it? Uhhh… it’s a really sardonic excuse of a 3D. The MV helps a lot in even adding more awkwardness to the already awkward song. Although Jay Chou ran in the right direction in trying even more things (3D this time, and yes, he directed the movie himself), he went in the wrong path. Jay Chou would have been great if he just sit down, write his songs, and create mountains and mountains of lyrical masterpieces, he’s technically been “trying out” too many things.

As you can see from the video above, the MV again, tries too hard to make an impact, by making an Advent Children-like scene. The car/motorcycle scene, the Midgar soldiers-like enemies and the sword fights in the end, which looks like a cheap imitation of the epic fight between Cloud and Sephiroth in Advent Children. And I don’t get why would apples be appearing in a middle of a fight as well, and Jay Chou cutting that apple in half, acting like he was very cool, was a sight to see. He could probably nailed an award as the Best Comedic Performance in the MTV Movie Awards. And check out these bullets-reloading scenes:

I don’t even know what to comment on D;

Ultimately, I don’t even know what is the MV trying to portray. As much as I want to give credit to the Taiwan superstar, I could only facepalmed myself at the end of the day, hence the title.

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4 thoughts on “Jay Chou, Exclamation Mark, Advent Children, Devil May Cry and Facepalming

  1. Ah, One Winged Angel, one of my favorite tracks of FF7 Crisis Core. I don’t play FF and I know if there’s any difference between Crisis Core, Advent Children and such. I just happen to enjoy the soundtracks of most Final Fantasy franchises.

    Right, Jay Chou eh? Not his fan but I acknowledge his talent in improvising. This song, Exclamation Mark, sound awfully familiar when I first heard it but didn’t care too much because it has got the beat. And when I’m in the mood for some noisy music, that is all that matters.

    • Ahh in Crisis Core eh? My favorite one is still the Advent Children version. And yes, final fantasy soundtracks are indeed epic lol ;D I also get some game’s soundtracks even though I never even played them before, like Catherine D;

      I’m an ex-fan here ;p It completely sounds like the same style as some of his older songs so perhaps you feel the familiarity from there ;p I go to game soundtracks like Blazblue and Guilty Gear when I’m in the mood for noisy music ;D I don’t really like mainstream vocal music as much recently…

      • He’s known for reusing his old songs so not too surprised there. I like his movie’s (don’t remember the name of the movie) soundtrack although I never watched or do I wanna watch the movie. Haha.

        Oh yeah definitely. Game soundtracks are the best. I still occasionally listen to mainstream vocal music but not too much as I prefer instrumental. If you’re in for some loud, noisy, non-lyrical music, you might wanna try X-Ray Dog. They have rock stuff and orchestral stuff. I like them both.

        • Ikr >_> Lol is it Initial D? Or Kungfu Dunk? Other then these two, his other movies I’m so uninterested I don’t even remember their names D; Though the movie he’s going star together with Nicholas Tse (Ting Fung) next year looks to be pretty interesting ;p

          Indeed ;D I also prefer instrumental more these days. And I also occasionally listen to mainstream vocal too, mostly jpop or kpop. I prefer game soundtracks more though since it’s music… and game (duh). Double the fun ;D

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