Winter 2011/2012 Watchlist

With 2011 coming to an end, I thought I should make some finishing posts to finish up this year. And what’s more better then showing everyone the shows I plan to watch in Winter?

Most of the shows I picked are sequels. To be blunt, not many anime interests me from the chart, though I did said “from the chart”. It’s hard to judge an anime just by a picture and a synopsis alone. The synopsis for some shows just don’t do the anime justice and there are also some which had to be seen first in order to make a proper judgement. Like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica from last Winter, I can’t say I’m really interested I was just reading the synopsis and it turned out the anime was much more better then I thought. Anyway, here are all the shows I picked this Winter (subject to change).


In a world where boundary between human and yokai worlds is no longer distinguishable, 3 different groups pursue for power. What is Count of Reality and Destruction of Negentrophy? Koto, a high school girl who got out of maze of Java Work, chases the shadow of “Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit”. This is a story surrounding various people chasing Kuro Usagi in Kyoto, where time has stopped.

The first thing that peeked my interest is the cover poster itself. With such a poster, I could certainly see a very interesting art and animation akin to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Usagi Drop or even Panty and Stocking and the likes. Their outlook certainly looks similar with their unique visual approaches, setting them apart from the rest of the anime which only relies heavily on high budget productions.

The talks about yokai, demon and ghosts and all that had been done quite a lot this year but Kyousougiga’s execution looks different and unique. I would definitely check this out!


26 years ago, in a third-year classroom of a middle school, there was a student named Misaki. As an honors student who was also good at sports, the charming girl was popular with her classmates. When she suddenly died, her classmates decided to carry on as if she was still alive until graduation. Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Sakakibara Kouichi transfers to that classroom, and he grows suspicious of the fearful atmosphere in that classroom. In particular, there is a beautiful, aloof girl named Mei Misaki who wears an eyepatch and is always alone drawing pictures.

This will be my main focus in Winter. I really like the psychological thriller these past few days, probably due to certain visual novels I played like 999 and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, dealing mostly with mysterious murders and death. Another looks to be on the same genre, and that eyepatch of hers look does scream mystery to me, fits in well with the atmosphere of the show. And boy, this is scary.

Zero no Tsukaima F

According to Media Factory, the fourth season of Zero no Tsukaima was announced. It will be the final of the TV series.

As a fan of the previous seasons, I of cause would watch this one as well, to properly complete this franchise. It looks like this and Shana would be the very finale this season, although season three for the latter had been disappointing, that’s still not stopping me from watching this. Once these two series ends, at least I still have a certain magic and science anime to enjoy.

Zero no Tsukaima HAD been a good ride. I particularly liked season two the best, I think the ending for that is the best out of all three seasons. Season three had been disappointing and I sure hope this fourth and final season wouldn’t be as bad..

On another note, Rie Kugimiya!!!

Amagami SS+

Second season of Amagami SS. Each of the six heroines will be featured in a two-episode chapter in an omnibus format and the direct sequels to the first season will be animated. The new director Kobayashi Tomaki said he will put the anime-original elements forward in the second season.

Ahh.. Amagami SS. It is one of those very rare shows which are shown to us visual novel-style. All the heroines have their own separate story, like a certain show.

Of cause, the series is pretty good and I’d love to see this new season. I dunno about having a completely new director but at least he made a good choice in implanting the same anime elements in the second season. From the synopsis, I deducted that he will most probably be having a re-run of the entire first season. That’s probably one thing I don’t like though, as I considered it a waste of air time.


A sequel to Bakemonogatari. A black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returned to the town and spreads the incantation, which cursed Nadeko before. Koyomi’s sisters Karen and Tsukihi try to capture Deishu but…

Nisemonogatari is probably the most sought out anime this winter, just after Another. Who wouldn’t, after the epic and successful run of Bakemonogatari? The Bakemonogatari franchise had really been on a roll lately. With both the sequel, Nisemonogatari airing this winter and a movie prequel, Kizumonogatari already announced to be released sometime next year, the Bakemonogatari franchise is most presumably going to be the next big thing in the anime industry.

Nisemonogatari looks like it’s going to have the same appeal as Bakemonogatari too, especially with how the plot is played out. Of cause, I ain’t missing out on this either!

Black Rock Shooter

According to the official website, a TV anime of Black★Rock Shooter will be aired on the noitaminA programming block from January 2012.

The bad thing about this anime is that it will be following the plot of the OVA. I would have prefer this anime to use the plot from the PSP game, where Black Rock Shooter is an android made to save the world. Cliche I know, but I always love the post-apocalyptic settings. I always think they are epic, and made the battles even more so great and entertaining.

But on a more biased point of view, ohh gawd, dat 3D! The animation styles look like Blassreiter, with the battles in full 3D. Watching the PV, it blown away all my doubts and worries of the anime. It’s like I can easily overlook all the problems just from watching it. Though I don’t remember Dead Master wearing glasses before o.O There are certain anime which can get by just from visuals alone, making them just as epic, like a certain anime movie and Black Rock Shooter looks like it’s proceeding into the same direction!

Other shows I might be watching
Brave 10
I’m watching this for the action. I will probably just drop it if it gets too boring. The warriors are assembled by Sanada Yukimura, a famous warlord in Sengoku Era, though Sanada Yukimura is just one general, out of the very big numbers of warlords and historical figures in Japan history. Now are they going to make almost the same story for each warlords? Damn.

*Puts on Yuri goggles*
Enuff said, though there are still not as much info for this series. I sure hope it won’t get secluded…

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!
The Usagi Drop-like synopsis grasped my interest. Though I could sense that this would be going into the more fanservice direction. Just a hunch though and my guesses could be wrong at times.

Inu X Boku SS
The synopsis looks interesting, and the character designs are great. Weird thing is that this anime is supposed to be shounen but the designs look more shoujo-ish to me. Though more of Yoko Hikasa is always good :)

Ano Natsu de Matteru
Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins were interesting, and since the script for Ano Natsu de Matteru would be written by the same writer who wrote Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins, I might just give this series a chance.

Others I might watch
Steins;Gate (Special)
Carnival Phantasm 3rd Season (OVA)
K-ON! (movie)
Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-Hen (movie)

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18 thoughts on “Winter 2011/2012 Watchlist

  1. More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta! More Siesta!

  2. Zero no Tsukaima for completion all the way! And Rie, too ^^

    Other than that I plan to see: Another, Amagami SS, Nisemonogatari (YES!), BRS (If it is any good compared to the OVA), and maybe Inu x Boku SS.

    Believe you already seen my full list, since I can not remember all I plan to watch XD

    • Indeed, indeed :D

      I’m still skeptical of Inu X Boku SS, lol. Last when I checked, it’s going to have a yokai plotline much like Nurarihyon no Mago, I think one of the character is a Yuki-onna as well.

      And yes I did though yours are quite big D:

  3. I try to hold judgement until I watch at least one episode of each series. Ones that will probably make my watchlist are Zero no Tsukaima F and Nisemonogatari since I liked the ZnT series and Bakemonogatari. Another looks like a sweet anime and I’m hoping it turns out to be.

    • Yes most of mine are sequels anyway. I myself feel skeptical of most series here except for Another. And indeed ZnT and Bakemonogatari series is the <3

  4. Mine is Another, Amagami SS+, Black Rock Shooter, Rinne no Lagrange, Kill Me Baby, Kyousogiga, Nichijou(again) and Nisemonogatari.

    I think kill me baby is just cute and hopefully it will be as funny as in the manga xD
    I’m not so sure why I want to watch Rinne no Langrange but I think because I haven’t watch mecha anime for quite sometime now. Oh and the soundtrack is awesome.

    I might watch some other animes too. Will give a few anime a 1 to 2 episode watch, just to make sure it is worth the watch.

    • That’s quite a lot you have there, lol~
      I’m… quite doubtful of kill me baby.. Well, I can’t judge much right now by looking at what we had now, I still feel quite doubtful D: Lol, if you’re looking for mecha why not watch Gundam :D

      I’m not sure if I even going to do that, once I start an anime, I always finish it so that’s why I’m very picky in what I choose D:

      • lol really? For me that is quite a few. Compared to last season, I watch a ton of anime. Yeah I still have doubts on it but hopefully it will be a good one. Gundam ermm.. Nah i’ll try some new. I’ve yet to see Gundam 00 and the others. I’ll save it for later. :)

        Haha. Same. I tend to finish it of as well. :P

        • I guess I’m a bit too strict regarding with my judgement. Oh well, I’ll ease up and try to watch more anyhow ;p I’ll try it out too if it somehow receive a good reception >_< I only watch bits and pieces of Gundam D: Perhaps it's about time I try that series soon, though I'm not quite motivated now D:

          Quitting is bad indeed. Spanks for all the quitters D:

  5. I’ve watched Kyousougiga ONA and I found very interesting. Rabbits, ghosts, explosions here and there, and the hammer held by Koto very cute and colorful.

    And for Nisemonogatari I will definitely watch >3<

    • Ooh the ONA eh? I know it aired ages ago but decided to just wait for the series D: And… what you said does sound interesting :D Looks pretty random, I <3 it~

      I will too :D I'm also looking forward to the movie but that's for another time I guess :p

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