Best of 2011

Just before 2011 comes to an end, a post like this would be good to wrap it up. This will be my final post just before New Year’s Eve, sharing everyone various categories and which I think is the best for respective categories.

Best Anime

Best Male Character
Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate)

Best Female Character
Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki)

Most Adorable Character
Yune (Ikoku Meiro no Croisée)

Most Badass Character
Nura Rikuo (Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou)

Most Quotable Character
Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate)

Best “Manly” Character
Rider (Fate/Zero)

Most Disappointed Anime
Shakugan no Shana III

Most Confusing Anime
Mawaru Penguindrum

Most Cliche Anime
Ao no Exorcist

Most Goriest Anime
Deadman Wonderland

Most Heartwarming Anime
Usagi Drop

Anime With the Most Ridiculous Settings
Manyuu Hiken-chou

Anime with the Best Animations

Anime with the Best Humors

Anime with the Best Soundtracks
The World God Only Knows 2

Best Opening
Kuusou Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku (Mirai Nikki)

Best Ending
Take off by 2PM (Ao no Exorcist)

Best Visual Novel Adaption

Best Sequel
Bakuman Second Season

Best Quote
“Mad scientist. It’s so cool. Sonuvabitch” (Okabe Rintarou, Steins;Gate)

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25 thoughts on “Best of 2011

    • I haven’t watch Phi Brain, and seeing the reviews.. I don’t even wanna try it.. D: I like it when the main character is smart and can solve puzzles and all that but the puzzles in the anime seems to be…. D:

  1. Loled at the one XD

    Even though they are of the same cloth, Steins;Gate is still way better than Chaos;Head in my opinion. The visual novel was sort of linear (expect you could choose some of the character ends like Ruka, etc), but the directing for the Anime and characterization was too awesome and spot on with VN.

    Your other chooses I also like (Rider is a real bro and Shana, well it is not turning out how I wanted so far). Sort of scared to make a list after reading everyone elses choices, lol.

    • Yes that’s true^^ Other thing is that Steins;Gate have 20+ episodes while Chaos;Head only have like 10, and with Nitroplus adapted anime that’s not a good choice for the latter ;p I only tried out the Japanese version for the Steins;Gate visual nove though. I’m still waiting for the translation to complete >_< But their speed in translating is already quite godsend xD

      Rider is da man :D And I can relate to Shana as well D: Quite disappointed. I got a lot of pending reviews to write actually lol.. but I'm saving them up for next year.

      • Probably if Chaos;Head was longer it may have helped. May have, lol. I played through the Japanese one, since I learned a bit of Japanese (thanks to my girlfriend), but I am waiting for the English one as well, since for the latter half I had to use Translation Aggregator, but with a few dictionaries it was 80% understandable (albeit for Suzu’s, Darou’s, and Feryis name actually expressed by the kanji meaning, lol).

        Ah, not going to publish them until next year? Oh, well I looking forward to them :D

        • May have indeed, lol~ I will only concentrate on English visual novels for now. I really want to play Japanese ones but I think I will instead shift my attention to more anime/English VNs. And lucky you indeed D:

          Part of the reason I want to shift my attention to others is that my translator had been messing up. For the last two VNs I’m playing, the translators haven’t been working good and I ended up playing one in pure raw Japanese. I’m going to have to try to work around with my translators soon.. trying to find out what’s the problem.. though I’m not really feeling motivated atm.. lol.

          Yeah, too squishy and I got too many pending reviews D:

  2. I mostly agree with the list. Yuno, Though i’m not so sure with some of the anime because I haven’t watch it yet.

    ROFL! I amm..Mad scientist. It’s so coooooool. Sonuvabitch. That certainly is the best quote ever! Steins;Gate is one of the best anime ever. Probably in my top 10 most awesome anime of all time.

    • Yes indeed Yuno is the best isn’t she? ;D I had a hard choice picking between Yuno and Kurisu >_<

      Lol :DDDD That quote is the best! There's also another quote I really like from him. "I am the mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma. Deceiving the world is nothing to me!” It's one of those lines where his gimmick of a mad scientist turns real :D But in the end, I went with the more humorous quote :p Yes it's in my All-Time Favorite Anime as well :D Think I'm going to make a proper list out of that soon.

  3. I love your choices, especially Steins;Gate. One thing I would’ve changed is I would’ve had a tie between Fate/Zero and Hanasaku Iroha for best animation. The settings are completely different, but the quality was superb in both of them.

    • And I feel overbiased on Steins;Gate too lol :D

      As for the animations, o rly? I didn’t know that since I didn’t watch Hanasaku Iroha, lol. But what’s great about Fate/Zero’s animations are the battle scenes since their battle movements are really smooth despite needing a lot of frames. I think Hanasaku Iroha would have more still-scenes right? Just a guess though.

  4. Love a lot of the choices! Yune is super adorable, and I also think she (along with Rin) is the most adorable character. Usagi Drop is most definitely the most heartwarming anime. And I’m super confused right now watching Penguindrum. Haha. ^ ^

    • Lol cool~ So we agree on both cute characters :D And yes indeed for Usagi Drop ;p Mawuru Penguindrum indeed requires a lot of self-thinking and self-imaginations D:

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