Happy New Year 2012!

I’m not sure what time it is for all of you now but right now, it’s just way past 12AM over here! Happy New Year to everyone! A new year is a good time for nostalgia though unfortunately, my blog is only 2 months old and there are hardly anything to feels nostalgic. Instead of making a coverage for the year, I decided to show everyone my future plans for the blog. Time to use my D-mail!

New Project
– I thought of starting my own mini project. I would like to call it “Reviews Recollection Project.” Basically, this will be a revamp of previous reviews I did way ages ago before I started this blog. I’ll make a prologue just before I start this project for further explanations.
– Character of the Month. Pretty self-explanatory. I’m still not sure how would I go about setting this up but keep your eyes open.
– All-time Favorites project. Basically things like all-time Top 10 Fav Characters, all-time Top 10 Fav Quotes, etc..

New Posts
– More and more reviews! I have quite a few pending reviews from late December which I had saved up (or was I just lazy?) to post in new year times.
– Possibly changing the structure for my reviews.
– More unique posts.
– Possibly more categories for the blog.

– A new gravatar
– A new banner.
– Going to have a new blog soon. Not going to tell what it is about as of yet :p

Objectives for 2012
– Basically, mooooreee cooommmeents! Actually, please rape me with comments!

That’s basically it. This month’s going to be one review-y month~ Anyway once again, happy new year and beware of the possible end of the world! Lol, that’s gotta be the most ominous new year greeting ever…

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21 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012!

  1. Yup I wish for more comments to on my blog :)
    Looking forward to your new blog. I’m trying to do some editorial this year.

    Happy New Year :)

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