Character of the Month – January

January’s Character of the Month – Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate)

Although usually calm, Makise Kurisu can turn 180 degrees into a tsundere if cornered speech-wise, mostly by Okabe. She is also shown to be caring, worrying about her fellow “Future Gadget Laboratory” members a lot. Obviously, she is quite smart and is the one who “saved” Okabe several times on his time leaps by explaining the unknown phenomenon that occurs during Okabe’s time travels. Without her to consult, Okabe would have gone nuts completely.

Kurisu looks great too as I like how she is dressed, especially her casual outfit. The best part of it is her sweater, with both sides dangles a bit and being kept from falling off with a pair of belt-like accessories. I also like her white belt, and dat short pants and stocking just scream smexiness. She even has a slender figure to boast, damn.

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12 thoughts on “Character of the Month – January

  1. She happens to be my current favorite character >.<

    I like the way she wears her sweater. But I wonder in real life, will it be hard to move our arms and not have our sweater go out of place…

    • Same as me too then <3

      Why not experiment? :D The important part is the small belts around her shoulders. You could ask some who cosplayed as Kurisu before too :D

  2. Kurisu’s arm belts are a weird accessory to have. I’ve seen a number of cosplayers omit it because it honestly just looks like her sweater is slouching off her shoulders, not attached to her arms.

    • I think that’s the look they are going for? The slouching off her shoulders part. And imo, I think there’s not a single piece of clothing from anime that’s not weird :D

  3. Makise Kurisu! My waifu!!
    I really like her. I wish there was more of her in the anime.
    She isn’t really that much of a main character for me in the anime.
    Most of it is focused on Okabe, which is awesome but sad at the same time because there is less Kurisu.

    • And I NTR-ed you and your waifu every single day ;D
      Though really? I think there is a steady focus on Kurisu ;D Even more so during the latter part of the series. Kurisu played a big part in the storyline from the beginning till to the end. She is <3

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