New blog!

As promised here, I made my new blog, and finally finished setting it up! Some of you may had already known but I dabbled a bit on GFX too and this new blog of mine will be about my GFX, featuring my latest GFX pieces and stuffs. Have a look! Although there are still not a lot of posts (hell, I only just took it’s post-virginity), there are a lot of interesting pages you can all check out^^

Of cause I’ll still be posting about anime/games so for that, deluscar will still be pretty busy too :p

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6 thoughts on “New blog!

    • Yes, try looking at the pages^^ There’s quite a lot of gfx pieces I already posted on the pages like “Hall of Fame” and stuffs. Well though I made a new blog, I’m still going to be more active here :D

      • Oh my, I just saw. Mad skills dude! I used to do a lot of this signatures, 4 years back. Won quite a lot of SOW myself. I’m sure you have one a lot as well.

        You use photoshop right? I haven’t been doing sigs for quite sometime now. I use photoshop to do other graphics stuff for my assignments. I guess using photoshop wasn’t as fun as it was before.

        • Nah I’m far from good. In fact, I lost quite some motivation in gfx already, here’s hoping this blog would light my gfx passion back up >w< And I only started doing GFX two years ago lol ;p Lol, the fact that I can actually remember my victories and even the theme don't think it qualifies as "a lot" xD

          And yes I'm a photoshop user, though an ex-GIMP user before. Still trying to learn more about Illustrator. I can certainly relate to that, and lack of time totally kills my creativity too. My creative juices need a slow time to develop D:

          • I see. Hopefully you will get motivated with the new blog.

            Illustrators are more for drawing, vectors, and things that have to do with lines and shape. The good thing I find in Illustrator is that you can resize and etc without getting is pixelated since it is still in not rasterize. But still Photoshop is more user friendly for me in a lot of way. Both has its advantages, it is good to learn both.

            Then relax, you can pause and do you work at a later time, when you have more ideas to add to your work. Mona Lisa was not painted in a day, you know :)

        • Indeed I hope I do ;x

          And that’s exactly what I wanna learn, I had seen countless sotw participants whipping my ass using vectors D: Looks like an useful skill to have, lol. AHh I see. Photoshop is friendly-user to me as well but it’s still good to try out new things :D

          Lol :D Oh well I’ll post some random tag for now :p

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