[RR] Reviews Recollection Prologue

Hmm.. guess my new year goals are almost done… not.

This “Reviews Recollection” or “RR” for short, is a mini project of mine which involves rewriting reviews from the ones I did in the past. Way back before I started this blog, I already started writing reviews. Though at that time, my writing skills aren’t that good Hmmm, they aren’t THAT good now either but I would like to think I had improved dramatically so I would like to make a revamp of them and post them here. The project serves two main purposes:

  • To make me feel nostalgic of how different my writing style had changed and
  • To expose older anime to people who possibly couldn’t have watch them yet

Posts like these will be marked [RR] like this one here. Anyhow, please look forward to it! I will be spamming posting them soon. Hmmm.. I wonder if this project of mine sounds silly D:

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11 thoughts on “[RR] Reviews Recollection Prologue

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  6. Interesting mini project. I am just writing the old reviews as I go (mixing them in the newer series), but not a bad idea.

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