[RR] Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Review

“Welcome home, master. Do you want to eat or take a bath first?”

Ahh maids. They are lovely aren’t there? There are certainly people who love them and hearing them say “Welcome home, master” just brings a smile to your face. They provide extra attention to you way more then your normal waitress and they even play with you if you’re bored. Lovely indeed, even more so when a certain tsundere takes up the job of a maid.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama, an anime about maids (if that’s not already obvious) is a comedy/slice of life series and is produced and animated by J.C Staff. Maid + J.C Staff. That’s a combo you certainly wouldn’t want to miss would you?

Ayuzawa Misaki, who had trained and studied via extreme dedication, had turned Seika High School from an all-boys school, into a co-ed school. However, the female population in the school is still incomparable to the male population and the girls are still terrified of the over-the-top antics of the males. Misasi, now the first ever female student council president of the school, took matters into her own hands and protecting the girls while allowing the other girls to feel safe. However, in order to support her family, she had to secretly work in a maid cafe and one day, all her hard-earned reputation is threatened when Takumi Usui discovered her there in a maid uniform just after school.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama focuses on one aspect, fun. Misaki, a tsundere working in a maid cafe, and her various competitions with Usui, the wacky atmospheres in school. The anime showcased all the life and troubles of a young student, yet it shows us how fun it can be despite the toughness. Misaki, is one prime example, her family’s not the richest and she had to work at a maid cafe even when she has to do council tasks at school. She is scared that someone might saw her and will lose her reputation at school though she did not have a choice since the pay is quite high for a student. The way she keeps challenging her life in such a straightforward manner is quite fun. Well, I might had been a bit too serious but it’s best just sit back and enjoy when watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama and don’t worry about any plot twists or anything since aforementioned, it focuses only on one thing, fun, and actually did a rather fine job too if I say so myself.

Being a “fun” anime, all the tear-jerking drama scenes are close to none. Kaichou wa Maid-sama is a plain romance comedy straight from the core. Story-wise, a lot of elements like these are used already in the past. Yet, Maid-sama is able to make the whole series look fresh with well written dialogue and fun characters. Maid-sama excellently depicted the bumpy road a guy and a girl underwent in order to grow affectionate of each other, yet displaying great humors midway through the process. All these really complements with each other and made this show a perfect light-hearted themed anime for people who just wanted something fun and nice to watch.

Another entertaining part is just seeing this “maid-cafe” in action. A lot of focuses are on the maid cafe itself and we can clearly speculate how maid cafes in Japan operates in general, just by watching this anime. This is especially good for people who haven’t been to the Land of Rising Sun yet. We witnessed the atmosphere, the kitchen, and the games they played with customers and so on. Another noteworthy thing is that how the maids have “special occasion days” where they dressed up as characters from other special archetypes or character roles to please their masters, who perhaps would have the perfect fetishes for them. These fetishes may include the “imouto”, “tsundere” and the maids even dressed up as “butlers” too, to please their female customers.

Characters are fun and quirky, which blends in well with the overall atmosphere of the anime. A tsundere maid, a perverted superhuman alien, a cross-dresser, etc.. The tsundere archetype is overused but nevertheless, Maid-sama is still able to make Misaki likable and fresh even with this overused persona. One quality of Misaki I’m quite fond with is her devotion and loyalty to her duties. She always works the hardest, ultimately managed to turn an all-boys school into a co-ed school, lead, and protecting said girls in the process. In short, Misaki is a very ‘strong’ female character, both physically and mentally and it’s these kinds of characters that I’m quite fond of.

Usui, on the other hand is quite unique. When you say shoujo, you think of those perfect handsome male leads who could do anything and is all gentlemen-like. Of cause, being a shoujo series, Usui has these qualities, yet, he also has personalities found in some perverted harem shows, presented with his goofiness and pervertness at times. I found that to be a very good contrast. How he is able to say perverted remarks and flirts openly with a straight and a calm face is beyond me. He is overall, quite wacky, yet suave. It’s no wonder Misaki freaked out consistently, though she is able to make a retort back at him every single time. Watching these two’s interactions are another entertaining part of the show.

The secondary characters does not disappoint too. My favorite one out of all of them are the “san baka”. I really like how they are developed to the way they are now, where as before they found out about Misaki, they were more rowdy. Though overall, there are indeed, a lack of character developments for all the characters in general. I don’t really mind though and I actually think it’s better like this. I believe keeping character developments to the minimum, helps aligning to the light-hearted theme this anime specialized in, and it worked wonders.

The visuals look good however at some parts, there are quite some obvious quality drops. Backgrounds are too, quite static and nothing worth mentioning. The colors aren’t vibrant nor sharp, making the overall graphics look quite dull in the process. Character designs are decent though some characters lack originality in their looks and designs. Audio-wise, I found the openings and endings to be average at best. Although, I found their voice acting superb. As I had already seen Fujimura Ayumi’s skill in tsundere roles in Kaze no Stigma. She does not disappoint in here with Ayuzawa Misaki and I found her even more proficient here. Okamoto Nobuhiko who voiced Usui here is even more awesome by actively breaking down his voice into seriousness, sweetness, wickedness, mischievousness and even managed to bring out Usui’s each and every personality perfectly.

Being a show which focuses more on comedy, you won’t be able to see meaningful explanations as to why Misaki hate boys so much and of cause, the mystery that is Usui will never unfold, except for the fact that he is a perverted alien stalker. I prefer it this way of cause but if you are looking for shows with more plots and developments, you should look somewhere else. But still, overall, this anime is perfect for those who just want something fun, light and entertaining.

Story: B-
Character: A
Art: C-
Animation: C+
Sound: C

Final Score

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5 thoughts on “[RR] Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Review

  1. Such a good couple those two. Usui is just awesome. So romantic, so much awesomeness and a bit pervy at the same time. Misaki is a great women as well, so much power!! I like the show, the ending was great as well.

  2. A really sweet and humorous couple for sure ;D And yes the show is great :D I heard there’s an announcement for a second season someplace but my memory’s pretty vague..

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