Guilty Crown – The New TTGL?

Before I say anything, this post will contain major spoilers. Just a warning to everyone just in case any of you haven’t finished the latest episode yet. I’m a bit late watching this so you would probably be safe. Anyway, I’ll be making just a tiny bit of random comments about what I think of Guilty Crown so far, with more focus on the last few episodes.

In short, after catching up on Guilty Crown to the latest episode, I can make some quick comments about the anime. I feel the anime was getting better but Shu is getting lamer. And also I can see the anime getting cheesier yet getting more epic. Ahhhh contradictions. Lovely.

I guess the main reason for the feelings of cheesiness come from the fact that it keeps reminding me of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The plot is a bit different no doubt, but in terms of developments, they followed quite a similar concept. Someone dies, and the main character moves on. He would be at a temporary slump, before getting back up to his high horses and will ironically start kicking ass in an almost similar fashion to their leader. They also used the “I can’t be XX, but I’ll do this my own way” concept quite a lot, which is another factor that makes me think of TTGL.

I can’t say I really like wimpy guys like Simon and Shu but the most interesting with these characters is seeing them developing from a zero to a hero. With the latest arc finished, the series is about halfway finished. Using the TTGL-like concepts developed in the first half, I wondered if Shu will underwent to his “coming of age” ceremony and became another Simon. Of cause, cheesy as heck but it’ll do his character good since he’s still haven’t hit his “puberty” and is still at a “wimpy stage.” The last few episodes look like he’s going to have a huge character shift soon so what I said here would probably come true… probably.

Because of having TTGL-lookalike elements, I’ll probably continue watching this show, in hope of seeing another Simon-lookalike protagonist whacking everyone’s ass while shouting “Who the hell do you think I am?” After all, his voids will pierce through the heavens!

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5 thoughts on “Guilty Crown – The New TTGL?

  1. In my opinion nothing will ever be the “new” TTGL. Just because I’ve hardly seen anything even remotely like TTGL. =P

    Well, I found Guilty Crown to be a bit disappointing though so I personally wouldn’t compare it to TTGL which is one of my all time favourites – so in that respect, I’m a bit bias…

    • Well I’m not saying it will take over TTGL or anything. Just trying to say that it sounds similar, with the characters and developments and all lol ;p

      Guilty Crown has great visual backgrounds and that’s one thing I like. TTGL is epic that’s for sure ;p

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