Megaupload gets taken down?

2012. The year which signaled the the End of the World. And just only 20 days after the new year, we are already treated with an ominous sign – Megaupload was taken down by the US government, signifying the beginning of the end. As of 20 January 2012, the megaupload file host is no longer in service. US had shut down it’s service, claiming that the site spreads copyright material.

Megaupload’s founder, Kim Schmitz, had already been arrested and he is not the only one. The other executives of Megaupload were arrested as well, under the name of SOPA/PIPA, a newly law enforced just around October last year. The funny thing is that megaupload isn’t even based on US, just that it’s servers are US servers. A chill ran through my spine as I think what would happen to the other file hosts as time progresses..

Some of my friends, who still had ongoing megaupload premiums, doesn’t seem like they had their money refund for them. This poses a lot of questions for me which would define the future. Will the uploaders continue uploading quality materials with such strict laws? What will happen to us downloaders? Will the government find and track down every single downloader in the world? Seeing that they had arrested megaupload executives outside of US like Hong Kong, New Zealand and so on, this is not a totally impossible possibility. Damn. This new SOPA bill could seriously censor out EVERYTHING as long as it had something to do with the internet.

I shuddered, just thinking about the impending doom of us internet users. Seems like our ultimate enemy is the law itself, the SOPA. I think this is the time where, we, the internet users come in. I think just yesterday, wiki just blackout itself to spread the SOPA awareness, I don’t know if this is even going to be a fruitful effort but it’s better then sitting still and do nothing.

*Gets possessed by Lelouch*
It is time for us internet users to come together as one and fight! My comrades! Whether or not you downloads anime, music, movie or whatever, let us change our fate, together!

So long, the unimaginable mass of uploads in the server and so long, to all the wonderful megaupload staffs who had made such a wonderful file host and so long indeed, megaupload. I, Kai, will swear that your sacrifice will not be in vain! We will avenge you!

*sheds manly tears*




Well, anyhow, this is really gloomy news, especially for us anime fans who downloaded tons of anime in the web. I’ll make my next few posts a bit brighter :D Probably back to my reviews recollection project, I swear I’ll get this project done even if the world is going to end!

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14 thoughts on “Megaupload gets taken down?

  1. This was a on-going case for two years+, so it was going to happen eventually according to the syndicated new sites. This was just a warning to all downloaders/uploaders if they continue they will track them down and to stop while they are ahead. I think Jan 24 (or 23rd can’t remember) is the date when they vote on the sister bill PIPPA, so just have to wait to see what happens.

    • “This was just a warning to all downloaders/uploaders if they continue they will track them down and to stop while they are ahead.” That’s the worrying part, especially the “all” part.. D; Jan 24… hey damn that’s close, I sure hope it won’t get any worse..

  2. I feel ya. I have been using megauploads for a lot of things. My premium megauplod account ends at 2026 lol. There is always an alternative to download, I don’t really feel the effect that much. I guess i’m back to torrenting.

    • I had been using fileserve myself as my main download sources D: I hope it won’t end with the same fate as MU ;x Alternative eh? I had always rely on and just only on fileserve so I would be a bit troubled if fileserve gets taken down as well lol

      • If you are interested in torrents let me know. The speed on torrent sites aren’t really bad, it is almost as fast as megaupload. It depends on the seeders and leechers of course. For me fileserve is too slow, not sure if you are talking about free or premium but meh, i’ll use torrents instead unless megaupload goes back up.

        They tried to revive it back up a few times already, but it was taken down by the feds, again and again.. :(

      • I’m interested but it’s definitely not a good thing to use for old things. It’s not like I only watch new things you know D; And yes I do frequent the use of fileserve premium :D I sure hope it won’t have the same fate as megaupload ;x Ahh so you have to rely on torrents now, guess it’s good that I don’t rely on megaupload as much ;D

        Ahhh I see, well I wish them well D;

  3. That world wide upload/download blockage is just so impossible, surely internet users will find ways on how to access the files. But the most that will benefit are those software makers and big corporations… Then again, once the used of their software got max-out, definitely they will issue another SOPA/PIPPA-like law.

    • Yes indeed, there are quite some ways to download, ddl, file hosts, torrents and it all depends on preference. To me, the stopping of file hosts could be my downfall D: And yes I agree, and once they max out, I think they will fall hard like megaupload with another stupid law. Well it’s good news that SOPA/PIPA is being postponed for now due to protests, but I can’t say the war is really over as of yet ;x

  4. I’m not too worried about this, it just reminds me of what happened to Napster and Kazaa and Pirate Bay and a whole bunch of others. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    • Isn’t Pirate Bay still functioning? In fact, I’m still using them for some of my English songs, lol. Never really used Napster and Kazaa though the main reason for my depression is that I rely very heavily on file hosts.

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