Patience is A Virtue

Patience is important, and having it will be a good for everything you do, whether in real life or even when you’re spending time for your otaku hobbies. As I had my own experience, I’ll share my opinion just how “patience” can effect your anime watching experience and even your visual novels playthrough. Of cause, there will be some rants too.

When watching new anime, do you watch them straightaway after their weekly release or you wait for a long time for them to be completed before marathoning the whole show? If it’s the latter, then it would certainly require a huge number of patience waiting for them to finish. To give some insight, I watched anime like Steins;Gate and Ao no Exorcist in this marathoning manner. Ao no Exorcist is good but I think I made a bad choice watching Steins;Gate via this method. Genres with plot twists and suspense are best watched weekly because if you marathon it, it will lessen down the level of suspense, which could probably be the highlight of the show, and you just lost it. Likewise with Mawaru Penguindrum, I marathoned it, and that’s not a good choice. Mawaru Penguindrum is an anime which needs time for the information to sink in and I’m not even ‘waiting’ for my brain to absorb the said information before watching the next episode.

In contrast, heavy-action anime are best marathoned, waiting for huge chunks of episodes to release and watching them all in one go. This is very practical, especially for The Big Three, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, that is, if you are still even catching up on them. What’s more, these three shows have one of the largest amount of fillers ever so aside from marathoning, you could even skip all of them if you like. That’s how I was still able to catch up with Naruto and One Piece (got fed up with Bleach.. though I still managed to finish the Aizen arc). I also know well how Naruto fillers work, usually when a lot of useless characters emerge, an ominous feeling would almost immediately arise. Then I will check the list of episodes in wiki and if I see that the fillers are going to continue still. If they are going to continue this in a FULL ARC no doubt, then it’s time to skip it and use my time for some other anime. Once the fillers finish and they are back on track, I’ll then continue watching them. Rinse and repeat.

For new romance anime, especially ones with more then one heroines. I usually stop watching when I finished an arc dedicated to a certain character, and wait for the next character arc to finish before watching that. I watched Yosuga no Sora in this manner and I think this is a good choice for harem anime that deals with their heroines developments separately arc by arc. Again, patience is needed for the arc to finish and through doing this, one would be able to obtain the full enjoyment of watching romance anime.

Worst case scenario regarding my lack of patience happened quite recently too, Little Busters. Little Buster had an ongoing translation project for years and likewise, I was waiting, or at least trying to wait for the project to finish. I played the common route like five times (at that time, only the common route was translated) and each time, I agonized myself playing Rin’s bad end. And so, I had to wait. But while waiting, the impatient me started reading information about Little Buster and the characters on wiki, MAL and through various other google searches. I SHOULDN’T have done this because through doing this, I had read very major spoilers for the Refrain route, which I wished I could forget completely if I can use my brain in such a convenient manner. One of those spoilers involve something which happened at the very end of the game, so Little Buster’s Refrain ending kinda lose a bit of emotional impact for me, due to the predictability. And I had also seen tons of (if not, all) Refrain’s CG scenes so I couldn’t enjoy the scenes 100% completely, due to the predictability once more. Ohh fyi, I would probably write a review for Little Buster soon enough so you can hear more of my rants there :D

I think visual novels are best played when you had no knowledge prior to the game, to obtain full suspense experience of the game. In this regard, I also had another bad but more minor experience, it was when I was playing Fate/Stay Night. Prior to the game, I already know quite a lot of details, not just from the Fate route but from Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel as well. Before playing the game, I already know the true relationship between Shirou and Archer and I already know the existence of Dark Sakura and Saber Alter, in fact I’m using the latter’s wallpaper even when I haven’t play the game. Fate/Stay Night is a bit hard to avoid though as it is too mainstream, there are ALWAYS some people who love to brag and spread out it’s spoilers, even in anime discussions.

With my “perspective of patience”, it would look like I had to make careful observations, predictions and speculations in order to enjoy something fully. For example, between a translated and untranslated visual novel, of cause the former would be more enjoyable to me, then I’ll have to do some survey for that particular visual novel. I have to ask myself a lot of questions. Will that visual novel ever get translated? If so, how long will it take? Can I wait that long? What if the translation project died midway through? My answers to all these questions will ultimately effect just ‘how’ and ‘when’ I would play them.

For anime, aforementioned, it depends heavily on the genres just ‘how’ I watch them. Watch them weekly for plot twisting and mind-blowing anime and marathon them quickly in one shot for actions themed anime. As proved with the romance genre, I also had quite some other “complicated system” for watching the other genres but generally, the former two, action and plot-twist genre, are the best examples I could give, which I watch in the most basic manner, either weekly, or marathoned. I always follow my own systems as best as I can, unless there are certain unavoidable circumstances.

How do the rest of you watch your anime? Do you just watch them weekly regardless of genres or do you watch them in a troublesome manner like mine? It would be lovely if you could share your views as well^^

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14 thoughts on “Patience is A Virtue

  1. Yeaps, I agree. It really depends on what kind of shows it is. Sometimes an anime is best watched on weekly basis, sometimes it’s the other way. There’s no telling for me until at least after a few episodes into an anime.

    Personally, I think Steins;Gate is best watched marathon style because I don’t think I have the patience for the episodes in which Mayuri died over and over again. Quite a number of episodes there if I remember correctly.

    Hmm…at least you have more patience than me when it comes to Visual Novel. I need more actions, more moving images when it comes to games and stuff. I still think VNs aren’t my thing. It gets boring too quickly.

    • Yep, that’s true, I also need to adapt an hobby of watching a PV beforehand to get more information about an anime.. though most of the time, I’m just too lazy to watch them.

      Ohh I guess that’s true, though seeing how Mayuri keeps dying differently each time is an intruiging event itself. People without knowledge of the plot would feel suspended whether or not Mayuri would ever survive.

      Not even epic ones like Fate/Stay Night, Ever 17 or even G-Senjou? D: It’s good for you too anyway since it would be easier to manage your time.

  2. Hmm, personally I don’t have any preferences towards watching anime series’ weekly as they are released versus marathoning them. However, watching a series weekly may sometimes be troublesome because when the latest episode is aired, I’ve already somewhat forgotten about what happened in the previous episodes.

    And if you can’t be patient, why not try and pick up Japanese so that you can read your visual novels entirely without having to wait for translations? :P

    • Ohh really. Well, sometimes when I can’t keep up, I’ll still watch them consecutively despite it is better to watch them weekly. I even might as well wait for them to finish airing just to marathon them.

      I did and I can’t get past the invisible wall that is kanji D: I completely forgot all the hiragana and katakana I learned by now. I wanted to use dictionary and learn kanji while playing VN, but I ended up relying on my translator more so because of my laziness…

  3. I used to marathon anime that I heard were good but never watched when they were airing. That worked pretty well for a while and I don’t think I lost anything by doing that, but nowadays I barely have time to keep up with weekly anime. I don’t have a problem taking in information for heavy series like Penguindrum in one go, but I do prefer watching action anime weekly. It may sound strange since there’s not much plot to cover, but after marathoning two 30-episode segments of Naruto and Bleach, every episode seems exactly the same after a while and it gets really boring.

    • I do that too but I get curious when reading anime blogs, especially for blogs dedicating weekly episode reviews. Ahhh, time, our natural enemy indeed. I’m trying to jumble between anime, manga, games, visual novels, blogging, gfx.. ohhh sht….

      Wow our opinions are inverted lol D: So you prefer watching infodumping anime in one go? That’s quite awesome ;D I always forget a tiny weensy bit of detail in some corner of the series, which could ends up becoming a more important key point in the series. Action anime eh.. mine is mostly Naruto, Bleach and One Piece as well and those three are definitely not ones I can easily watch weekly.. especially if they are in a “filler arc” which bores the hell out of me with useless plots/characters.

  4. I’ve been a fan of manga and webcomics for years, so watching week-to-week was never an issue with me. In fact I was was always really bad at marathoning anime, since for some reason I could never keep my focus for very long.

    • Ohh you do seem to priotize on manga more, I wonder if it is because you already know the story beforehand since you already read the anime’s manga. I can keep up if the plot’s good enough to hold my attention :D

  5. I agree that anime like Steins;Gate and Mawaru Penguindrum is best to watch weekly rather than giving it a marathon. I also agree that anime like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece is best to watch like what you said. I mostly agree with the whole article.

    I don’t really mind giving a marathon to any kind of genre. If you take a break in each episode and do some other stuff, it would probably be the same as you watch it weekly. You just need some rest to watch an anime like Steins;Gate. Being patience is a must when it comes to watching an anime,

    • Glad to see that we agree on the points :D Indeed I always preferred marathoning shounen anime, specially if it’s the big three :D

      Ohh that’s just what I do for most romance anime, actually, now that when I think about it, I tend to do that for anime with very major arcs. Patience indeed :D Though there’s always time to worry about….

  6. Watching anything weekly will probably give people time to “digest” everything they watched. For example, I ran a marathon for Angel Beats, i was so caught up with it that I didn’t even try to connect the plot holes (hell I didn’t even realize it at that time) and only after a few days after I finished it did I realize, it wasn’t THAT great
    Watching/reading anything week by week allows us to understand and allows us to connect to what has happened in the past

    • Yes pretty much true. I watched Angel Beats partially weekly and I wasn’t even sure I was able to grasp the plot completely, the last few episodes were total chaos, lol. In terms of Key’s quality, Angel Beats certainly is one of their worst, lol.

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