[RR] Sengoku Basara One + Two Review

“Conquer and Conquest”

In my opinion, Sengoku Basara is one of the superior shows in adapting the settings of historical era. The first time I was into Sengoku Basara was when I was playing Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes on the PSP. I didn’t get to play much in the end since I had to remove the game to save space but it is pretty fun. It kinda reminded me of games like Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors, with much more lesser enemies of cause.

Then, there comes the first season and I know I was pretty hyped to see it animated. Also, after finding out one of my favorite voice actors would be in it (he likes using random Engrish when he talks, guess who), I was even more excited about it and certainly, the series does not let down. And now in 2010, here comes Sengoku Basara Two, with newer foes, more wars and of cause, more showy actions.

Obviously, the plot of Sengoku Basara resolves around the Sengoku Period or Warring States Period of feudal Japan. In these kind of shows, there are always some slight changes in the stories which differs from the actual history. Because of this, both types of viewers who are either familiar or unfamiliar with the history can enjoy it. There is no deep plot in here. We will mostly be seeing the developments of the wars between the nations, some strategical insight and so on. Typical things of what you would normally expected in a show with a history genre.

A minor but nice concept regarding Sengoku Basara’s plot is the display of trust and friendship between the nations. Of cause, this had certainly been seen times and times again in any other action series but because this is actually a war-series, I can feel the beautiful display of friendship bonding between the war mates. Of cause, the display of rivalry too, is another concept being used a lot, to the point of being almost overused. Aside from the two main characters, there are various other characters with their respective yaoi pairs rivals. At times, even the antagonists are shown to have this feeling of bond as well.

I see season one as a main starting point of Sengoku Basara, the ultimate introduction to the series, with it introducing to us one of the main focal point of the history of Japan, the warlord Oda Nobunaga. He had certainly craved himself a lasting impression within the books of Japan’s history, and his appearance in any kinds of media would certainly be an attention-grabber of sorts. Certain major historical figures are also introduced like Uesugi Kenshin, Takeda Shingen, Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura.

For season two, I see it as a starting point for developments. Sanada Yukimura is developed into a more self-reliant character. Because he has no leadership qualities unlike his rival, the six-swords wielding Date Masamune, Yukimura was always dependent on his “oyakata-sama”. Season two shows what happens what this young cub is capable of when he is separated from his guardian. Date Masamune himself needs no introduction. The man can certainly rock the foundation of history itself, with his badassery and Engrish as his primary weapon.

And how can we about Honda Tadakatsu aka “Hondam”, the Sengoku Basara cyborg. His emergence in season one can be cool, funny and puzzling at the same time. He is like a robot, no, he IS an robot inside and out, with all those mechanical parts and all that. He even haz a TTGL giga drill breaker! What a rip off. Wait, since TTGL timeline happens way after SB’s, does that mean TTGL is the one ripping SB off? He made another short appearance in season two, fighting Shimazu Yoshihiro briefly but nothing else of worth of significance there. Anyhow, his appearance always makes everything looks so surreal. I’m surprised the other characters didn’t say anything and they even think the appearance of such superweapon is natural in such ancient era.

Being a historical anime, there are quite a few tracks in this anime which applied the use of Japanese traditional instruments. However, the show is not afraid to whip out shounen-type rock songs and even mainstream pop can be heard from time to time. The latter two had done a great job in synchronizing with the action sequences. And also, dancing samurai is ftw.

Sengoku Basara has rich backgrounds, smooth movements and outstanding action choreography. The colors are clear, strong and vivid. All the elements like fire and thunder are animated excellently. The illustrations are very detailed too as all the characters have a distinctive feature. The action scenes, too are just over the top. There’s nothing more fun then watching your favorite characters blasting everyone and causing bodies to fly in every direction. If you like watching shows like One Piece where just basic brute force is the best weapon, then Sengoku Basara would suit your tastes.

In my opinion, Sengoku Basara isn’t a show you watched for deep plots or twists. In fact, you watch Sengoku Basara because of the action sequences. Overall, it is still a good show and fans of the historical genre can certainly check out this anime to see Sengoku Basara’s interpretation of the warring periods of Japan.

Story: D
Character: B-
Art: A-
Animation: A+
Sound: C

Final Score

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2 thoughts on “[RR] Sengoku Basara One + Two Review

  1. “he likes using random Engrish when he talks”, One-Eyed Dragon – Date Masamune =)

    I’m interested with Sengoku Basara because of amazing fight scenes, full of effects.

    And one more thing, OYAKATTA-SAMAA!!!!

    • Yes indeed indeed :D

      Effects and the fighting is actually pretty good. All dat beautiful flames and lightning <3

      Oyakata-sama~ Yaay ;D *punches*

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