Character of the Month – February

February’s Character of the Month – Hoshii Miki (Idolm@ster)

When I was watching idolm@ster, with such a huge crowd of moe girls with varied personalities, there are a few who stood out from the rest, and Hoshii Miki is one of them.

The girl is just 15 years old, and she is almost talented in everything she do, singing, dancing, acting and so on. In fact, she could memorized dancing choreographies just by observing. It is interesting to note that she has a very sexy stature. With a height of 161cm and a 86-55-83 three sizes measurements, she easily rivals that of a young adult woman. Iori may had been true, perhaps girls who slept a lot develop fast..

Miki has a very relaxed altitude despite having such a busy schedule. Because she sleeps a lot, her ruffled hairstyle matches well with her overall altitude. The way she yawns every time she wakes up.. oh-so-lovely! Now that when I think about it, she’s just like a cat isn’t she?

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11 thoughts on “Character of the Month – February

  1. Miki is actually the only character I can name from the Idolmaster series. I’ve seen a few of her dances on youtube from the game and I love them.

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