Black Rock Shooter: The Game – Black Rock Shooter Figma by Max Factory

Black★Rock Shooter is one of the last residents on a dead Earth, joining the last stand of the remaining forces of Earth to fight against beings called the Seven Apostles. She is considered to be the ultimate weapon, whose abilities are the only hope to save Earth from utter destruction.

Prior to or during the beginning of the game, she seems to be in a tube of some sort, and in a state of stasis.

It had been a while since I purchased a figure and this figure had been in my “planned-to-buy” list just as soon as preorders are available. I ended up waiting for a “good chance” to buy it but over time, and eventually, I waited for so long the figure was actually released. Seeing that it’s surprisingly cheap, I went and bought it.

The box looks typical, with a mixture of blue and black colors. The figure comes with the black blade, rock cannon and other body parts like alternative heads and hands.

You can’t see it by looking at these pics but the figure’s actually quite small, with a height of approximately 14cm. However, the figure is crafted in fine detail, especially her “mechanical wings”. The stand looks kinda normal though, very bland too, as it isn’t like the other BRS figures with signature checkered design stand.

Being a figma figure, it’s flexibility doesn’t disappoint. You can easily made tons of different kinds of pose, putting it’s flexibility to good use. One thing I disliked though, is the cannon. I don’t like how a second stand and had to to be used to hold the cannon in place. I think there are certainly other ways to hold the cannon without relying on a second stand.

This figure is cheap, costing around 2500 yen, which is just around USD30. It’s not the best figure around but it’s definitely well worth the price.

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15 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter: The Game – Black Rock Shooter Figma by Max Factory

  1. I really like the figure sadly I don’t think i’ll collect anime BRS Game figure. I already have the BRS figma not the game version. Just by looking at it, there isn’t really that much difference. Plus there is no extra goodies. I remember purchasing the normal BRS figma which includes the BRS OVA DVD in the box. Saw, Strength, Death Master and BRS. That enough for me. If I were to buy the one you bough, i’d be hunting for White Rock Shooter by now, which is really expensive due to the PSP Game bundle.

    • There’s another BRS game figure that actually looked quite different. It’s like she wears a thin blue crown on her head and roller skates on her shoe, though I dunno if it’s from the same game.. maybe it’s a special outfit in the game? (Haven’t play the game so dunno as of yet). Ooh not just the figma, even puchasing the nendoroid comes with the DVD too. After I bought all four BRS, BGS, DM and Strength nendoroids, I almost want to throw all my DVDs already, lol. Is White Rock Shooter really that expensive? If it can be bought seperately and the price is just as cheap as this BRS, I might consider, if not, I better control my lust.. lol.

      • Yeah that BRS is called BRS Type B. Yeah it’s from the game. Nice you get the OVA on nendoroids as well. I don’t purchase the nendos since I already got the figma. But they are really cute. Yup really expensive for the White Rock Shooter ones. It’s a bundle there is no boxes for it.You have to buy it with the PSP game whether you like it or not, and it’s quite rare. It’s very beautiful of course.

        • Ohhh I see. Why not buy that ;D I wonder if it’s still available though. Is your figma big? Mine is just a tiny 14cm in height, lol. Hmmm I see.. that’s certainly a bummer. I don’t wanna waste my money buying the game since I don’t think I will able to understand all those Japanese text, I’m still waiting for a NA release, lol. Ohh I would certainly want one if I can spare the money D:

          • I’m really not sure if I should. I play the game but I don’t think I will collect them xD
            I’m making way for other figures as well. The PVC where Saber is riding the bike is my top priority for now. Pre-ordered it and keeping my money in the wallet. Until I get it, I won’t be ordering anything new anytime soon. Tiny? Ermm I think the high is almost the same as other figmas. I’ve a lot of figmas at my house. Here is my collection

            Well White Rock Shooter is now hard to find and if you don’t care about the price then get it :)

          • Oh sht dat figure! I really wanted to buy it but I need to save some money to purchase a smartphone as well, lol. Figures are good and all but I still need to keep up with technology as well and right now I’m saving my money for that. The last figure I’m going to buy (for now) is the Steins;Gate one which will be released around March. And I don’t think so, 14cm is tiny. Most figures have an average height of around 20cm and some even tops 30cm. That’s a huge list you have there^^

            Well I’ll think about it~

    • BRS’s character designs made me go wow too, enough for me to buy their figures without even knowing much about the franchise itself. The weapon isn’t as huge as you think it is though.. xD

  2. Figmas and nendoroids are generally cheap, which I guess is why they’re so popular. It kinda sucks that her cannon needs a second stand to hold it up. You’d think that they would just hollow it out to make it lighter.

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