Kai’s Anime Time Management

How do you all manage your time? This is a project where everyone can share how do one manage their time efficiently, juggling between studies, work and anime, the “Anime Time Management” project. You can just write the post on your own blog and link it back to here.

As for me, my time is hugely divided into two different categories, work and play. Simple isn’t it? I have a motto in life, if I work, I work hard and if I play, I play hard. The way I manage my time is mostly reliant on this viewpoint.

Let’s talk about work first, I work at a vessel company and time-wise, I work from Monday to Saturday, with Saturday just working half a day. The basic time I work is from 8.00am in the morning to 5.00pm in the evening, though most of the time, I work a little over 5.00pm due to pending tasks. At times, it takes me a little over 6.00pm just to finish up my remaining tasks. So it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say almost 75% of my life is occupied by workload. Seriously, I think I’ll be happier if I can work at Danny Choo’s company.. though that’s asking a bit too much.

After work, comes “play.” Every time I return to my old sweet home, I switch on my PC and immediately watch my anime like it’s the end of the world. I sometimes marathon my anime and can approximately finish 13 episodes per night, which means I can finish a short 10-episode series easily enough. Once I finish the anime, it will be around 12am to 1am by then so I usually take a shower and go straight to bed. As for 20+ episodes, I would need to do this for two nights though that is already a satisfactory feat. However, all these applies only if I went straight back to home. I don’t want to be an anti-socialist so at times, you can still see me walking around town with my friends after work. All these would spoil my 10-episode-watching day schedule but I wouldn’t mind much anyhow, since hanging out is fun too.

However, I don’t only just watch anime as most of you would have already known by now. As of 2012, I’m currently watching anime, reading manga, reading light novels, playing games and playing visual novels. That is five friggin medias I need to catch up with, and that’s not even including my other hobbies like music, gfx and blogging. For sure, it haven’t been easy and it’s not going to.

Just another day of multi-tasking

Because of time constraints, I began to multi-task more and more and then, I had been thinking, “I friggin need a portable device” and so, I bought a netbook. So far, I’m using the netbook for net browsing and playing visual novels. Putting the netbook besides my main desktop, I did things like watching anime (desktop) + reading visual novel (netbook), or blogging (desktop) + reading visual novel (netbook), or watching anime (desktop) + posting in the forums (netbook). There are a lot of other combinations as it all depends on how I organize my multi-tasking. Sometimes, I get so insane I play three visual novels at the same time (two on my desktop and one on my netbook).

One way or the other, I managed to finish Demonbane through heavy multi-tasking and is currently playing Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I’m also thinking of buying a smartphone next, a Samsung Galaxy Note to be precise. One of the reason I’m buying it is to help with my mad multi-tasking, mostly, it will be helping me with reading light novels in PDF. That’s not the only reason I’m buying it though mind you, since the idea buying a smartphone for nearly $1000 just to help with light novels is insane.

Of cause, I bring my portable devices where ever I go. During car trips, I will most usually pop up my netbook for my visual novel (or blog if hotspot’s available), or perhaps a PSP to play some games. I rarely do the latter though since I had mostly caught up with most PSP games I wanted to play. Speaking of games, I haven’t been playing much lately. I might play them a little after work if I’m not too caught up with anime marathons or perhaps I would play them at the weekends. But I’m sad to say games are a much more lesser priority now, the latest ones I’m playing is the Ace Attorney series, and I’m still trying to find time to finish actually start playing Gyakuten Kenji. There are a few other games I’m looking forward to playing this year, Assassin Creed: Revelations and Mass Effect 3 being a few of them, and it will be interesting to see just how will I be able to even break down my time allocations even further for these games.

Speaking of which, weekend is seriously a wonderful time is it not? It is a time where I usually go out with friends to catch a movie in the city or something. But if there are no plans for that particularly weekend, then it’s back to my anime space. It is the perfect time to catch up with pending anime episodes, pending visual novel playthroughs, blogging, etc.. Just last weekend, I managed to finish a Little Buster review while watching past seasons of anime I left out like Infinite Stratos, Yuru Yuri and even caught up with ongoing anime like One Piece and Sket Dance.

I sleep on average 6 hours per day, and sometimes, even lesser, depending on how long I finish up with whatever I’m watching/playing/reading at the moment. Overall, my time management requires a lot of energy and at times when I’m too tired, I just focus on one task. My multi-tasking skill is still not quite there yet but as time progresses, perhaps I will become a multi-tasking master, who knows?

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67 thoughts on “Kai’s Anime Time Management

  1. Oh, so this what you meant.

    Have to say, that is a VERY hectic schedule to follow, but if it works, it works. If you call playing two VN’s at once another day of multitasking, I would love to see what you consider rigorous, lol. Although, I guess when you work like the way you do, time is anything but plentiful.

    • Yep, hope my msg’s clear enough, lol.

      I know right T__T Two is quite fine with me, as I’m making good use of my monitor’s big ass screen ;D I think you can pull it off with your new monitor as well o.o As for what I consider rigorous, it will have to wait until I “level” up a bit first ;D Yes, yes indeed though sometimes it can be tiring.

      • It was, lol. Just needed to see an example to go by ^^ (For some reason my Google Talk widget is acting up. Think it should be fine now).

        Well, if you have the resources you might as well use them, right? I never multitask because it seems counter productive and only might do it if my time is extremely thin. “Level” up, lol. Well, you are making it into schedule so I suppose that is that is the important part, as long as you do not over do it.

        • Ooh glad that is so ;D Ooh? I’ll get on and hopefully could get a glimpse of you online then ;p

          Hmm speaking of multi-task, writing my previous post about my anime rig reminded me that I need to do something. Try connecting dual monitors, it’s a thing which I thought had been possible ever since I bought my new PC yet, haven’t try it for the longest time ever. After I finished writing that post yesterday, I tried it today and wala… it works.. and quite fun too! Perhaps I will be making a new rig post soon enough ;p Yea, I certainly have the resources, and I’m heightening my “stamina” to balance it out I guess ;p

  2. “I have a motto in life, if I work, I work hard and if I play, I play hard”. I like your motto :)

    Similar with my motto, work hard play hard :cheers:

    I’m not a very hobby with Anime (not reading manga, don’t know light novels or visual novels *poor me* LOL).

    I’m currently college student and work. This semester I went to college 3 days a week, usually come at 8 am to 3 pm. After that play with friends until the night (often play DOTA). About my current job is a home contractor. My work schedule is similar to my college schedule. So, every day I was just watching a Anime 2 to 3 episodes.

    Therefore, I’m often confused by some of the terms people are saying about Anime. Because, I’m still newbie in Anime world #Hufft.

    • That’s not poor of you, and I think it’s important to control your curiosity ;D In my case, I got too curious and ended up trying all sorts of source materials, which made me so damn busy in the end.

      3 days a week eh? Seems pretty free, and your time spent with RL seems much less hectic D: That’s some heavy DOTA marathoning, lol. So you work on days you don’t have college lessons?

      You will learn ;D Check out nopy’s Guide to Anime project and you will learn a lot :D

      • Errrrr, sory Kai for verrrrry late response -__-”

        My curiosity about Anime World. It seems still limited to Anime, because most of my time used for anything else. For my class schedule adjusted to my work schedule. Like I said before I worked as a freelance contractor. So, a lot of time for me to do anything else #Yippie.

        It seems like if I want to know more about manga, light novels or visual novels. I can ask you =)

        I’m sorry if my english grammar so fu*king BAD

      • That’s why management’s so important? ;D I don’t think I managed well myself but I’m getting there ;x Well that’s a fine job you have there I guess ;p A job where you have a lot of free time, lol.

        Yea feel free to ask me ;D I can give you some recommendations as well~ And it’s no problem at all^^

        • That’s why management’s so important? Ahaahaha, that’s right =)

          About the job, lately I had imagine. Is it possible I have a job related to my hobby. Because, my friend invited me to make t-shirts about Anime. But, I’m a bit afraid of the copyright violations (_ _”).

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  5. Friday to Sunday: If it ain’t hanging out with friends, it’s just me, anime, and my games.
    Where I currently live, the people who go to school with are so….uneducated of the world of anime and I’m not saying EVERYONE should see it but using it as an insult that I watch “these things” is kind of a downer to me.
    Work as hard as you can when you need to work. Party like an animal at a party.

    • Friday to Sunday.. eh you got more free days then me D:
      Ahh me too me too! In my current circle of acquaintances, I’m afraid to say that the number of “anime-educated” people can be counted with just my 5 fingers, though they don’t insult people, it’s just they “don’t know.”

      “Work as hard as you can when you need to work. Party like an animal at a party” eh..? You da man! :D

  6. I have to say that it sounds like you get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. In my experience, having a schedule like that burns me out after a couple of weeks and I need time to recover.

    btw, I’ll probably have my post up next week

    • Actually no.. lol. Sometimes I only confuse myself. And sometimes I tire myself out real quick, perhaps that’s why I dozed off a lot during weekends, lol.

      And cool. Thanks for participating :D

  7. I’ll never be a master of multitasking, really isn’t my forte. I need full concentration on tasks at hand. Multitasking seems like a skill good to have when one has a hectic schedule like yours. I seriously don’t know how I’ll survive with so much stuff going on, but you seem to be managing it quite well. That’s good. And, having portable devices definitely help a lot with the tasks otherwise we’ll be wasting time daydreaming.

    • Ahh I can relate to that, I’m not a good multi-tasker myself, and when I’m not concentrating on one task, even when I’m doing a lot, each of them takes a longer time to complete. I hope more practice would lessen down this problem soon enough. I just changed my rigs set-up a bit and I would say it is much more compatible with multi-tasking then before :D And naah, I’m not managing well at all :p And yes indeed at portable device, I’m really going to need more of those.

  8. If Time Management was a subject, I’d be flunking it so bad, lol ^^

    But yeah, I pretty much have little to no time management skills in me. I’ve managed so far by dedicating most of my college day hours to college stuff, and the night for catching up with on-going series’. That’s the most I can say for my “scheduling”

    The most I multi-task is light novel + psp RPG. I’d add visual novels in there as well, had my vaio not been turned into a mac >.<

    • Day and night eh.. simple way to manage your time :D And pretty much like mine anyhow :D But I don’t only watch on-going series, I watch some old completed anime too, which takes quite a lot of time D:

      Ooh light novels.. rare to find another light novel reader, lol. I only just barely started myself, and is actually looking for more recommendation, any good light novels you recommend? I so far only found 2 I might read, though reading them is going to.. well.. take time..

      • It’s the most I can manage on weekdays though, lol, I save my the completed series for my weekends. I have three days off per week so I guess it balances out ^^

        Well, I can only read fan and or officially translated ones so the titles I’ve read are more or less limited. I’d direct you to some really good one-shots – “Gekkou” and “Welcome to the NHK!” if you want a not-so-long read. There’s also “Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria” which is really really awesome in my opinion, currently on-going with 4 novels out.

      • Ahh weekends are good for doing lengthy tasks indeed :D I tend to watch some completed anime on weekends too. But I’m kinda jealous of your three days off D:

        Shouldn’t be as limited as my own limited perspective :p Ahh Gekkou, I think I could try that out, for Welcome to the NHK, pretty doubtful I will take a read since I’m looking for more original works (ones which haven’t been adapted into anime mostly). Ooh! Zero no Maria is one of the two I’m planning to read! The other one is Iris on Rainy Days but I’m prioritizing more on the former. Ahhhh I wanna buy myself a galaxy note soon, I already got some light novels pdf readied just for that :D

  9. I’m amazed you can watch so much anime in one sitting every night. I have powered through some anime in one or two days but never that many.

    You’d be able to watch even the longest of anime in a single week.

    I got another monitor the other day so now I can multitask like you can with your laptop.

    • Kinda depends on my stamina but yeah I can do around 10 episodes no problem^^ I didn’t watch much “long” anime already sadly.

      Ooh, will you be dual connecting your monitors? I just did mine after I made my rigs post lol.

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  16. Wow that is really impressive. To be able to multi-task like that. I’ve never tried it but I don’t really think I will like it. I’ve never like multitasking for a couple of reason, one of it would be that I can’t enjoy doing something while i’m doing something else. I guess different people have different perception and different thoughts about this, but for me yes, I can’t really multi-task although I have two monitors. xD

    I also do the same thing whenever there is a trip or something i’ll be ready to charge my PSP or NDS to play some games. I wish I could play more. But lately I haven’t been playing much because of watching to much anime and other stuff :D

    • I guess most don’t due to not being able to enjoy them, for me, it all depends on how I organize my tasks, and the level of concentration needed for one particular task. If watching anime + posting on the forums, then that’s fine, but if I watch 2 mindfucking anime at a time (Mawaru + Steins;Gate for example) then I’d literally mind raeped myself. Kinda a waste, lol. I just connected 2 monitors on mine, don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner, it’s awesome <3

      Portable devices are <3 indeed, you can watch anime on laptop too o.o

  17. Thanks again for the invite to this topic, Kai.

    In reply to your actual discussion, sheesh, I think you might already be a multi-task master with the anime/manga/gaming schedule that you balance. I hope your body is able to remain healthy with 6 or less hours of daily sleep. I can sleep as much as 10 hours if I let myself. Anything less than 7, and I’m a zombie.

    I do wonder, though, whether or not you’re able to fully absorb everything that you watch or read when you multi-task. I wonder the same thing about anime that you marathon through in one or two days. Don’t you feel like you’re missing out on the details, on the deeper analyses that you could be making?

    • No problem^^

      Nah not really. Before this, I still didn’t have a more actual multi-tasking rig.. but now I do :D About the sleep, I read somewhere about sleep where everyone can get used to your sleeping hours without spoiling your health, but I’m not sure if the detail’s is as I remembered since it’s been a long time I read that article. 7 eh.. I used to sleep that long too but due to time contraints, I gotta cut down my sleep more.

      Well, it all depends on organization, I make sure I don’t do such a heavy task while watching anime and I make sure to watch a simple slice-of-life with not much plots if I need to do more tasks, it’s all about how I organize them. And yes that’s true, I missed out on Mawaru Penguindrum analyses due to me marathoning them. Ironically for that, it’s not because I don’t have time to watch it but it’s because I’m lazy to watch anime at the time and focused on visual novels instead.

  18. Wow, I don’t think I can deal with anime just like how you do. I’ll burn out and might lose my interest after a week. I used to multi-task when watching but I was only doing that if it’s only a throw-away anime. Afterwards, I stopped that habit because I felt like I’m just wasting my time for something that I’m not really into. Also, I realized that multi-tasking for me downgrades my appreciation. So anything that won’t capture my full attention, I’m dropping it right away. And I think as I grow old, I’m just becoming more picky.

    But I guess your passion for anime is really impressive. I don’t think I can sacrifice my health and sleep for any of my hobbies. Btw, I would like to thank you again for the inclusion on your project. It’s nice reading how everyone deals with time-management and their hobbies.

    • Ahhh enjoyment. It is indeed true but I rely on tasks organization. I make sure to do something light if I’m watching an anime which needed a lot of concentration. It’s good that you’re able to drop an anime, lol. If for me, I always don’t drop my anime and finish them even if it’s bad, I hate dropping things halfway and loses the sense of completion.

      Passion.. what a nice word, lol. Ahh it’s no problem. Thanks for participating^^

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  27. Work hard, play hard! I like this motto.
    Multitasking and not wasting your downtime is definitely very important for people with busy schedules and a dedicated hobby. I thought I was pretty good at multitasking when I watch anime and read manga at the same time, but wow, three VN at once?! That’s incredible! I’m impressed. ^ ^ I guess you have to do what you have to do to cram all the things in a limited amount of time. Well, that’s certainly playing hard~

    • Yes I do too :D
      For sure :D And I’m sure you’re even more busier then me ;p Multi-tasking must be pretty important to you ;p I’m fine with not mixing manga-reading within my multi-tasking since I can read them pretty quickly. Well, I could only cope with such insanity if I got a lot of energy :D These days, I’m too tired to do such heavy multi-tasking ;( Playing hard it is indeed :D

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  29. I don’t think I will write a post just yet but for now, I will share some secrets to you. I think that this will also work with your schedule.

    I always sleep between 10 -11 pm. I wake up at between 3 – 4 am. That gives me about four hours of sleep which should be enough. After 3 – 4 am I don’t sleep anymore. Since any work will start at about 8 am, that gives me about four hours of anime time. If you sleep late, you only get 2 – 3 extra. This is better and you can go to work feeling fresh and happy. Some people think that thjs is hard but calculate it yourself. Sleeping early and waking up early does increase your time to play even on a work day.

    • So you mean sleep early and wake up early, rather then sleep late, and wake up late? Lol, believe me, I tried it before. I slept early and most of the time I “overslept” and just wake up the next day at the same time I usually woke up. Instead of waking up with freshness, I woke up with frustration, it’s ironically hilarious.

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