Random Coverage Report

It’s “random” because I don’t think I’ll update this periodically. To be blunt, I’ll just be doing these whenever I feel like it.

So what had been going on with my blog lately? Well first thing first would probably be the pages. As you can see, I had made three “all-time favorite lists” and will probably do more when I find the time, probably some “sub-categories” of the main lists like the “Top 10 Most Fashionable Anime/Game Characters.” Anyhow, check out my lists when you have the time! I had also shifted the pages a bit, the ‘contact’ page and the ‘follow me’ page is now inside the ‘About’ page.

There is a character of the month page which had only proceeded to the second character currently. I also made a project page and a review index, a compilation of all the reviews I had made so far.

I had also made major changes to the reviews, and one of them is embedding a scoring system into it. In general, I had also changed the formats of the reviews more or less. My anime reviews are pretty much okay but my manga reviews and visual novel reviews are still experimental at this stage. For visual novels, I still dunno if I should go with this format or this. I’m more familiar with the former’s format, since it’s like a replica of anime reviews, but if I’m going with the latter, it’s going to be a bit challenging, since that format actually requires me to finish playing every single heroine’s routes, which most of the time, I won’t really bother to unless it’s really worth it. For manga, well, there is one problem, I need more criteria for grading. While with anime and visual novels, I managed to make 5 criteria in total, and in manga, I can only thought of 3; Story, Characters and Artwork. Anymore you can think of? I would love more suggestions on this.

It’s kinda late but I had also made a guide to my rating system, it’s nothing fancy, just to show everyone how I usually grade my anime/manga/games. Better late then never right?

Last but not least, I started my first ever project! More participants are welcome, don’t be shy :D

On another note, my new gfx blog is just as dead as ever…

Summary Reports
– New and revamped pages.
– Made a compilation of all the reviews, in the “Review Index” page.
– Embedded scoring system into the reviews.
– Changed formats of the reviews slightly
– Started the “Anime Time Management” project.

– Most views of the day – 263 views (Feb 12, 2012)
– Post with the most comment – Kai’s Anime Time Management
– Over 5000 views (damn slow..)
– Over 50 posts made (again, took quite a long while..)

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5 thoughts on “Random Coverage Report

  1. First off… *saves dem images* :3

    Umm… For manga grading, I think another thing you should focus on it dialogue/writing… I mean, it sort of goes with Characters and Story, but at the same time, they’re separate.

    The story and characters can still be good, but the things the characters say, and the way they interact with each other could be incredibly cheesy or boring.

    Maybe… another one could be Length? Does the story feel like it drags on? Though I guess it could be part of the Story… Maybe Continuity (does the story stay focused on the main plot, or have a lot of branching stories or filler?).

    …I really have no clue.

    But you should also do reviews of video games! I’ve been dying to get someone else’s opinion on Nier, but everyone looks at it and says it looks dull… orz

    • Heeey! I know you. You come to my blog not to read but just to steal ma images :D

      Hmmm most of what you suggested can be more or less relate to Story itself, especially for the dialogue/writing, they are basically scripts, which yeah.. can be counted as story. But I’ll think more about your suggestion^^

      I have 2 PSP game reviews (and some visual novels) :D But for new PS3 games though, it really will have to wait since I still don’t have a PS3 myself. And if I DO have them, I will probably even have to stop blogging temporarily just to catch up with the PS3 games.. but we’ll see for now.

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