A Look at My New Gadget: Samsung Galaxy Note


Just a few days ago, I bought a new phone, a Galaxy Note! Most of my past few days are gone, with me setting up the phone and working on this and that with it.

I had been wanting to buy a smartphone for quite a while due to many obvious reasons. My sister got herself a Galaxy S II some time ago and seeing it firsthand and actually using one, I’m amazed at it’s vast functions. ‘I need to buy one’ I thought. It had a lot of uses, and would serve as a great multi-tasking tool. I can watch youtube videos on it, read light novels, read manga, play some fan-made visual novels, mess around with some apps, read some news/anime news, blogging smartphone-style, twittering, facebook.. oooh.. the possibilities! For most of you who know how I manage my time, you all should know how much my time prioritizes multi-tasking, but before multi-tasking, one must need a good device, and my old.. as in very old Nokia 6680 is obviously not up to the task.

So my thoughts of ‘I need to buy one’ turn to ‘I must buy one.’ After seeing a nearby store, restocking on the phone, I went and bargained with them, and bought it at $999 (beautiful number eh?). I will be paying it in a 12-months loan so I guess it’s going to take a while to complete this payment. As you can see from the pictures, the box is quite small. I didn’t buy the package deal, which costs more then $1100, one which actually comes with more accessories. For mine, it just comes with a phone’s basic needs: adapter, usb charger and a manual book. There’s actually an earphone too so that actually comes as a slight surprise. I guess the downside is that there’s no screen protectors, no casing and other things. I plan to buy these separately soon.

So far though, my phone had been way more then satisfying. Some of the apps are cool, some are fun and some are fancy, I don’t need to worry about itunes or buying or anything like that whenever I wanna get a new app or games since with androids, most are free anyhow. Galaxy Note’s is massive, a 5.3″ screen which could even pass as a mini tablet as well. I still need more time setting up on the stuffs but overall, Galaxy Note is a beast.

A Happy 10-year anniversary for my Nokia 6680

I also want to take the chance to have a proper “burial” for my old phone, Nokia 6680, which I had used for nearly 10 years. While it is pricy and epic at the time of it’s purchase, fast forward to 10 years after that, the phone is nothing but scrap metal. Technology improvement is scary.. Anyhow, a happy 10-year anniversary for my Nokia 6680! You had served me well over the decade my phone..

On a related note, I really need to work on my camera skills more since some of these are pretty bad. Though on an unrelated note, a belated Happy Valentines Day to everyone^^ I wanted to make a proper post about it but I kinda missed the date.

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24 thoughts on “A Look at My New Gadget: Samsung Galaxy Note

  1. Gratz on the new phone ^_^
    I like the Samsung Galaxy Note, the screen is quite big. Samsung smartphones has always been my second choice if Apple fails me. But for now i’m satisfied with my iPhone 4. If the Android Market can be as good as the App Store, I wouldn’t mind getting an Android phone now.

    Be careful on what you are going to download on Android Market as there are spywares probably on some of the apps there. Read – http://gizmodo.com/5880268/five-million-android-users-might-have-fallen-victim-to-another-malware-attack
    No worries as because google is already working on some virus scanner to counter it. Wonder why they never do the same monitoring like Apple is doing.

    • Thank you^^
      The screen is so big I probably won’t even need tablets anymore.. okay that’s perhaps a bit exaggerating.

      I think give it a year or two, and the android market will grow as big as apple :D I have an ipod touch myself but I just can’t grow to like Apple’s system.

      Ooh you kidding me D: I just removed an anti-virus on my Galaxy Note to save battery consumption, since it runs 24/7 behind the background even if I try clearing the ram usage. I only removed it moments ago so at least, I wanna try how much it can last for one day without charging.

      • Probably not but I think tablet is a different story. It is much better to read and stuff on tablets.

        It will soon but still their content is lacking in stuff like the awesome apps that the apps store has. I don’t really mind switching but damn apps and games influence me quite a lot when choosing a smartphone. Oh and jailbreak is a must of course to enjoy all the feature for apple products :P

        That is up to you to decide. That is probably the downside of android phones. You still need to worry about viruses. There is probably some other anti-viruses that does a better job in conserving your battery life, might need to do some research on that.

      • That’s of cause but there’s no phone call function. There should be other alternative means but in the end, I think I need a ‘proper’ phone.

        Time will solve the problem, and will release more awesome apps.. I hope. I guess iphone’s for you then, it’s too pricy for me though, it’s even more expensive then my own galaxy note.

        Does your iphone have better anti-viruses? I guess if I plug in to my pc less, it will be safer. Oh well, I might as well experiment a bit if I want to.

        • I’m still waiting for Razer Poject Fiona Table where you can play pc games! It will be awesome.

          Wait what? No no no.. iPhone 4 is cheaper than the new Samsung Galaxy Note. Not talking about iPhone 4S here but still the 8gb 4S might still be cheaper. Well at least in my country.

          When you use Apple products you don’t need any anti-virus because there is hardly any to start with. Apple runs their platform as a closed, closely inspected garden that makes it far more difficult for malicious apps to make it into the App Store and through to consumers. If you have a Mac you will know what I mean. There is really no need for any anti-virus product since the way Apple run their platform is different from Google and Microsoft.

        • Ahh I saw that before. That is indeed one sick gadget.

          Perhaps at your place. My place here sells iphone 4S at approximately $1000, with 64gb selling at $1300+ and 16gb selling at $1000+. Didn’t see any 8gb ones for sale anymore..

          Ohh I see. That’s one good thing about apple then, but I just don’t like their system in general. And no, I don’t have mac, skeptical about the Lion OS.

  2. I got the iPhone 4 but I am looking into going back to Android devices. I used to have a Motorola Droid previously and I loved it. The main issue was it was very outdated at the time of my iPhone purchase.
    This post is making me want to buy a new phone now. x.x

    • Both have their pros and cons so it’s ultimately up to you^^ If you have both of them to mess around, it’s even better :D I have my ipod touch if I ever want to dabble a bit on iOS but I wonder if I’m ever going to do that.
      Buy one buy one :D

  3. You used your old phone for 10 years, that’s impressive. On average, I used my phones for two years only.

    Anyway, allow me to extend a warm welcome to the Android family! =) I’m using Galaxy S2 and I’m loving it. I check Twitter, Facebook and WordPress comments, read manga on it. Didn’t YouTube on it though… >.<

    • Ooh that’s great, not as frequent as some of my acquitances who changes phone yearly or even monthly D:

      THank you thank you :D I do all of them on my galaxy note too, and I also read light novels <3

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  5. I remember seeing the Galaxy Note in a commercial and thinking that it was big, but I didn’t realize it was actually that big. I still have a regular cellphone since there aren’t many times when I would need to do something and not have a computer around.

    • Ooh that’s good for you, I’m constantly on the run, and most of the time, I won’t have a computer with me, so I really need as many portable devices as I can get..

  6. I thought you buy a Galaxy Note with a woman, like in the picture above. Kidding :Peace:

    You use the Nokia 6680 more than 10 years? o_O

    I’ve been using Nokia N-Gage classic from 2006 until now and in the near future I’ll buy the same phone with your sister, Galaxy S II >3<

    • I put it just for publicity sake :D

      And yes I do~

      Ooh and you had been using yours for quite a while as well :D Ooh don’t, Galaxy S III’s going to release soon, might as well wait for it.

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