Venturing Into A New Dimension: Light Novels

As I was watching anime one day, something dawns on me. I had read manga, play games and visual novels and add anime to that equation, I experienced a total of four ‘anime hobbies’, but there is still one, which I had an interest in it before but haven’t try yet: light novels. While I don’t like even numbers for some reason, perhaps that is why I add another ‘anime hobby’ into my already busy-as-hell time schedules. But the main reason is because I’m curious, that’s it. Absurd reasons I know..

Of cause, I plan to read this ‘digital-style’, put a pdf into my galaxy note and read it there. I might consider buying the books if they are available. I was even thinking of purchasing some of the Assassin’s Creed novels since I had problems finding them in the net, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Looking around, there are certainly some interesting titles around. Here are some that I had started to read/planning to read:

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria

I had started reading the first chapter for this and I gotta say it’s fascinating, it deals with the concept of time repetition and unlike the ultra-slow pacing for Haruhi’s Endless Eight or Cross Channel, the plot’s pacing actually moves quick. Just a few pages and the main character already found out about the secret of his world. I slightly read some general discussions and opinions about this light novels and overall, I had been hearing positive ones everywhere, this is going to be my top priority.

Iris on Rainy Days

While the plot isn’t the most original out there, I think it gives a pretty heartwarming vibe. While I only read the first few pages, I think this light novels captured my heart in a manner different to that of Zero no Maria. In a way, this light novel sounds like Chobits as it deals with the romance between a female android and her master. Ultimately though, this is going to be more of a secondary objective for now.

Sword Art Online

Looks like what happen when you implement .hack into a light novel series, and it’s HELLA interesting. Too bad I will have to read this after I’m done with the rest first, most probably, I will get started on this once I’m done with Zero no Maria. I heard there’s going to be an anime adaption for it this year so I guess there’s no rush. I can check out the novel once I’m done with the anime.

7 Nights

Although this novel strikes me fancy, for some reason, I’m getting that ‘J.C. Staff vibe’ for it, for now, there’s no news of it being animated but I have a feeling it’s going to soon. I may get started on this once I caught up with Zero no Maria and Sword Art Online.. but I think that’s going to be like a loooooongg loooooooonggg time before that.

I wanna take the chance to thanks to the good people of baka-tsuki for translating so many light novels already. I thought nobody even reads them and thus nobody even care about translating them, that’s why I never thought of reading them much. But baka-tsuki proved me wrong, and it’s awesome that there are so many great contributors on this side of the anime as well. Thank you^^

So anyhow, that’s all I’m reading/planning to read for now, any more recommendations is welcome^^

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27 thoughts on “Venturing Into A New Dimension: Light Novels

    • Ooh I don’t plan to read the ones which already have anime adaption, for now that is. I’m going to prioritize on the ones without anime adaption first and perhaps if I caught up with my current ones, I might start reading the others..

  1. Ooh, how’s pdf reading on the galaxy note? I either read them straight off my desktop/laptop or my psp

    Glad to see another HakoMari fan ^^
    Now you have taken upon the hopes of those like us who wish that the series hasn’t been axed yet, lol. Seriously though, it’s my favorite LN series by a long shot.

    I have Iris as well but haven’t really been interested as much. S.A.O. is good though

    For recommendations of LN’s that don’t have an anime adaptation yet, I’d say Gekkou and Tabi ni Deyou. Both are on baka-tsuki as well and they’re one shots

    • I put it in my phone since I need them to be portable, I want to read like them wherever I go :D

      Ooh HakoMari.. so that’s how you all call it :D
      Are there rumors of it being axed? That’s pretty bad then since it’s such a good series T__T I haven’t read Iris much just the first few pages and haven’t started on SAO.. might as well wait for the anime for that..

      Ooh I saw both, will put it in my to-read-list :D

      • My handy-dandy psp should suffice for my LN needs for now, lol

        The name was a late add-on by the author so I guess it didn’t catch on as much. It’s not the rumors, but rather, there hasn’t been any news about it at all. All we know is, it’s coming, hopefully, within the year, according to the translator. I’m hoping it’s just writer’s block, since it really is such a good story >.<

      • Ahh psp, not quite convenient enough for me, it’s not like I can bring it with me to work.. where I might want a few quick glance at my LNs ;x

        Ahhh I see, that’s good to know. Perhaps the author need time to write it? I’m not really knowledgable in light novels so I don’t know just how regularly they update with new chapters and all that :x Oooh wait, then perhaps the new chapters are already released, just haven’t been translated?

      • Yeah, the psp’s a bit faulty in that regard ^^

        At the least the author, Mikage, had kept himself busy (he wrote a VN and another not-HakoMari related novel) so he’s still alive in the writing scene. Not so sure about new individual chapters though, sadly.

        I’ve been stalking the thread where the translator updates HakoMari, lol, and the only thing we know for sure is that, there will be no HakoMari until April >.<

        • Ooh? Didn’t know he wrote a VN too, do you know the title for that VN? He sure write a lot of things in a row though :D

          Ohh well, good thing about this is that I can take my time reading them :D

          • If I remember correctly..’Diorama’? It’s not very popular though, and the only thing I got about it is that it’s a story about another world, or something.

            Yeah, and there’s still a bunch of good reads out there as well ^^

  2. Endless Eight in the novels is very well paced.

    God damn KyoAni.

    I still have the English fan translations of the first 8 novels from wayyyyyy back if you want them – I guess you read Japanese, though…

  3. I have fancied the idea of reading light novels myself actually. Mainly because everytime I watch an anime I hear “the light novel was so much better” so, a part of me wants to just see for myself. The only reason I have yet to venture into it is because I rarely read manga as it is. I used to read a lot of manga in school or either on a car ride somewhere. Being that I am an adult now my time away from home normally involves me being occupied with other things hence the reason I do not play many portable games.

    If I were to pick one up I think I would try that Sword Art Online novel you mentioned. I loved .hack and it is what got me into MMO gaming. I think it is such a neat series and anything similar would be a most welcome experience for me.

    • It’s like “manga was so much better” thing :D In the end, almost all original materials are better anyhow. Ahhh I can see that, I usually read manga or visual novels inside the car, but now that I have a car license and is actually driving, I can’t D: Unless I multi-task and read manga + drive car at the same time, though the cops will come chase me if that’s the case.

  4. Yeah I do read some light novels. Some where definitely great like Sword Art Online, can’t wait for the anime. :D Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria ermm. Heard good stuff about it, guess that would be on my list.

    I’m afraid that there is not going to be any english version of this light novels. I want to read Another novel so bad. I searched it at Kinokuniya and was only able to found the comic in the search machine and they stated it isn’t available at the store -.- I don’t know if it’s available translated on the net though. Guess I should be looking for it.

    • I would rather just wait for the anime for SAO first :D Not going to spoil myself reading LN lol. And yes I can’t wait for it either :D HakoMari is definitely great, go try it :D

      Ooh Another. I rarely see any LN scans of it even ;p But watching anime will suffice for me ;p Yea you should go check around? All my LNs are net-translated lol.

  5. I consider reading light novels to be the same as reading any other book so I’ve never really thought of it as an anime-related hobby. Thinking about it though, a lot of anime are based on Japanese light novels, so I guess you could say they are related.

    There’s only one series I’m reading right now, which is Book Girl, so I’d recommend that :)

    • Same for me but after experiencing it, it feels different :D Perhaps I’m used to a lot of text like visual novels.

      Ooh book girl, I’ll check it out later :D

  6. Like Nopy, I’ve never thought of Light Novels as anything different as reading any other “regular” book. Is it really that large of a difference?

    You’ve definitely got me interested in checking some out now :P

    • There is.. well.. I think the atmosphere is different. And depending on the books you read, there’s for sure going to be some major differences.

      Go ahed :D

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