Kai’s Best Anime of All Time

I was quite late but I saw nopy’s quest in discovering us ani-blogger’s best anime of all time. Obviously, I jumped into the fray almost immediately, afterall, better late then never right?

Nopy is right. Times had changed, and people change, and so people’s anime tastes change too. When people ask me what anime I like best, I actually had trouble answering them, but I guess that’s what happen when one had a 10-year long history with anime. Over the years, my “best anime” had been changing over and over, here, I’ll share everyone, my “list of best anime” in a chronological timeline order.

1980s – Dragon Ball
1980s. A time of year where I’m not even born yet. When I first started watching Dragon Ball at an age of around 5, the anime had already progressed tremendously. However, being a kid, I’m not looking for infodumping anime like Serial Experiments Lain or the likes (I’m not even sure if there are any during the 80s..). I mean, I’m not Dexter for Christ’s sake, there’s only so much my kid-like brain can perceive.

At that time, other then anime, I also love them Jackie Chan classic films, so with such action-oriented anime like Dragon Ball comes in, it doesn’t take 2 mins for me to get obsessed in it. The later days, I’m usually seen snatching the remote control with my sis, with me wanting to watch Dragon Ball and her wanting to watch MTV. Ahhh, the good old days, reigning over my TV and watching Son Goku kicks everyone ass.. fun, fun.

1990s – Evangelion
After some hot-boiled action, my kiddy brain finally matured.. or does it? Anyhow, watching Evangelion had been a pretty interesting experience I admit, my friends at the time find Evangelion to be dull and boring, probably because they couldn’t understand them at all or perhaps they are like me, who just stupidly prefers their hot-boiled action. As a kid still, I couldn’t comprehend the mass amount of information the anime is trying to provide. However, the amount of understanding and concentration required to put forth is fun in itself, it’s anime like these where it is so fun to predict just what would happen next yet, something completely unpredictable caught you off guard. It’s a kind of “fun” different from Dragon Ball’s “hard-boiled action,” where it is almost 100% expected for the protagonist to win in their fights. Of cause, with a contradicting, indecisive, lame, weak-willed, low-esteem character like Shinji Ikari, there is no way he’s going to be as awesome, and pitching such character on the front line definitely feels unique then pitching some “battle readied” characters like Son Goku, though I’m not sure if Son Goku can even pilot a robot.

2000s – Aria
During the 2000s, is the time of the year I gained internet access at home, and needless to say, my list of watched anime skyrocketed. In such times, anime like Darker Than Black, Code Geass, Shakugan no Shana, Clannad, Aria and the likes come to mind. And in all honesty, Aria takes the win.

Aria is a beautiful piece of work, that’s no doubt about it. It is calm, soothing, relaxing and well.. just beautiful and is a slice-of-life with no equal. The anime is a show with perfect harmony, one with the ultimate tranquility. It is set in Neo Venezia, a place formerly known as Mars. It revolves around a young gondolier, Akari Mizunashi and her friends, Aika and Alice as they strive to become better tourist guides. Steps into their shoes as they guide you to the wonders of Neo Venezia!

2010s and beyond
During these times, a lot of people had been claiming anime is going downhill but I digress. Anime is STILL staying strong, there are still a lot which I’m quite fond of. During these times, some anime I really like includes To Aru Majutsu no Index, Canaan, Mirai Nikki, Fate/Zero and Another.

At this point, I had pretty much lose all judgmental abilities. Each anime has their own beauty. Some is purely enjoyable while some stays strong in the story department. The still ongoing Gintama is pretty fine as well, even after nearly 250 episodes run, it’s still able to give us dat huge laugh whenever we watch them. It is pretty much at the top of the game even after such a long hiatus.

So that’s all for now. You can take a look at my page of my recent run-downs of my favorite anime.

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20 thoughts on “Kai’s Best Anime of All Time

  1. Let’s see what came out near Aria … Honey Clover, Shuffle, Scrapped Princess … Elfien Lied .. Futakoi Alternative … gasp .. no wonder why I skipped over this. Seems to have some overall high ratings .. I’ll def check it out.

  2. Hey, leave Serial Experiments Lain alone! That is one of my favorite shows. :) Gintama has definitely proven to be a great anime. Not only does it make you laugh out loud but in the same episode it can get you to tear up! Heart warming but at the same time makes you wonder if it’s teenage boys doing the show with some of the jokes.

  3. Evangelion was either a love it or hate it series. I personally enjoyed it a great deal. It was a bit off at times but, I still really liked the series. It is still making a mark even today despite how old it is.

  4. I was also a kid blindly following Dragon Ball because of the action way back. I didn’t even know what anime was back then, my friends just told me there was a super awesome show that I had to watch on TV.

    It’s interesting to see how your tastes have changed over time. I think instead of going from mind-boggling to light-hearted series, I’ve gone the reverse.

    • Ahh me too, Dragon Ball made me blindy obsessed with a lot of shounen action anime, for friggin years, and finally only lessened down few years back.

      Ahh, now, I almost like all kinds of genres, it is pretty hard for me to handpick a series and genre which is my top favorite.

  5. Darn it. I still have yet to watch the greatest SoL anime of all time, Aria. Good grief my schedule is so packed. I have a feeling I’ll have more time this Spring…depending on how many of the anime will interest me of course.

    Anyway as for the rest of your list, good stuff dood.

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