Top 5 Chinese Anime Characters

As I’m a Chinese myself as most of you would have already known, I’m always happy to see Chinese characters emerge into the world of anime. There are quite a number of Chinese characters, some make us Chinese proud, while some make us embarrassed. Here is my top 5 list of my favorite Chinese anime characters.

5. Lingyin Huang – Infinite Stratos

Lingyin Huang aka Ichika’s Childhood Friend #2. She is the Chinese Representative of the IS Academy and pilots the personal IS unit, Shen Long. She’s a loli, have twin-tails and fang, and cooks well too.. what’s not to like? I will bring her home anytime if dat harem boy, Ichika doesn’t pick her in the end :D

4. Kagura – Gintama

One of the member of Yorozuya and although she misleadingly looks like a harmless little girl, she is an Amanto, and is part of the Yato clan. Because of that, she is obviously strong, and her strength matches to that of 10 men, easily making holes on the walls with her punches and pulling 4 to 5 adults who are about to fall off the ledge. She also has a big appetite, and is particularly fond of sukonbu. Anyhow, Kagura’s a fun girl, effectively contributing to Gintama’s overall enjoyment. Of cause, whatever character Rie Kugimiya has a part in voice acting is always awesome isn’t it?

3. Lenalee Lee – D.Gray Man

A Chinese exorcist working under the European Branch, Lenalee suffers from a trauma in the past which makes her value friends and family much more then your average joe. In fact, she thinks of them as her “world” and when someone dies, part of her “world” gets destroyed, effectively crumbling her down slowly. The most admirable thing about her though is how she kept fighting, despite her fragility, to the point of defeating a Level 3 Akuma single-handedly and even fought a Level 4 Akuma briefly on equal ground.

2. Ling Yao – Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Second in line we have Ling Yao, who only make his debut in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I would say his appearance in the anime made a lot of difference compared to the original Full Metal Alchemist TV run back in 2003. Ling Yao is a Xingese (Full Metal Alchemist’s version of Chinese). He is a decisive character who strives to achieve kingship, almost on obsessive levels. He even allows his body to be taken over by Greed, since it would help him and his country’s declining welfare. He was however, able to retain his body and soul intact, due to the similarity between his and Greed’s necessities. This enables both him and Greed to synchronize, and at some point, either of them would resurface.

1. Hei – Darker Than Black

Our top number 1 spot, we have Hei from Darker Then Black (“Hei” means “black” in Chinese). Hei is one of the stronger contractors in Darker Than Black. He wears his signature mask and coat almost always and just the presence of his mask alone, is enough to instill fears to anyone who dares to stand in his way, be it your everyday thug, police officers, or even other contractors. The electricity-using contractor is a mysterious enigma as well, and throughout his days, he acts and live the lives of “two faces”, during the day, he is “Li Shengshun”, a cheerful and polite student with a big appetite, during the night, he is the infamous BK-201 contractor, or “Black Reaper”, a title coined by other contractors, probably due to his coat and his murderous presence. All this badassery of his, make him one of the best Chinese character around, and he certainly do us Chinese proud.

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Chinese Anime Characters

  1. When I saw the title for this I instantly thought of Linalee and Kagura. Rie Kugimiya’s portrayal of Kagura is most definitely my favourite of hers – Gintama wouldn’t be what it was without her. Hei just goes without saying.

    Though, I’m now finding myself wondering why I haven’t watched Infinite Stratos yet…

    • Glad to see another fan of Lenalee and Kagura :D Rie Kugimiya did a lot of awesome roles so I’m not sure if I can say her Kagura portrayal is my fav, but it is definitely one of the better ones. Yes.. she’s so much more important to the anime then a certain “4-eyed ordinary.. glasses” *waits for a retort by Shinpachi*

      The anime’s not the best but I actually like it. It’s a harem show though and some people might find it a bit boring and generic.

  2. For me, the moment I saw the title I was just waiting to see Hei make the list and first place is most definitely the best spot! I love him so much!

    It’s a really good list, I love the top four. I don’t care much for Infinite Stratos, but even as those characters go Lingyin Huang was one of the better ones.

  3. Ichika is going for the harem end. Accept defeat :D
    Very nice list, especially liked #3 and #4 as well as the first choice.

  4. I definitely agree with your first two, don’t really know the following 2, and really can’t stand pretty much all the girls of Infinite Stratos. I would have included Syaoran of Tsubasa Chronicle, Revy of Black Lagoon, and Lin of Ghost Hunt. I’m not Chinese, but Filipino American–and I can’t think of any Filipino characters in anime >.<
    Thanks for sharing, Kai!

    • Awww that’s sad D: But you’re great for noticing the awesomeness of #2 :D Dat bad? ;p I think the girls are fine, I like Lingyin Huang and Charlotte Dunois the best in IS. Hmmm interesting, I’m thinking of including Syaoran too but not from the Cardcaptor Sakura perspective.. but finally decided not to D: Revy.. I thought about adding her too.. but I think she gives more of an American vibe then Chinese (even her name doesn’t sound Asian). She is a great character though no doubt.. and Lin.. hmm.. interesting character.. but never really leaves much of an impact to me… D:

      There will probably be some soon enough :D And np~

  5. I like seeing Chinese characters in anime too, especially if they’re shown in a good light. I’m not familiar with any of these characters though. If I were to make my own list, off the top of my head I would include Shaoran (or Xiao Lang) and Mei Ling from Card Captor Sakura.

  6. Yes Hei without a doubt the best chinese character ever. Ling being number two is also nice. I was a bit disappointed that there was no Ranma 1/2 characters in the top 5 :P

    • I thought of adding Ranma too but other then Shampoo or Mousse (if I’m not mistaken), most of the other characters aren’t really Chinese, it’s just that Ranma went to China for training.. and…. stuffs happen.

  7. Unfortunately I don’t know any of these people soooo….my bad. No wait, I do know Lenalee and remember liking her…too bad I never bothered finishing D-Gray Man. I still amazes me she had to cut her hair due to a Meteor Kick.

  8. Lau and Ran-Mao from Black Butler, Karen Low from Jormungand, Shana from a Shakugan no Shana, and Minerva Orland from Fairy Tail are cool Chinese characters from anime.

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