Character of the Month – March

March’s Character of the Month – Narukami Yu
(Persona 4 The Animation)

Yu (named Souji Seta in the manga) might be seen as a more ordinary entity at first, but as his understanding, courage, knowledge, diligence and expression change and evolve over the episodes, as a character, he changed dramatically.

Even when he had to constantly fight shadows in the TV world, he doesn’t look like he had trouble with his school life, getting along with his friends, playing basketball, studying for exam.. he got one hell of a vitality. To top it off, he’s a pimp, literally. From his own shadow-busting female teammates to his basketball manager to the nurse, all the girls can’t get enough of his charm. He can be unexpectedly hilarious at times too, recording “Kanji’s gay moment” in the Midnight channel and even thinking of sharing it with Yosuke. He even had no problem acting as a girl and jumped at the chance of having to cross-dress. He definitely has a few screws loose in his head but that’s what made him so awesome.

However, his greatest strength isn’t because of his harem, it’s because of how much he’s changed aforementioned. Even though he was quiet and timid at first, he is now strong, decisive and bold and what’s more, he can even be a badass, using his wild card and summoning multiple Personas at once like Jack Lantern, Beelzebub and so on, and that skill of his really gave his own party a huge surprise. Because of his mentality, he even solved various problems in the real world: he tutored a student, closed the gap between his uncle and Nanako and even supported Ayane Matsunaga, giving her much-needed courage to the trombone-playing junior.

Ultimately, Narukami Yu’s character is a little of everything, he is stoic and strong, cool and calm, timid yet courageous. I guess the character depicted in the anime is the result of maxing every parameters and social links in the game.

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8 thoughts on “Character of the Month – March

  1. The biggest strength of Yu, and something I really didn’t expect at first, is that it manages to put a lot of personality into someone who doesn’t appear to have much at all. It really helps the transition from game to anime when it can give a silent protagonist a treatment like that.

    • Yes that’s what I was trying to entail, he seems dull and bland at first but just everyone will be surprise at just how colorful his character is later on.

  2. The transformation from a quiet guy to a sociable and sometimes funny guy is surprising but appreciated. It relateable in a way because most people tend to be shy and timid in new surroundings but as they gradually gets comfortable with their new surroundings, the “true” color show. I like that.

    • Yes he seems like he is not used to his new surroundings at first, but because he is so decisive, it can be surprising sometimes just how adaptive he can be :D

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