Black★Rock Shooter (TV) Review

“The other world. My Other Self”

Back then when the OVA for Black Rock Shooter is aired, it expose itself in one exploding mess. While the actions are good, it suddenly bombarded us with new things we need time to take in. A new parallel world? New characters? New settings? There is no time to get used to them and honest, we all just want to see our old Black Rock Shooter kicking ass, not some sad soap drama.

Then, when the TV series was announced, I R disappoint, since it’s a retelling of the OVA. I was actually one of those who prefer the PSP game to be adapted instead of retelling of the OVA. But being a fan of BRS, I watched it anyway and it is not as bad as I had imagined it.

Likewise with the OVA, the settings behind BRS TV series revolves mainly around the two dimensions, the Real World, and the Other World. Here is the main bashing point for the OVA, most people disliked the “two worlds” settings, they prefer the anime to be only the “Other World Exclusive”, making the ordinary characters in the Real World being treated like backstage dancers. The TV series remedied that though, by increasing and reinforcing the plot layouts already presented in the OVA.

In the real world, meet Kuroi Mato and Takanashi Yomi. The two girls quickly befriended each other. In the other world, a strange girl dressed in a long black jacket. Armed with a big cannon and a sword, she threw herself in a never-ending battle.

Overlord-G made a good point, and I definitely do agree with his point. The dramas in the real word are intensified to extreme degrees, and that creates a powerful impact. I may sound like a sadist but sometimes I love dark dramas like these, to the point where the girls are shouting hysterically, losing themselves and them faces which looks like they got raeped. Just from their interactions alone, one can feel the chills and thrills, since the girls are emotionally unstable, until their other self is eradicated that is. And ohh, hints of yurism in the air too.

The characters are either loved or hated, or perhaps they are mostly pitied, the latter can be applied mostly to Yomi. Yomi befriended Mato, but then she started feeling jealous of Mato’s other friends, to the point of tearing apart her room and went mad. The feelings of being needed is the epitome of Yomi itself, and when she starts feeling isolated, I’m surprised she didn’t went on a killing spree in the world. During the early episodes, Kagari is just as mentally insane. Kuroi Mato, of cause, stood out from the rest of the cast. She is a pacifist, never losing herself in the midst of anger, jealousy or any other negative feelings, and it is the reason for the birth of Black Rock Shooter itself.

I believe I don’t need to explain much about the “other world” characters. We have the infamous bunch, Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, Strength and a new one, Chariot. All of them are pure badass, and their fights are really out of this world, pun unintended. Ultimately, I believe the best of all is Insane Black Rock Shooter, her violent appearance completely decimates everyone.

The graphics in Black Rock Shooter are breathtaking for sure. If you watched the OVA, chances are, you will be expecting visuals of almost the same level. The most bewitching part of the visuals is the “Other World”, they are visualized with such abstractness, it makes the world befitting it’s name “Other World”. All the battles are animated in CGI, and the “other self” characters moving around in 3D are plain awesome to look at. I do think it is kinda awkward for Dead Master to have a pair of glasses and a headdress though. Combined that two cute accessories with a big scythe and skulls, yeah… seems weird.

The soundtracks are almost just around average though. I like Miku’s “Black Rock Shooter” track ever since it was released, and seeing it used as an opening for the anime itself makes me feels appreciative of Hatsune Miku once more. I think I would love it more if it was real life singers doing the cover though. The background music themselves suit the atmospheres mostly but honestly, as standalone tracks, I don’t think they would be really great. The ending song is good though, I especially like the singer’s deep vocals in it.

I guess the most astounding aspect in the sound department are not the songs itself but the voice acting. The seiyuu, Kitamura Eri (Kagari) and Sawashiro Miyuki (Yomi) did a fine job in creating an unstable image for their characters. In fact for the former, she did such a fine job with Kagari that the beginning scenes even made Overlord-G wet his pants. It is THAT extreme but I digress, I didn’t wet myself.

Ultimately, Black Rock Shooter’s TV series isn’t as bad as I thought and I think it’s actually quite good, although I definitely can’t say it’s THAT awesome, to the point of being the best this season but yeah, it’s satisfying to a degree. Worth the watch if you’re a BRS fan in general, like me^^

Story: D
Character: C+
Art: A+
Animation: A
Sound: C

Final Score

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11 thoughts on “Black★Rock Shooter (TV) Review

  1. Is there an English version of the BRS PSP game I could get my hands on? I can’t seem to find it anywhere :\

    Note: I can’t seem to post comments with my actual name (Tofu) for some reason :(

    • I believe there is still no North America/Europe releases as of yet. But there IS an announcement for an official English release.

      Weird.. I rememeber you posted fine before D:

      • Yeah the last time around, it was fine. Just had to enter my name, email and link then done. But for some reason this time around I did the same thing and it asked me to sign into wordpress because my email was linked to a wordpress account which I’ve never been asked before O_O after that it get’s a bit confusing

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    • I agree with you whole-heartily. I seen both the movie and the episodes and I saw nothing of the sort, just two girls in a good friendship. I think I understood the story and whats goin on better than this guy cus I didnt think the story was bad at all for what it was.

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