Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Review

“Family is such a strange thing. Even if it’s just the two of you, you’re family. Even if you’re separated, you’re family. Even if you’re not related, you’re family.”

Family, drama and tears. Papakiki is a heartwarming anime where it dealt with the depth of familial warmth. It was adapted from a popular light novel series, written by Tomohiro Matsu.

The anime follows Segawa Yuuta, our main protagonist for the show. He and his sister, Yuri, lost their parents when they were young, and Yuri was raising him ever since. When Yuuta started junior high, Yuri got married and Yuuta had been living alone ever since.

Years passed and he is now a 19-years-old freshman college student. During this time, he was suddenly asked to take care of Yuri’s three daughters while she and her husband were having a trip. However, the plane both of them were on, crashed. In order to avoid the three daughters living in separation, it is up to Yuuta now to raise all three of them by himself, while studying and working at the same time!

And I guess that’s almost the gist of it. To me, Papakiki reminds me of Usagi Drop. One main difference is Papakiki’s more unrealistic settings. I for one, know that most companies doesn’t pay students THAT much money. The money these students earn is barely enough for themselves, especially if they are living alone for that matter. They need to pay for their food, monthly bills/rents and school fees. They could hardly survive financially every month, let alone feeding the mouths of three little girls. Granted I’m not sure how living in Japan is actually like since I don’t really live there anyway, though it doesn’t take rocket science to know that the standards of living in Japan is absurdly high, which just proves my point further.

The unrealism in Papakiki doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, since we all don’t watch anime for realism anyway. In fact, it actually works wonders. One of Papakiki’s attention-catching feature is the relationship between the characters. Ignoring the fact that the characters were specially crafted to make the show more harem-like, Yuuta is pretty much bustling in and out, studying, working and taking care of his “daughters”. All these no doubt takes a toll on his body and exhaustion easily crawls up on him. He is, for sure, one very dedicated young man. The girls are also quite understanding, they knew that Yuuta really worked his ass off just to support his “family”, literally, and they try not to bother him too much. Even when the girls faced countless issues with their everyday life which ruined their health, they kept quiet. It is heart-wrenching to see both sides equally tired and worn-out. Overall, one of the best part of the show is to see how the “family” continuing battling the impossibility of their get-together family.

Putting aside relationships and interactions though, the characters as standalone, are very one-dimensional. Some of them are a tad bit unappealing and some are just downright dull. Let’s start of with the three Takanashi daughters, Sora, Miu and Hina. They are basically the focus of the show, and cleverly.. or un-cleverly, use popular and cliche archetypes found throughout the anime world. This would make their level of attention, debatable at best. Yuuta is very hardworking and diligent, yes, but other then that, he doesn’t have any special traits or quirks that would make him stand out more. Ironically, I think Nimura and Raika from the supporting cast are even more attractive then characters from the main cast.

Visuals aren’t really that strong but it’s satisfying to a degree. The colors are quite vibrant and poppy though nothing worth mentioning. The backgrounds are also quite pleasing to the eyes. There might be a few fanservices scenes here and there but very little in general. They don’t ruin the atmospheres of the anime and won’t spoil the storytelling in general. I can’t help but feel that the characters had really weird expressions though, especially how they usually curled up one side of their mouth. It’s like Bakuman’s recurring winking expression, but a more awkward one. I wonder if I was the only one who noticed this?

I had mixed feelings regarding the sound too. While the ED is great, the others are just so-so at best. The OP doesn’t strike me as anything fancy nor powerful, just typical J-pop. Some of the background music are good but may contain quite a lot of repetitive melodies. Speaking of repetitive melodies, listening to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for like the 10th time in the anime almost forced me into the hospital due to auditory hallucinations.

While Papakiki isn’t as epic as Usagi Drop, I think it still deserves a watch indefinitely. Well.. there are so many lolism in this anime.. and one of them is even a tsundere, what more can you ask for?

Story: B+
Character: B+
Art: B-
Animation: B+
Sound: C-

Final Score

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5 thoughts on “Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Review

  1. I think the lolicon elements died down after the first three episodes or so which was a good thing because they are hugely inappropriate.

    Nimura and Raika seem to get more love then the main cast which I find amusing. I enjoyed watching those two more then the rest too.

    I live in a similar situation (Not identical) to Yuuta and If I suddenly had to feed 3 more children I’d probably find it difficult. That being said if I started working double the amount of time that I currently do It wouldn’t be impossible. This aspect of the anime always gets me thinking.

    • Yes I think so too. Just imagine Yuuta eloping with a 3-year old kid, lol.

      They are more fun and characterized characters. The main cast itself is just too damn bland D:

      Ooh that’s cool. So you’re studying and working at the same time too then? I assume even at your current time, you would be working till late at night? That’s a pretty admirable thing to do, and it’s something I could never get used to sadly.

  2. It was a good anime in this season, I enjoyed it a lot.
    I liked the heartwarming moments and the bonds between the characters.

    The start was a bit hard, that all three girls losing their parents like this, it made me quite sad. Also the beginning was quite a bit depressing. To see that the small family could hardly cover their expenses, kept me worrying for them ^^

    I already expected that this show would be tame, but Im glad that it stayed like that. There was nothing indecent and Yuuta took his responsible for the girls seriously.

    Raika was a cool character, I liked her looks and the enchanting weirdness :D
    I also liked Miu and the cute little Hina with her funny voice, she really sounded like small child.

    The story didn’t end, but at least they moved in a bigger house ^^

    • True indeed. Watching the family together is always such a sweet thing :D

      It’s hard midway through too. I like how they deal with issues like land ownership too, though landlady is cute :D

      Well just some tad bit of indecencies some way but it’s nothing biggie for sure :D And he is indeed very dilligent D:

      Everyone loves her of cause ;p I wouldn’t mind her being my mama :D
      Awww no love for Sora :x

      Yea, I could certainly see a second season sometime soon..

      • i think everything in general was pretty good but i think yuta s proposal during the final episode was a bit unrealistic. I mean they where friends and suddenly he jumped to proposing her without even being her boyfriend first!!??

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