Character of the Month – April

April’s Character of the Month – Roromiya Karuta
(Inu X Boku SS)

Karuta is a secret servant of Kagerou. She is easily zoned out but she always instinctively look at things which other people tend to overlook. As Watanuki depicted, Karuta is like a Tarzan.

The most lovely aspect of Karuta is how she is always nibbling on her food, even when she is having her P.E class, having her exam and even when fighting. I always love anime girls with big appetite like Karuta. It gives the impression that she doesn’t care about the strict rules or morals or anything, and just do anything her pace, which is certainly the case in the anime. Being the food meister she is, she can cook exceedingly well too.

Overall, Karuta is carefree and simple-minded. She gives the impression of an air head but she is quite aware of her surroundings as well. What’s more, she has a fearsome moe attack as well, one which would make Mio from K-ON breaks out in a cold sweat.

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16 thoughts on “Character of the Month – April

  1. No! Mio is on a much higher level than all these characters! *big Mio fanboy here* xD

    Well in honesty, I do love karuta very much and far… she’s just sooo adorable! x3


  2. Oh god dat illustration (●’◡’●)ノ♥

    With Karuta they’ve created a truly adorable character, she is just enchanting
    Not only her pink twintail hairstyle and the pretty eyes, even her personality.

    It was so funny that her classmates always squealed on her on every so silly occasion “Sensei, Karuta is doing … “

    • It’s <3 indeed :D

      She is lovely in every way about her. She's a masterpiece of moe :D

      That's another lovely part about her. They don't understand how cute she is ;p

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