Aniblog Tourney 2012 – Deluscar’s Impending Debut Match

Aforementioned here, I’m completely new to the aniblog tourney. Fighting with chocolates, cookies, muffins and lolis on the line, the tourney had already went well underway, with the first few matches already done and gone, and my upcoming match inching closer and closer.

Ever since I started this blog, ignorant of my hectic schedules, each day had been a battle of keeping up. What if my blog suddenly went inactive? What if I stopped too long without posting anything? What if there are not even one viewer? Pessimism crossed my mind on every corner but now, I’m happy to say I’m slightly more optimistic. And now that I was about to enter the match (in around few hours if I’m not wrong), I suddenly feel the need to stop and reflect on my blog.

This is why as the matches went by, I suddenly see the tourney as something more. Originally, I see the tourney just a way to discover newer blogs. But now, I want to see just how generally well received my blog is. I’m sure not even 20% of the aniblogging sphere would had even heard of deluscar, but I’m curious to see just how well deluscar would go. Whether I achieve a victory or a defeat doesn’t matter, and if I do lose, I’ll try my best to improve on my blogging.

Which ultimately leads me to a question, I want to take the chance and ask my viewers and readers: Are there any departments I should improve on in regards to my blogging? Comments and criticisms would be most welcome.

Back on topic, my match with Kansatsu~観察~ is coming up soon, on the 18th of April, in fact, it’s already 18th here; the secrets of GMT will forever be shrouded in mystery~ [sarcasm] Anyway, please vote for your favorite blogs fairly once our match begins^^

EDIT: Annnnnd, the match begins. Of cause, it just had to start when I was having my good night sleep.. >_>

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19 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney 2012 – Deluscar’s Impending Debut Match

  1. I think i had the same issues once, hence the changes i’m doing to my blog.

    For starters i think the side bar should contain less “distractions” or a “tl;dr” item. I mean like too long latest post list, comment list etc etc.

    If you have a footer for it try to use that instead.

    Also i thnk there should be proportions, as to make sure the image doesn’t “drown” the text, or the text doesn’t become too long between images as to make people “see” the images and the text also.

    but this is just my 2 cents

    • It does look a bit crowded lol. I had already made plans to put some pics into it, like for twitter and RSS, I’ll be putting pics to link them, so it will have less text soon. My good friend arashi from kaminari had already taught me how, I just need to find some time to actually try it D:

      Footer as in the bottom part? I think for this skin, only the sidebar’s available, lol.

      Hmmm balance eh.. I’ll see what can I do about them.

  2. I’m way to new at this to have much useful input for you, so I’ll decline to say anything. Not to change the subject, but my son is curious as to who (and what source) is the girl in the picture looking at herself in the mirror. I personally liked the one of the spirit sitting on top of the lamp-post.

  3. I’ve always been somewhat nervous about my own website in much the same way. I think a lot of people are, but I will say that you don’t have to worry. Your blog has a good design, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  4. My only suggestion is that the RSS feed shown in the side bar is too long.
    And there’s no need to display your own RSS in the side bar.
    Other than that, I think the blog is great :)

    • Hmm, you’re right, I guess there’s no need to. I’ll find some other site’s feeds to replace my own. Yes indeed, I plan to lessen the entries for most of my sidebar widgets soon too, since most of them are kinda long.. Thanks for the feedback^^

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