Mirai Nikki Review

“Survival of the Fittest”

With love, wishes and world’s salvation on the line, one must survive in the most cruelest battle ever, a survival of the fittest, where 12 combatants fight with each other, and only the last survivor will be granted a wish of his own.

The anime revolve around Amano Yukiteru, an unsociable boy who prefers to be alone. He observes the surroundings around him as a bystander and writes just about anything in his diary. He even talks with his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina. Little did he know that Deus is actually real, and is the genuine god of Time and Space. Since his reign is almost over, he forced a battle royale upon him and eleven others, a total of twelve. The twelve contestants are bestowed upon special diaries that can predict the future, each of them predicts the future in it’s own unique ways. The last one standing in the end will become the new God of Time and Space.

Mira Nikki is a psychological thriller, and is one of the best in it’s own game. The system created behind the battle royale feels a bit odd at first. Twelve diary holders, which possess an ability to predict the future. However, this simple concept turn everything and everyone into a manslaughter, with each trying their best to outwit other combatants and ultimately murders them. Information becomes your main weapon and knowledge is the ultimate power.

Stuck in a game where survival is the fittest, meet Yukiteru and Yuno, two individuals with two very contrasting personalities, yet, they work together to defeat the other diary holders. Yukiteru for one, doesn’t want any part of the survival game, and only desired a peaceful life. Because of his weak nature, he quickly befriended anyone in order to protect himself, most notably, Gasai Yuno, the yandere girl who is madly in love with him.

Yukiteru is just like any other kid, an ordinary boy, who desired a peaceful life more so then anything. The anime highlights the normality of Yukiteru quite well, presented in his development. His mind is fragile, he is weak, he is unbearably human. He had to protect himself no matter what, and even relied on Yuno, who is basically a “walking bomb”, for protection. Like any other kid, he is quick to panic and make rash decisions: his fake confessions, his aim to return everything to normal and so on. At the end of the day, he is still just an ordinary boy at heart, which makes him pretty controversial or to be more blunt, somewhat lame.

Unsurprisingly, Gasai Yuno is the most groundbreaking character of the series. Yuno is the epitome of obsession and insanity, she stalks, lies, fights and murders everyone, just for the sake of “Yukki”. Like any other classic yandere, she is quick to jealousy and wouldn’t mind a corpse or two just in order to be with her beloved one. Her thoughts are always centered around Yukki, even if her actions may be a bit wild and extreme.

What I find a bit repetitive with Mirai Nikki’s character developments, are how almost all the twelve diary holders, had a reason or logical conclusion in the past which manifested into the characters they are now, as if they are using their past experiences to justify their current actions. Yuno, for example, had a bad childhood experience where her parents, demands Yuno to be a better person overall, then proceeds to lock her up in a cage and strictly controls her need of food and sleep. Undoubtedly, she murdered her own parents. Likewise, Minene’s hatred for religion, which stems from her past where her parents were killed, leads her to become the harbringer of destruction to those associated with God.

The visuals are good. The animations are up to par with modern anime, which provides us with excellent battle sequences. The designs for Yukiteru’s imaginative world is excellent too, and paired up with a bit of modern 3D animations is beautiful. But if you prefer to watch all of Mirai Nikki in it’s gory glory, I would suggest trying out the blu-rays, since there are quite a lot of censorships without them. Usually, anime blu-rays are just a way of watching your favorite ecchi anime with a “bit more exposure” but I think Mirai Nikki, it actually heightens the overall excitement and enjoyment, since you will be watching all the killings and murders in more open manner. Speaking of which, I wonder why Mirai Nikki had to even censor a knife stab.. even some random shounen anime would air that with no problem at all.

Mirai Nikki has great of OPs and EDs. In fact, both “Kuusou Mesorogiwi” and “filament” by Yousei Teikoku, is the best openings and endings respectively I had ever heard. It’s rock, which gives you the feeling of energy and yet, the melodies give you the feelings of despair and misery. Its a nice combination which fits Mirai Nikki’s general atmosphere.

It is also interesting to know that most of the creation behind Mirai Nikki’s characters are directly connected to the gods and goddesses of Rome, especially Jupiter (Yukiteru), Juno (Yuno), and Minerva (Minene), where said characters were the main focal points of the anime. The lyricists even inputted the names of the Gods and Goddesses into the OP track: “ConsentesDei/Juno/Juppiter/Minerva/Apollo/Mars/Ceres/Mercurius/Diana/Bacchus/Vulcanus/Pluto/Vesta/Venus.” Smart move.

Mirai Nikki is unpredictable, even when some of the presentation towards the near end of the series seems slightly generic, the revelation in regards to the multiple world surprises me. The battles in the third world are pretty hard-boiled, and incorporating time paradoxes in the third world reinforces the excitement. I’m lost at the ending though, while it’s nice that all the other twelve combatants had respective pleasing closures to their part of the tales, there are some things I don’t understand, like is it even necessary for MurMur to have multiple world selves? And why did Yuno and Yukiteru took 10,000 years just to presumably reunite with each other. I think that epilogue scene from the anime is from here, and I really wonder why the producers left out that part, it looks so damn awesome, a giant Yuno!

Mirai Nikki is filled with constant plot twists, some thrilling, some exciting, and some ridiculous. They are suspenseful and drags in viewers, leaving them not what to expect of next. It is a great anime for sure, and it is worth trying it out even if these genres aren’t your cup of tea.

Story: A
Character: A+
Art: A-
Animation: B-
Sound: B

Final Score

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14 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki Review

  1. Some time ago, Mirai Nikki was one of those manga that everyone was all “there’s no way this is gonna be animated” “lots of beheadings” too gory” “akise is gay” etc. etc. But alas they were proven wrong with this adaptation that (except for the censors every now and then) held it’s own in impressive fashion

    Though the gory scenes hold some of the manga’s as well as the anime’s strength, one thing that they did awesome-ly compared to the other stuff was their portrayal of our resident yandere Gasai Yuno. As you said she’s the most groundbreaking character in the series (Minene was a close second though), and they managed to adapt her crazy/creepy side so well, and in the manga she’s immensely creepy at times.

    I think the twists and thrills are also one of this show’s selling points, but not for me, due to having read the manga beforehand (though I did forget some bits of the manga, so I had some surprise moments)

    All in all, I’d probably score it similarly to how you did. Sound maybe a bit higher for me (maybe B+ level, lol) after finding out that the 2nd OP DEAD END was full English! ^^ (and I can’t wait for that “Next Project” thing they have in store)

    • Possibilities are endless :D Though it’s sad that they censored all those beheadings and gory scenes, those are gonna spice up Mirai Nikki even moar ;D

      Yuno is the best thing that ever happen in Mirai Nikki. She’s badass, she’s a yandere, and she’s cute, what more can you ask for :D Minene is indeed quite badass as well, she’s my second fav character after Yuno. Yes, and she stalks and kills everyone with a “:D” face, lol. So, so awesome.

      Ooh I haven’t read the manga, which I guess its a good thing, since I was able to enjoy the thrills much more. I usually only prefer reading the manga after watching the anime, to see the differences between them.

      It’s just only the soundtracks doesn’t appeal to me much, there are one or two tracks which fits the atmosphere and are memorable enough but most of them, not so. Other then the soundtracks, the rest are pretty awesome though, the voice acting and the OPs/EDs. Actually, I’m also looking forward to the live-action drama :D

  2. I really enjoyed Mirai Nikki. First it was because of how awesomely crazy Yuno was, but later I started enjoying the story as a whole too. I didn’t notice that the names were actually based on the Roman gods, that makes it even more interesting. The unpredicatbility was also a huge factor in making the series to enjoyable. While I did predict that the “third corpse” was indeed Yuno and that the current Yuno took her place, I had thought that she was a twin rather than a Yuno from a different world.

    • I’m also only interested in Yuno at first, by reading the synopsis and some impression, I can already detect an awesome stalking yandere character. Then, I’m pulled in by the story. The unpredictability is pretty intense. And yes, about the Roman gods, I never really knew about them either, it’s only recently I found out about it. That’s whats good about Mirai Nikki, at first, you think normally, thinking she has a twin sister, then, we are told they are two genuine Yuno’s. Insanity :D

  3. Mirai Nikki was full of entertainment it was interesting to see all the creative ideas.
    Well, a few times they overdid it with the creativity in some scenes and twists.
    Also some of the characters felt a bit exaggerated, like the killer kid, but most of the time I had fun with watching this anime.

    What I really liked in it was the exceptional main “heroine” Juno, her ruthlessness torwards the enemies was fun to watch. She was quite insane, but I just had to cheer for her. Minene also was a favorite character of mine, Yuno stayed the main appeal point for me.

    Ah the manga end seems interesting, I’m curious to know why they haven’t used it in the anime ;D Anyway it ended with a nearly satisfying way

    • I think Mirai Nikki’s “overdoing” is natural and is a part of the anime itself. I find most of the plot twists surprising and unexpected, and sure, maybe towards the end may be a bit exaggerating but that’s what so nice about Mirai Nikki. And I actually enjoy seeing the killer kid lol~

      Yes, and the way she stalks and kills everyone with a smiling face is a sight to see. None of the characters in Mirai Nikki is sane :D (maybe except for Yukiteru). Indeed, Minene’s a pretty cool badass as well.

      Yea and I bet the anime epilogue follows right after that part.

  4. I liked the way the ending was done in the TV season. The way it’s only hinted at how Yuuno comes instead of the HAMMER left a mysterious feeling rather than a WTF impression.

    To be honest The sense of mystery behind the anime ending was done ALOT better than the utterly disappointing ending that the manga decided to show. Sometimes things left off as a mystery just seems to trigger a better impact.

    • So you prefer the ending to be a mystery to the very end and left it up to open interpreting. I kinda have a feeling there are going to have an extra episode in the BD sooner or later.. which will reveal the hammer part? Just an assumption.. :D

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  7. I gotta say, I never thought id like this anime when starting it, but I found myself putting this in my top 3 all time by the end! (School Rumbles my all time number one, but only cuz it’s what got me into anime). The show just had a lunacy and gore to it that i really haven’t seen Elfin Leid. Glad to have given this a chance, im more of a comedy/romance type of anime watcher and tend to not watch the more action based ones……The only gripe i had against the show was how it ended but i heard alot of people had problems with the ending. Still great anime!

    • Mirai Nikki is a good anime but it certainly has it’s flaws, so I dunno about putting it in all-time favorite list on my side here, but it’s no doubt a great anime. Speaking of Elfen Lied, both of these shows are always compared, I remembered there was one post I really liked which describe about the religious aspects of both shows.

      I feel it’s important to open up to more genres in anime, you never know when you find another rare gem :D I also used to only watch shounen action back then. The manga’s ending is more extended so I guess you can check that out if you want.

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