Kai’s Question #1 – Revealing Figures

As you can see, I’m starting a new series of posts. They are simply titled “Kai’s Question”. This is where I pose a general question in which I demand require an opinion or views from other’s perspectives. And today, will be will be about revealing figures.

After seeing wiselhead’s newest preorders, I remembered something. I’m a newbie figurines collectors, in fact, I only started collecting figures around the time I started this blog. I’m quite a subtle collector too, and obviously, I do not order figures like I’m ordering pizzas. I’m not wiselhead afterall. Since my first figure purchase, I had been restraining myself from buying any dangerously revealing figures. As much as I would love them, I’m sure it will be awkward if my parents saw them.. Hell, anyone else seeing them would feels awkward. I wonder just how do the rest of the collectors deal with this, even if they are living alone, I’m sure one or two of his friends would visit his house or something. I do plan to buy this though, still somewhat safe, I think..

So here’s my question for the day, to all the figurines collectors out there, just how do you all cope with the situation? Or are you a pervert who doesn’t mind showing everyone your erotic figures, hentai DVDs/blu-rays and porno magazines?

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19 thoughts on “Kai’s Question #1 – Revealing Figures

  1. *lol* Im actually putting a lot thoughts into it before I do figure orders, I don’t see that like ordering pizza ;) There are people that have 30 + figures in their preorder list, I won’t ever reach this level, I try to keep it under 10, but it doesn’t always work to be honest, many are just too nice to pass.

    My parents are ok with the ero figures in my collection which is quite nice of them.
    At first I also stayed away from ero figures because I was scared of the opinions of other people, but slowly I started to get sexier ones next to the tamer figures.

    Guests that enter my room look a bit puzzled at first, but Im already used to it ^^
    They can leave if they want to complain. My friends actually like these figures :D
    On the other hand they mainly ignore the tame ones :(

    • People like those are like from another dimension for me, since for me, I barely order one figure per month D: Ahhh it’s so sad >_> There are some nice ones for sure, but I had to learn to give it up, one I would really, REALLY like to get is the
      Saber Motored Cuirassier, but I don’t think I could afford it.

      Your parents are awesome then :D Mine… could be a bit uptight.

      Lol, perhaps all your friends are perverts… xD

  2. The thing is… i don’t really fancy revealing figurines… AT ALL… i mean i like tits and ass as much as the next guy, but i don’t knowi prefer to see them with clothes/plugsuits/armors on.

    It’s their best charm for me anyway. Because everyone can pull a nice skin-fest figure but it takes hell to fully imitate a dynamic clothing effect.

    For instance i think Yuzuriha Inori from GSC rocks simply because of that.

    • I like both.. of cause, I won’t get figures from Queen’s Blade or Bible Black.. but if it’s a decent Beach Queens figure, why not?

      It’s kinda funny though, I saw one skin-fest figure which costs nearly 30,000 yen.. and yes, it’s from Queen’s Blade.. good thing I’m not really interested.

      Yea, I saw a new complete figure of Inori, looks damn awesome.

  3. Hmm. Well, I just learned from this post that you’re probably a minor, so I can’t presume to give you advise on this topic. Instead, I’ll tell you about how I’m approaching it with my son, who is a few weeks shy of 12.

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with nudes, particularly if they are artful or expressive. As long as it’s not offensive or suggestive of abusive/demeaning themes I don’t care what he sees or might acquire for himself when he starts that part of his life’s adventure. I talk openly about sexual matters with him with the subject comes up. We watch some shows together that get the point across about guys and girls without being to aggressive or peculiar (or just plain stupid) about it. For instance, while I’ve not even mentioned Nazo no Kanojo X to him, we’ve been following Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (and Yuuko is very open and forward in her attraction to Teiichi).

    In particular, if the figure you display at the start of this post were to suddenly appear in his room I’d have no complaints at all.

    You might also want to watch “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai” for a humorous take on your question as it basically is the central plot of that show. Oh, and it is safe for minors, really. It’s not what the title (or MAL description) might suggest ;)

    • Actually I’m not a minor, I won’t reveal my age but.. let’s just say I’m mature enough for things, and all of my figures are bought from my own money from my work. Just that from my parents point of views, they still see me as a kid, mostly. I guess to every parent’s point of views, children will always be children :D

      Ahh that’s cool, my parents is a bit uptight, but then again, I never even tried before. Let’s just see what would happen after I get my Fate/Zero beach queen figures, lol. I haven’t order it yet though.. perhaps the starting of next month. Nice that you’re watching anime with him, lol. Bonding between families through anime.. it’s nice.

      Think that’s sold out though.. not sure..

      Ooh I watched that.. though it’s slightly different. For me, it’s figures, but for hers, it’s eroge. I played all my eroge in my computer instead of physically buying them, so I don’t have any problem with that.

      • Ouch! Very sorry. That’s what I get for assuming.

        I recalled just now my experience in 79 when I had just discovered D&D. I told some kids at school about it, and next thing I new some of them were accusing me of being a satanist, see as how I was playing this game about witchcraft and evil an all. I already had a bad reputation as it was, so it didn’t bother me to much, but it made me realize at an early age that many people simply won’t look past the cover or beyond what they hear second hand. My own parents didn’t seem to care, in fact I never did find out what they thought of it. To late to ask now.

        • It’s okay :D
          Lol 79, I didn’t know online games existed since that long already. Even during the 90s, I still didn’t even knew the word “internet”. I guess during the early stages, it’s hard for people to accept “unique” hobbies, though right now it’s pretty common. Well that’s cool, in fact, you’re doing nothing wrong anyway.

          • ROTFLMAO – no, there were no “online” games in 1979 (or even home computers), or for many years yet to come. I’m talking about the original pen and paper role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. All the computer and on-line role playing games came long after pen and paper role playing games. I personally have never played any of the on line versions and only a couple pc games. Pen and paper role playing games are still going strong today. Might as well just point you to this wiki link and let you explore at your leisure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabletop_role-playing_game

              • D&D was cool, until I discovered other RPG game systems (which didn’t take long, maybe by 1980 when I other game rules), at which point I left D&D and never looked back. But D&D has been the one most people not familiar with the hobby will recognize, so when you say “RPG” most people say “oh, you mean D&D”, at which point I cringe.

  4. Great creative idea you have!

    So about revealing figures, For me im not keen on them. Its a personal preference, I dont mind seeing them but collecting wouldnt be the case. I have a rather small collection which means that im very VERY picky when choosing.

    Also I tend to stick only the GSC which they dont make much of them to begin with ^^

    That is why Its nice to have different bloggers with different collection that you can see in the blogsphere. Like wiselhead, I go there because I know he likes those kinds of figures which sometimes is nice to see a variety :)
    Same goes with others.

    • I have a small collection too, not because I’m choosey but because I’m constantly restraining my urge to buy new figures D: One way I restrict myself is to avoid buying figures from anime I don’t like.. or from anime I haven’t watch yet. But still.. sometimes they are just too pretty to pass up..

      Lol.. my most trusted companies are GSC, Kotobukiya and maybe a bit of Alter.

      Well, wiselhead is just a pervert.. err jk :D

  5. When I started collecting figures, I wanted to get all of the “revealing” ones and just stare at them all day. All except 1 of my swimsuit figures are in their boxes or have been sold. Over the years I’ve realized that the revealing ones tend to lack the substance that makes figures worth getting. Now I much prefer figures withh exquisite designs and dynamic poses.

  6. hahaha I’m only for slight ecchi when it comes to figures, dynamism and detail are still the things to look for in my case, but of course, it wouldn’t be bad to see a pantsu or oppai sometimes XD

    – try to search for makaizou (if you don’t know yet) you’ll see that ecchi figures become childs play in front of them :D

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