Kamidori Alchemy Meister Review

“Making your customers smile is part of being an alchemist.”

Kamidori Alchemy Meister, is a visual novel and SRPG hybrid. It is developed by the infamous Eushully and had just been recently translated.

The game follows Wilfred Dion, or, Wil, for short, a newbie craftsman residing in the industrial state of Yuidora. He just passed his license examination and started taking over the workshop of his deceased parents. He then hires three women, Yuela, Serawi and Emilita as his bodyguard. Together with them, they are always seen constantly exploring unknown dungeons, fending off monsters and gathering crafting materials. Being the diligent Wilfred Dion, he is also studying from time to time, in order to hone his crafting skills.

Meanwhile, other countries begun preparing for war and it’s up to Wilfred to tackle them upfront, while mending the affairs of the different races accompanying him on his quest.

Kamidori’s worst aspects come from the storyline, unnecessarily long and draggy, without a clear focus. In order to progress the story, it relies on the use of convenient plots and one-dimensional characters who serve nothing more but plot devices.

Kamidori’s method of storytelling also makes it hard to feel the love between the characters. There are not a lot of romance-related scenes which reinforces the romance, except for the H-scenes, which are always pretty sudden. The funny thing is aside from humans, Wil also had sex with various other races as well. It’s funny how his assumed love interest never find out about it, since by the end of the game, the amount of sex he had is literally uncountable.

However, most play Kamidori not for the story, but for the gameplay. Kamidori is a SRPG (Strategy RPG) game and it’s battles are fun. Like classic RPGs, you can equip your characters with various weapons, armors or accessories to enhance their status. You can navigate the characters around the fields and dungeons to harvest or mine points in order to gather crafting materials.

The most entertaining part of the gameplay is the crafting and shop management. By gathering materials and crafting them, you can either equip the equipments you made, or sell them at your store. Having different kinds of weapons are crucial for defeating enemies with certain resistant elements, so it is good to craft different kinds of weapons. You can also craft special armors for your three main heroines. By viewing certain scenes, your character will learn new, unique techniques to incorporate into his crafting, and this will give you the opportunity to make these “special armors.” The armors will increase basic stats and adds resistant to certain elements while weakening down others. For example, Yuela’s Flame Hunter Armor, will increase fire resistance, but will decrease ice resistance. There are also special scenes dedicated to said armors.

Aforementioned, the shop management section of the game is also quite fun. It is nice that you have full control of Wil’s business. During the game’s early stages though, you probably would have no choice but to depend on the default Guild clerk, who ironically do worse then your mud. This changes as you start to gain more allies, you can then select some of your characters to manage your store instead of joining on your expeditions. The best choice early on would be Emilita, and it’s quite good to put her at the shop while you have the rest of the characters grinding. When Emilita is needed for story quests, a good alternative would be Sharty. With more characters, selling items will be more easier. Later on, your items will eventually sell like hotcakes without having the opportunity to keep up with the crafting. Wil will go into bankruptcy if spend a little too much so be careful. You will be given a strict lecture in the guild and is given a “second chance” with 1000S. If Wil go into bankruptcy one more time, it will be instant game over. A pretty realistic uptake on the business part of the game, which is quite cool.

Also, the visual novel has a lot of replay values. Aforementioned, during the first playthrough, you can only recruit and play limited amount of characters. Obviously, you will have access to more during New Game+, further more, you can choose what to carry on from your first playthrough into your New Game+. Your character levels, inventory, workshop extensions, etc.. You can also view additional New Game+ only scenes, mascot scenes and scenes for new characters. This game is actually one of the first I experienced which displays the most flexibility for New Game+ playthroughs.

The graphics aren’t anything breathtaking but they are still good to look at. The characters are illustrated quite well too, and the illustrators did a great job in visualizing each and every race’s own unique distinguishing features. As for BGMs, Kamidori’s average at best. The tracks aren’t memorable and don’t grasp one’s attention much, though they aren’t completely horrible. The opening theme song isn’t the greatest too.

For the voice acting department though, most seiyuu did a fine job with their respective characters. The only problem I can find is the lack of male VAs. Only the girls are voiced and not just the protagonist, but ALL the guys are not voiced. I can understand if it’s yuri-based like Sono Hanabira, but the lack of voice acting from guys dampens the quality, since good characters like Leguna and the Shogun are completely voice-less.

From some personal points of view, Kamidori needs a long time to complete in my opinion, especially if you’re going for a 100% completion. For me, I only managed to finish Yuela’s route and my completion progress probably isn’t halfway there, it’s embarrassing, really. I took nearly a hundred hour just to finish my first playthrough. I plan to play New Game+ too, probably going for Serawi’s route next.

Anyhow, Kamidori is fun and had quite an addictive gameplay. The game needs long, long hours of grinding though, and if you can look past that and the bad storytelling, this visual novel is worth a shot.

Story: D
Character: C
Visuals: B+
Sound: C+
System: A
Gameplay: A+

Final Score

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28 thoughts on “Kamidori Alchemy Meister Review

  1. One the best H-rpg’s that could eat my time (and still eating it). I never did have much problem with staying in bussiness, but nice to know what happens if you do run out of cash. Keeping the guild shop running for the most part is easy…easier than getting the needed items anyway. I imagine New Game+ will be easier to clear with some of the additonal characters and things you get carry over (I think you are able to carry over stuff)

    Nice review btw ^^

    • Yes and it’s still eating mine away too. I went bankrupt by mistake, lol. I remember I earned a lot of money from deadbeat dungeon, and “went crazy” buying items in the church, then, I went bankrupt after I get back to my shop, with not enough money to cover the expenses. Funny stuffs.

      And yes, you can carry over stuffs, actually, you can basically remain the “exact same state” as the previous playthrough, same levels, inventory, characters and even same equipped items. You can toggle them on and off too, very, very flexible.

    • Are there choices? im ‘something’ hours in and I have yet to see any sort of choices and I have begun to think it’s a kentic novel (a novel with no choices)

      • I think there are, but extremely little. They don’t really have much significant impact anyway, the most important is the course of action that will effect which heroine’s route you’re going into.

  2. The artwork and character designs look so pretty. But looks aside, I’ve always been hesitant to play one of these RPG/VN eroge because it seems like they take a lot of time and effort. Not to mention it would feel awkward to be playing a game only to have an H-scene suddenly show up.

    • Yes, they really use a lot of time. Although it’s fun, it’s definitely preferrable to have a steady amount of time to play these. Even me, I’m barely thorough with the game..

  3. i agreed on all the gameplay and the systems are one of the best, you miss out the awesome amount of h scenes in this game.
    It is too awesome. The variety of heroines, the variety of scenes.
    Hmmm.. it is good

  4. Its a nice game for me, I like the combination of story and srpg. The story is quite a bit slice of life, but so far I can’t really complain about it. Im in level 3 atm and aim to get the Serawi ending first. I like most of the characters in the game Emilita and Sharty are fun. I don’t like the drunken deity she always orders me to bring her expensive booze :(

    Mhh so far I had no H scene *lol* but when you say I can expect some later on it’s ok :D

    • I like it too although this combination = long hours of gameplay, especially so since Kamidori is focused on grinding in their gameplay. Chapter 3 you mean? Ahh, it’s your first gameplay then, I played Yuela first and is planning to play Serawi soon, I need to finish the extra stories first, lol. And they are good clerks too :) I don’t like using Emilita in combat.. Lol! That one was fun :D

      There will be a hell lot later on >_>

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  7. the only thing i hate about this game is the fact i am stuck on a mission and don’t know how to get pass it god i wish there was a faqs

  8. soooo this game looks pretty dope. butt i really dont know where to get it. so i must ask kai ( and i feel bad for asking you in the comment section :[) but whered u get it?

  9. I remember finishing this game two summers ago when I had little to do.
    Agree with all your points, but IMO I would bump up your visual rating to A- or even an A, I thought it was superb.95% of the time.

    Anywho, the game, it’s CHOCK full of content. Each of the three routes vary in what dungeons/items you have access to, and the New Game+ offers adds so much more that its volume could easily be equal to the content of a normal character route.
    I like being a perfectionist and eventually reached 100% in CGs, Items/Equips/Furnitures/Store Levels, Lv100 on all my characters with maxed out stats by farming/using enhancement stones (except Lily/Leguna/Stone Golem, Still Lv1), and roughly 90% of all dungeons’ objectives are all completed.
    All that took four playthroughs which clocked in around ~280 hours total (not counting the wasting of 5~10hrs during my first New Game+, as removing the level cap made my underleveled party even more outclassed).

    Enough about my experiences with the game. Bottom line is if you’re into SRPGs and have a LOT of time, I strongly recommend this game. The bare minimum amount of hours needed to just clear through one character route would be 45~50 hours (that’s having characters at levels barely adequate to clear through mandatory dungeons/bosses that you sometimes have to rely on luck). All three PLUS the New Game+ exclusive would net you around ~200 hours.
    Achieving 100% completion on everything and maxing out your characters will take another 80~100 hours.

    Good Luck everyone.

    • The character sprites look good, no doubt. The backgrounds however looks from best to good, from good to mediocre; its of varying quality. Likewise with the CGs, some look gorgeous, others look okay.

      Indeed, Kamidori has a lot of replay values and it eats up a lot of time. I’m surprised at the time you took to finish 100% completion though. It already took me a whopping 100 hour just to finish the very first normal heroine route without the character content. I’m sure I seen some other guy who had shared his experience in it, took almost 400 hours to complete all of them.

  10. I also was surprised that I achieved 100% completion under 300 hours while others invested around 400~500.

    Here’s some pics I guess?
    http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2a8hv1w&s=6 (I played Emileta’s route again once the English patch was released for fun and overwrote my first run. The original run cost me an additional 75~80 hours iirc)

    Some of my character’s stats out of my preferred 9-man party:

    Gallery (some CGs erased for obvious reasons):

    Wow, now I feel like I showed off >.>. Just used as proofs only!

    For raising all of my character’s level to 99 and raising their weapon mastery to level M, just have multiple characters hitting white puttetto in the final deadbeat dungeon with very weak weapons so you don’t kill it.
    Rebirthing a character once and releveling them to 99 should make their stats very near max. The remaining gap can be filled with growth stones.
    A faster way would be just using growth stones from the start, but this only works if you already have loads of money on your hands (5million+) and have the stone generators. If you do, just farm them on your yard by using the day skip feature

    Hope I helped!

    And I totally did not factor the quality of the background CGs when commenting on your rating. I take my words back, as I also agree that the level of detail in the backgrounds (except a few) are not par with the character models.

    • *showoffscough* Thanks for showing all that pics. Sharty is a pretty fine choice but it’s a bit annoying when facing against enemies with the same attributes as her. I remember the last few stages of my playthrough having quite a lot of enemies like those.

      Yea deadbeat’s pretty much a grinding dungeon. I remember staying there for quite a long time too, and equipping the cursed weapons there and ended up stuck with them for a long time before I finally realized I can remove them in the church lol >_>

  11. I loved the gameplay and replay value in this game. Definitely Eushully’s strong point.
    @Daniel: Wow max stats on all characters and 100% achievements in under 300 hours…tell me your secrets =)
    I clocked in at 390 hours for 100% completion and having merely 5 of my characters maxed out…

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