Character of the Month – May

May’s Character of the Month – Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

Usui is a high school student of Seika High, and is one of the most popular student ever. He was the first one to learn about Misaki’s “secret job.”

Usui is a mysterious enigma, with multiple skills. Despite not having much interests in anything, it appears he has quite a number of talents. Cooking, chess, violin; he can do basically anything. He is also physically strong as well, making him one of the top students of the school.

His devotion to Misaki is quite respectable. He never accepted any other girls; Misaki is the only one in his mind, and he really shows it. At one time, he jumped down from a top school building just to quickly get ahold Misaki’s photo in her maid outfit, so that no one else would see it, genuinely upholding his promise of keeping his knowledge of Misaki’s part time job a secret. Aside from that, he is always protecting Misaki from the shadows, and is constantly giving Misaki advices on how to confront present issues. It doesn’t look at it from a third person point of view, but Usui made a lot of self-sacrifices just to keep Misaki safe.

The fact that he always covers up his real emotions with a perverted demeanor makes him even more awesome. The more dense types would probably see Usui as a complete weirdo, a sadist or a perverted stalker. Indeed, Usui may seems quite bizarre, always constantly making perverted jokes or references whenever the chance arises. However, deep down, he is just the same as anyone else, a normal guy who couldn’t express his feelings well. Even with all these struggles deep within, he never stuttered even once when displaying and confessing his feelings to Misaki numerous times.

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12 thoughts on “Character of the Month – May

  1. Although I have never completed the anime for some reason (I stopped around episode 22)… but he is simply amazing and manages to tame Misaki after a long period of time.

  2. So true. Hafta give him merit for looking out for her even if he has his own issues. It may hurt to be told to confront present problems in life, but I think true friends would tell you that… instead of running away from it and indulging in reckless pleasure to sedate the pain. kudos to you bro. :)

  3. I didn’t like Usui at first, but as the series went on and he started to show how much he cared for Misaki, he started to grow on me.

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