Aniblog Tourney 2012 – Round 2

For all of you who had been following the anime blog tourney, I passed the first round and is now proceeding to round 2 soon. Surprising turn of events, I never thought I would win, as I’m entering the tourney without any links advertising at all, just some random rants.

In round 2, I will be facing against Okazu by Erica, a yuri orientated blog, yes, a YURI ORIENTATED BLOG! Damn, I can already feel the pressure, but at this point, I’ll just go along with the flow and charge ahead on a full frontal assault unprepared like an idiot.

More on Okazu, the writer, Erica Friedman, writes posts focused on yuri content. There are the news (Yuri News Network is ftw), misc posts, and of cause, reviews and impressions of various yuri anime, manga and novels. As I love yuri as well, I will visit this blog more frequently if I need any more yuri manga recommendations, well, actually, I already got some from the blog I plan to read soon.

Anyhow, it’s almost time for round 2. Sink or swim, win or lose; let’s rock to the ends of the world babeh~

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