Aniblog Tourney 2012 – Deluscar Defeated

Well, it had been a fun ride. In round 2, I actually had a smooth start but halfway through, Okazu took over and owned me completely.

Since I’m now no longer a competitor, I want to take the opportunity to, once again, thank all of you who gave me constructive comments and feedbacks, especially Marina, Reiseng and Tofu.

Thanks to said commenters, I learned quite a few things from the tourney, things that I should do to improve my blog.

– First off, I should really.. REALLY lessen down my sidebar, it’s getting overbearingly long. Obviously, I will lessen down entries for my twitter and feeds. Well, actually, I might as well just put a picture or something and just link them to my twitters/facebook/feeds, etc.. Thanks to arashi who teaches me the tricks to do just that. Sorry man, it feels like ages since you last taught me, and I couldn’t even find the time yet to try it. I understood most of the theory already, since I remember doing something similar when I was trying to get some youtube links to work on my MAL profile. It’s actually finding a good pic for the links that takes time, as I no doubt might even need to do some photoshopping first. For now, I will procrastinate on this, but I will finish this one way or the other..

– I still hadn’t found a clear solution to what Reiseng suggested: improve the searching system. Without the assistance of some plug-ins, I will have to add a crapload of sub-categories, which I might consider if worst comes to worse.

– I should improve flow with the structures of my sentences, to lessen down grammatical mistakes and to improve writing quality overall. This is not something I can just do overnight, so I hopefully I will improve slowly and eventually.

Anyway, this post marks my official departure from the tourney, so I also want to take this chance to express my gratitude to all the readers and viewers who voted for my blog. Thanks! *bows in delight* And to Okazu, congratulations! We had a pretty nice bout. I will be wishing Erica all the best.

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18 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney 2012 – Deluscar Defeated

  1. I saw how you had a pretty good start and then when I clicked the polls after they closed, I saw Okazu won. That surprised me but a win is a win ^^ Thank you for the mention Kai and I look forward to any changes you wish to make according to what you said or an innovative idea that sparked from said ideas ^^

    Maybe Reiseng meant that to improve your search system you should add more search words related to the post so people can find it easier. Eg: instead of just like Sankarea Review, you could include lower case and upper case, any short forms of the title eg: Fullmetal would be FMA:B or something along those lines. maybe even include character names or genres too, anything special that relates to the post so that when someone was to search something like childhood friends, then something in the search could include Boku wa Tomodachi ^^

    Then again that’s just me suggesting and assuming what Reiseng meant ^^; Best to consult him

    • Yea I’m surprised too, and well it’s a nice battle, completely took me off in surprise, and I love surprises :D I will change them soon….. very soon.. lol.

      Hmm, well I saw his later post, which is like putting in subcategories, though with a drop-down menu feature, like Random C, which isn’t available since RandomC uses a custom-made plugin. Speaking of which, I had never once gotten plug-ins to work, are plug-ins not available in a free WP? Ooh regarding that capital letters and abbreviation, maybe I can add those as tags as well. Nice suggestion.. Thanks^^ Well, what you speak of looks like a tag system to me..

  2. Good luck in the next tourney and don’t go for the word ‘defeat’. The polls are all about how many people you know and having a good time in discovering other blogs.

    Also, here’s what I can tell you for reducing your sidebar. Get rid of meta, calendar, all extended RSS feed (including yours because if you use recent post plugin this is already taken care of) and random pictures (If you really want to use a picture, hyperlink it to a post & make it relevant). You can also use the less extensive widgets for twitter and FB to save space.

    • I didn’t mean anything special when I said that, lol. I just want to make it look like an epic bout or battle had taken place ;p I had discovered quite a lot of new blogs ;p

      Hmm I’ll think about it, but about that plug-in, like I said, I can’t get them to work. I’ll be in a customizing spree if I DO get them working. Yep, like I said, I plan to use pictures to link them to twitter, facebook, feeds, etc.. which for sure will have some levels of relevance.

  3. Well i think the blogroll would work just fine if you used imagebar like how i did at my blog and set it on the footer to grab enough attention.

    • Lol, I actually had no idea how you did yours. I think my sidebar’s going to be even longer if I do that though.. and I’m afraid to say my skin doesn’t support footer, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Well I thought of it. I was thinking of using one with a white background, though it’s certainly weird to see deluscar so “bright” all of a sudden. There’s also my pictures in the post to think about. Right now, most of my pictures are sized exactly to fit this skin, so if I change another theme with another depth, then my pictures will look kinda weird.

        BUt anyway, I’m still in the midst of consideration. Thanks anyhow^^

  4. Don’t worry. I, and surely most of your readers, will still be here reading your blog. :)

    ps. where did Okazu get all those votes? Never underestimate the power of Yuri XD

  5. Glad to read what you learned from it, and see you’re willing to learn from the experience. Seeing that kind of positive attitude encourages us to do the same. Last picture of Arthas(?) is so badass. :)

  6. I won’t worry too much since I got defeated two times. But still, I’m glad that you got something out of it. Anime Blogging is a learning experience and hopefully you can strive for years to come.

  7. The blogging community is something one should enjoy, winning contest are just bonuses, I’m really glad that you took to time to learn something from the tourney :)

    and so the dominance of Yuri continues on. . . . . . . . God help us XD (yuri fans are never to be underestimated)

    • To learn new knowledge from the tourney, and to appreciate and discover new blogs, those are my top objectives ever since the tourney started ;p

      Yuri will completely pwn us all.. D:

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