Kai’s Ideal Anime Cast: Trinity of Elements

Thanks to Yerocha, who invited me in his project, I now had the opportunity to present my very own ideal anime cast. My cast will use a supernatural theme, with “elements” being the main subject when choosing a character.

As for what elements I’m choosing, I’ll be diving into a deep and emotional depth of Fire, Ice and Lightning, the power trio of most common elements.

Fire is hot, glowy and fiery. My ideal pyrokinetic user had to have personalities which fit these qualities of fire. That means characters like Tsuna won’t work. Going into a more common and generic brainstorming, I deduced that Natsu Dragneel is the most suitable choice.

Some common traits of flame users are that they are simple, hot-headed, and sometimes short-tempered. It sure does sounds like Natsu alright. Not thinking of future consequences, he is the type that just charges straight ahead. Although reckless, his orange, glowy flames sometimes display hints of hopes, and sure enough, he is usually the one who defeats the Big Bad of most arcs.

Fire and water are like opposite sides of a magnet. Because of that, when an ice/water user go against a fire user, what I deem the most important is their contrast. They may be similar, yet, so different in so many ways. Through this mindset, there is only one character I can think of, Tokiya Mikagami from Flame of Recca.

Unlike Natsu, Tokiya is calm and collected. He is more reserved and isn’t as rowdy. He is also rather aloof, having quite a detached altitude over human interactions. While Natsu simply uses his fists in combat, Tokiya employs the use of his sword. What’s more, his sword isn’t something an idiot like Natsu can use efficiently. Tokiya’s weapon, Ensui (“Dark Water”), allows the user to manipulate water and can convert it into the three states of water; liquid, solid and gas.

The last of the trinity, electricity. When I think of electricity, I think of flashiness, and the choice is simple. Misaka Mikoto certainly is flashy, in one way or the other. Besides, every group needs a tsundere.

Misaka Mikoto is a badass in her own rights too. She can control electricity at free will, use pseudo-telekinesis and fires instant railguns. She will also be the “straight-man” of the group, jabbing at every silly antics which Natsu would probably initiate.


I have now amass a team of three different individuals with supernatural abilities; controlling the elements of fire, water and lightning. I guess the three of them can be fit into a battle royale involving science and magic? Hey, that’s actually pretty cool.. *cough* If you are the type who feel disappointed at the “Magic side” of To Aru Majutsu no Index, you know where to find me..

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14 thoughts on “Kai’s Ideal Anime Cast: Trinity of Elements

  1. Yes, every show needs a tsundere. :) Nice trio. Although this is about anime, interestingly enough in the astrological signs; Pisces (water) and Aries (fire) are considered a terrible combination with the Pisces being calm and collected (and a bit whimsical) and Aries being reckless, headstrong, and at times narcissistic. I know, a bunch of hocus pocus nonsense but there is some truth in it. I just assigned astrological signs to your cast.

    • Yes that’s what I’m going for. I want them to be very contrasting characters. By doing so, they can be pretty ideal rivals.

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  4. I haven’t seen Flame of Recca yet, but I know how well Natsu and Mikoto fit the roles of their respective elements. I could also definitely see the two of them clashing fairly often.

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  6. I was thinking of Gray for the ice/water element because of Natsu since they contrast well with each other and at the same time similar. But Tokiya represents the ice element better than he is (based on your explanation since I haven’t seen Flame of Recca yet).

    Electricity is awesome! Anyone with that is awesome.

    • Water/ice imo, represents calmness and tranquility, and Gray’s personality, is a far cry from those, lol. Flame of Recca is a pretty nice anime, though, a bit old already ;p I think it’s kinda underrated, since I could barely find anything regarding to Flame of Recca when surfing around the net. Seems like as of now, almost everyone had forgotten about it, not unlike anime like Dragon Ball or Evangelion, where there’s not even one person who never heard of those.

      Yes indeed for electricity :D

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  8. Interesting concept, I was also thinking of doing something similar like Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

    I haven’t any of the anime that you listed, but I’m glad that you chose a badass heroine. Having that kind of character in the mix really makes the list interesting.

    • Well, I didn’t find any tvtropes with earth in the addition. Now that when I think about it, I dunno why I limit myself so much to tvtropes, when bloggers like you were making such awesome original posts ;x

      Misaka Mikoto is certainly badass. You should try watching the anime one of these days^^

    • I purposely skipped those too elements, since I want to follow the tvtropes. If I add additional elements, it’s not going to follow the tvtrope too well already, though now I question myself why was I so strict myself, limiting myself only to tvtropes..

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