Mass Effect 3 – Most Regretful Choices

I played and finished Mass Effect 3 quite some time ago and it had been a fun ride, though the ending is kinda.. controversial. I might be making a full review on this game soon so more onto that soon I guess.

As all of you know, Mass Effect is very reliant on choices and actions taken by the gamer themselves, which could effect the outcomes, and taking it in a more exaggerating manner, the choices could even effect the whole galaxy. For this minor post of mine, I just want to share everyone my most regretful choices and decisions I made in Mass Effect overall (since I play all three installments in a “one-way trip” without any replays). A warning for spoilers, just in case.

Destroying Maelon’s data
I didn’t know what was I thinking, or what was the reasoning behind my actions in Mass Effect 2, with me choosing to destroy Maelon’s data. Obviously, this isn’t a positive outcome. Because of this, Eve didn’t survive in Mass Effect 3, which is a bummer, as Eve was pretty badass. Ohh shucks.

The death of Kelly Chambers
Before diving into the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2, I remembered I took my own sweet time in preparation, which caused my whole damn crew to be sacrificed, including Kelly. This was very unexpected to me since I believe this is the very first time a RPG game actually took the “concept of time” into gameplay. I remember when I was playing some old Final Fantasy games, I was having my sweet time preparing (for a few days even) when the final boss was right there..


And yes that’s all. Surprisingly enough, I only did two regretful things. I didn’t regret destroying the Collector’s base, I didn’t regret letting the rachni queen live, and tons of other heavy decisions which leads to outcomes I didn’t regret.

Aforementioned, I perhaps, might be making a full review of the game soon so please look forward to it.

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5 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 – Most Regretful Choices

  1. My biggest regret was losing my save file…played mass effect 3 without an import. It was depressing. I just now started a playthrough with a mass effect 2 import (I had to replay the whole game) and the game is totally different

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  3. condolences to your crew. and i thought only real life appointments were needed to be on time. XD now even rpgs are putting real time clocks… people would used to have maxed out chars before the final boss haha.

    • *nods* It’s kinda weird really, lol. It was kinda unexpected, and after looking around the net, only then I found out I could have avoided it if I make my preparations more brief.

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