Top 3 Super Mario Covers

Super Mario’s theme song, had been one of the most sensational and memorable game soundtracks ever, to the point that even famous musicians like Jay Chou is seen doing Super Mario covers all the time during his live shows. Likewise can be said to most of the music performers seen in youtube as well. In the horde of youtube musicians, I present you all my top 3 most favorite super mario covers ever.

3. Rock Cover by Halocene: I especially love the strong and diverse drum beats. The cover gives quite a powerful and upbeat expression. The addition of a piano adds a good finishing touch to the cover.

2. Orchestra Cover by NYPCO: I always loved traditional Chinese instruments, and this cover is performed by an orchestra full of Chinese instruments at that too. It creates unique and refreshing Super Mario tunes we had never heard before.

1. Beatbox Cover by HIKAKIN: HIKAKIN is a phenomenal beatboxer, and this Super Mario cover of his, is one of the best Super Mario covers ever. It’s like the dude just ate 7 pieces of ipod. I suggest checking out his channel, he made a lot of awesome covers. Aside from mainstream songs, he also made covers like Donkey Kong and Bad Apple.

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6 thoughts on “Top 3 Super Mario Covers

  1. It’s odd how one guy is more entertaining than a whole symphony. I’m sure there are some that would like the symphony more but it was bloody hard to stop watching that demi-godlike beatboxing. :))

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