Visual Novels I Had Been Messing Around With – Part IV

It sure had been a long time since I wrote posts like these. One way or the other, I managed to make progresses of my visual novels playthroughs, though it had been quite hard. Some of the visual novels in this post are completed months back, while some completed only recently and some incomplete and some… well, barely even started.

Here are some quick impressions of the few visual novels I played, in the course of several months.

Funifure 2
Sumire’s mother had just passed away and as she was living alone, she had to find some ways to earn money, and… she decided to sell her body.. oh joy. Due to some coincidence, she ended dealing with a man who is almost decent, and due to some coincidence, the man is her school teacher, and due to some extreme coincidence, the man is actually her brother. Indeed, the plot is full of coincidences and cliches. Sumire is one of the better imoutos though no doubt. She is at times fragile, but she is at times, sly and cunning.

The game can be chosen to play either in the pure route or dark route. If you love your imouto, you can play the pure route to satisfy your imouto fapping needs but if you are feeling for some sadistic acts, you can go for the dark route, where you film and sell the video of your own imouto being raped by a bunch of men. Damn, the latter sounds evil indeed.

On an unrelated note, Noesis’s works always contain beautiful artworks, and I gotta give Coffee-Kizoku, their illustrator, props for that. Though it feels uncanny that most of their characters looks similar, identical even. To be blunt, it feels like some of their character designs are being “recycled” from past works. Look especially at this, this and this, they are like sisters.. twins.. or clones even, though they are completely unrelated as they are from different games..

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
I loved the violence of the anime, and decided I wanted to try the visual novel for good fun, though it had been chaos throughout. Mine isn’t the upgraded PS2 version, so the visuals are just horrid. It’s like I’m playing a visual novel of powerpuff girls.

Aside from the graphics, the storytelling is pretty good, though at times feel a bit draggy. Like the anime, the visual novel delivers fear and anxiety to it’s reader and always had you asking “WTF just happened?” During the course of the game, it will always breakdown from the main plot with the TIPS scenes at times, which helps you to understand more of the game’s settings, characters or a certain case or phenomenon. What’s amazing about it is that despite the graphics, it can still deliver fears just via text alone. This makes me think that Higurashi will just be as awesome and scary even in light novels.

The game’s damn long though, especially if you’re planning to finish all the chapters. I only managed to finish the four chapters of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, which feels like playing a total of four visual novels. As for the series’s sequel, Kai, I probably won’t start on it anytime soon, and decided if I want to relieve some bloody moments of Higurashi, I can always rewatch the anime.

Kamidori Alchemy Meister
Kamidori stars Wilfred Dion, a young alchemist aims at being the best at what he does. The game depicts his adventures, as he sets out to collect materials, while meeting some new people along the way, each of them of different races. His workshop is full of colorful races, and with such an unique group, will they be able to help Wil achieve his dream, and defend the beloved Yuidora?

I made a review of this visual novel some time ago, please check it out if you will.

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete
I haven’t had the time to finish this visual novel completely, but what strikes me fancy the most is the art, the damn art. It’s so gorgeous that even a major amount of new visual novels wouldn’t be able to compare to it, not to say the visuals for the new visual novels are bad, just that the visuals for this particular visual novel is just too good. Everything is detailed and crisp, the colors are vibrant, and it also supports a huge widescreen format too.

So far, Nagisa is my favorite character despite the focus on Yui. Nagisa is a senior, and to reinforce her superiority status, she is sadistic and loves teasing people, especially Sou. She is also weird and mysterious at

Katawa Shoujo
Katawa Shoujo is a beautiful story, it describes how one copes with hardships of being accepted into society, despite being handicapped and crippled. The game stars Hisao Nakai, with a case of arrhythmia. He was forced to transfer to a school specially dedicated to crippled students.

I also made a full review for this game. Please have a look.

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29 thoughts on “Visual Novels I Had Been Messing Around With – Part IV

  1. Just shows I haven’t been playing around much :P Katawa Shoujo is just epic, there is really something heart warming about loving those girls

    • All of these VNs I played are months ago to be honest, I haven’t been playing much myself either :p Katawa Shoujo is indeed nice and heart-warming :D

    • Even Kai has the PS2 patch already? I thought only the first one is available.

      About the Chinese patch, I’ll think about it. I want to prioritize on some already English translated visual novel first.

      • Yeah, it’s out. Its spiritual sequel, Umineko is being worked on too. It’s a port from PS3 with gorgeous art and voice acting. The tweak for the first game is almost complete. There’s a catch though – its size is ridiculously big.

        Oh, I thought you were “messing around” with translation machines, so I thought to share the info with you. Sorry if I seem a little too pushy.

        • Port from PS3 eh? That would make another good excuse for me to delay buying PS3 again… ehh.. not good.. not good.. Definitely, it’s a PS3 port afterall, lol.

          Not anymore, at least not recently, too busy to handle too much. Since there are still English visual novels available still, I should prioritize on them first, since I’m most comfortable with that language. Nah, you’re not. Thanks for the info^^

          On another note, how’s your NDS?

          • No no. The PS3 version is already out. There’s a team tweaking it to patch the PC version. It’s essentially the same with Higurashi, with the addition of voice acting this time. The art however, is gorgeous. While Higurashi’s updated art make it not suck, Umineko’s completely swept me off my feet.

            Playtime with Pheonix Wright is going well. :D
            It took me a lot of time figuring out the last puzzle of Chapter 2 until I resort to walkthroughs, and even they’re not entirely accurate. Seems more like a bug with the game since I can pass it fine when I restarted the day.
            Not to mention the random bull ghost/psychic card it pulled. LOL
            But damn, after months of dabbling in animu and eroge settings that left me angsting and made me question the existence of morality… This single piece has rejuvenated my childhood optimism of justice and goodwill.

        • I mean, it’s a good reason to delay buying the PS3 because I don’t need to buy the PS3 just for the visual novel. I haven’t check the art for the upgraded Umineko yet but it’s certainly worth a look.

          Ooh you’re proceeding well :D You’re playing the very first one right? The guide I used is pretty accurate though, so accurate I sometimes saw spoilers, lol. Best to use a direct, yet, spoilers-free guide. MOst of my PW guides just tell me the choices without telling me what conversations the choices would led to. Weird though, I played through all the PW games without a single bug.

          PW is awesome indeed :D

        • And Funifure 2, though those two are visual novels I played months ago :p Let’s see if I can whip out a Jap visual novel in upcoming posts…

      • By the time I buy a PS3, PS4 should be out. Regarding the updated Umineko art, just click my name. I just recently started using this feature, it’s pretty handy. :P

        I usually use walkthroughs for VNs but Pheonix Wright had enough exciting gameplay(the courtroom battles!!) to make me try. There’s nothing I hate more than walkthroughs spoiling everything. Then, there are some geniuses that like adding opinions beside each choices, kind of like a let’s play… Which is nice having interactivity and all… But DON’T SPOIL EVERYTHING, EINSTEIN.

        • And by the time I bought mine, PS5 should be out. Lol, and I’m wondering why you never post via facebook/twitter, etc.. I just saw it btw, as usual, that’s some huge improvements, but by comparing the graphics to some other visual novels, the graphcis for it still falls some level short… at least to me.

          The investigations is just as fun too, playing detective and all that but you’re right, the courtroom battles are the most fun part. Both the lawyers shouting objection to one another is just so exciting to look at :D I hate walkthroughs like that too, so my latter walkthroughs are more spoiler-free :D

          • I don’t like using Facebook and haven’t touched Twitter. I follow people through blogs, since it’s more fun reading fresh perspectives on life and such. You can then tell who is likely to get along easier with yourself, so*you*can*stalk*them*more. Ignore the last part.

  2. I wanted to play the Higurashi VNs after I finished the anime, but when I saw how bad the visuals were and heard about how long it was, I decided that I was content with the anime :)

    • Was it good? It’s been common knowledge that VN adaptions are crap, with Fate/Stay Night as the prime example. What really infuriates me though, is that great eroge like Kara no Shoujo being used as hentai.

      • There are some rare cases though. I haven’t play Steins;Gate but I heard most VN players had commented how good the adaption actually is.

          • Ahh I didn’t watch that anime, lol. There are quite a few medias where I immediately skipped to the visual novel (original source), like Tsukihime.

        • Each heroine get pushed to the sidelines after having sex once with the protag, from what I heard. That’s my main gripe concerning Utawarerumono. I go straight to animu, hoping it doesn’t happen.

          Also, the gameplay in it is simple and fun right? I’ve just finished one route in Eien no Aselia and I’m dreading it.

          • Ahh I know about that, I finished the visual novel ages ago after all, wahaha. And I guess you can certainly see it as that, the man from what I can remember, doesn’t have a real love interest, and there’s even girls calling him “Papa”. We are the complete opposite, lol. I went straight to the visual novel and you went straight to the animu.

            Yes it’s fun and actually easy. There’s no need to grind and the levels you gained naturally will just be enough for you to proceed along. Then again.. I played ‘easy’ mode so I shouldn’t be the one to say, lol.

  3. Higurashi’s anime also made me think “the hell just happen bbq?” ima go check if there is a psp version. though i dont think i can finish 4 VNs in one summer haha. i lost interest in the anime due to it’s story plot after season 1.

    Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete looks so fine. T^T have something to research on now.

    • Actually, I don’t think there is, surprisingly.. though it will mostly be untranslated even if it’s released. Higurashi totally feels like an extended version of Another :D It’s scary at first but a little later, it’s more about solving the mystery rather then scariness.

      You can totally try it out during your summer holidays ;p I don’t have those kinds of vacations here..

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