100th Post Anniversary!

…or 101th post to be exact, a belated anniversary celebration. I was trying to clear off more posts in my drafts backlog and I completely forgot it was my 100th post, so yes, my manga post completely took off with my 100th-post virginity.

No use crying over spilled milk though, as it is indeed a case for celebration, be it 100th or 101th. Being a Jack-of-All-Trades kind of blogger who blogs a little of everything, this is actually not an easy feat, as it took me more then half a year just to accomplish it. I want to express my gratitude to all my viewers and readers, and especially to some of you who comment my blog frequently. A big thank you to you all! I’ll try to expand my blog even more so then before, and will try to appeal to different kinds of readers out there.

This entry was posted by Kai.

25 thoughts on “100th Post Anniversary!

  1. WOOT! Congrats Kai on your 100th (or should I say 101st) post >;P I’m definitely looking forward to your future posts so keep up the great work!! ^^

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  3. Congratulations!

    A little more than half a year to make 100 posts?!!! That’s amazing!! You should be very proud. All your posts are fantastic and I’m always looking forward to more!

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