Random Coverage Report #2

Since my post had just passed the 100 mark, I figure I should take this chance to make a new random coverage report too, indicating some changes I had made for the blog and some new plans for the future.

When I was starting this blog, I was avoiding “list” types widgets because since my blog was just starting, my list.. won’t be that much of a list anyway due to the small amount of content, but now, I have no qualms about using them. With this mindset, some huge changes had been underwent on the left sidebar. The biggest change is the categories. Instead of using a drop-down menu, I had now extend the categories so all of you can now easily see how my categories are usually sorted out. I had also used the archive, and is thinking of removing the calender, but I’m still in the midst of reconsideration for this.

Another big change is the blogroll. Because of the tourney, I had found more and more interesting links and my sidebar’s blogroll is just getting bigger and bigger at the minute. So now I removed it completely, and dumped all the links in this page. Since my blogrolls are of different varieties, I categorized them too for easy reference.

Also, like some of you who had suggested me here, I had removed my own RSS (now that when I think about it, it was pretty silly to create feeds for my own blog) and replaced it with a Figure.fm feed. In contrast, I now applied the use of the recent post widget and I wondered why I didn’t use that earlier, as it’s darn useful. It’s probably part of the “avoiding list widgets since I’m just starting” mindset but I seriously could have used this earlier. Guess as time goes on, I completely forgot about it, and it’s only more than half a year later when I finally put it to good use. Indeed, procrastination is scary.

So that’s all for now. I’m thinking of even changing deluscar’s theme but that’s going to be a big change sometime in the future, and truthfully, I’m still in the midst of reconsideration for that. I’ll be back with more of these if I make any more changes to the blog. Ciao~

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10 thoughts on “Random Coverage Report #2

  1. Personally, I like to keep my sidebars short and sweet. I do like having all of the categories displayed on the page though, I do it myself so if I need to find an old post I can just quickly click there.

    • Ahh indeed, I like your categories though, I basically did the same as yours, but mine seems to be longer D: Probably because I seperated manga, light novels and visual novels as seperate categories.

  2. Have been blogging for sometime now, and like some people, I’m still looking for the perfect look for my blog, your’s looks great though ^w^

    • I feel the need for some change though, with this theme, especially the max width for pictures, are really small. I’ll see how for now, even me will feel awkward with a sudden theme change.

  3. Agreed with the people above. Your blog looks great. Easy to navigate with a touch with style. Maybe the sidebar is a little long. Could remove Sankaku Complex as it’s garbage anyway.

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