Remembering Love: Epilogue

Watching Gintama for the first time, I was taken aback by the vast randomness and craziness of the show’s overall atmosphere. However, after rewatching it, I found out I was no longer being over-attracted by the rowdiness. Writing these Remembering Love project, it at the same time, allows me to think and focus on the more important and serious moments; reanalyzing all the plot points in the process. I’ll express my thoughts on them overall here, and I will also talked about things which I probably might had missed out in the previous posts.

Takasugi: Zura, you know, when all of you pick up your swords for the country or for your comrades, I actually didn’t care for it. Think about it, that sword in your hand. Who taught us how to use it? Our samurai code, our way of living. Who taught us these? The one who gave us a world to live in was without a doubt, Shouyou-sensei. Yet this world took him from us. In that case, we have no choice but to fight in this world. We have to completely destroy this world that took him from us! Hey Zura, How do you feel living in this world? In this world that took our teacher away from us? How could you live in it in such a carefree manner? It pisses me off!

Katsura: Takasugi. I don’t remember how many times I wanted to destroy this world. But he! He bore it all. He…the one who should be hating this world the most, bore with it! What else can we do?! I won’t destroy this country anymore. I can’t. There are too many important people here. Right now, all I see of you is a desperate clawless beast who only knows how to indulge in destruction. If you can’t stand this country then destroy it. But I won’t stand by and let you destroy the people living in Edo. There should be another way. A way to change this country without any sacrifices! That must be what Shouyou-sensei hoped fo–

During the course of rewatching Gintama, I actually find the relationships between Gintoki, Katsura and Takasugi most intriguing. As mentioned here, the three began from the same starting point, studying under “Shouyou-sensei” when they were young it seems. The death of their teacher immediately breaks them apart; one turning into a pacifist, one turning into a subtle terrorist, and one turning into a maniac destroyer.

This “Shouyou-sensei” is one mysterious enigma. So far, his back, and only half of his face had ever been shown. He is one important key character after all, he is the one starting point for the three of them, and is also the reason the all three to stray into different paths. If there’s one thing I hope Gintama focuses more on aside from the randomness, it’s this vague past, which Shouyou-sensei is strongly connected to.

Aside from the Yorozuya and the terrorists, the Shinsegumi is another interesting bunch and rewatching the anime, allows me to understand them more, especially my most favorite character in Shinsegumi, Hijikata Toushirou. I noticed that the order in which the anime presented Hijikata’s backstories are not in order. However, recalling back on past Shinsegumi arcs and after watching the newest Baragaki arc, had led me to be fond of Hijikata even more; being more respectful of him, yet, sympathizing his standing and situation at the same time.

Just before the anime “ends”, a very interesting character had emerged at the very same arc aforementioned: Imai Nobume, a cold-hearted and merciless assassin, and as stated by her, she has the same eyes as Okita Sougo, the eyes of the killer. She is emotionless and was able to fight equally with Sougo, perhaps even overwhelming him at some point. She will appear in another arc, the Keisei arc, and that would be what I’m most looking forward to, if Gintama has any plans for a comeback. If not, back to the manga for me..

In conclusion, Gintama blends jokes and drama like no other anime did. Supreme actions, excellent dialogues, fascinating characters and a lot others, had brought Gintama to the masterpiece that it is today, and it no doubt remains one of the best, if not, the best anime I had ever watched.

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12 thoughts on “Remembering Love: Epilogue

  1. Amen and amen. a sound ending (epilogue) for gintama… tis an master piece people will be willing to come back time and time again. though some may differ, it will long hold a place in the hearts of their fans… :D

  2. Yeah, “Shouyou-sensei” is still very mysterious. Up to the last episode of gintama, there’s hardly any clue or whatever about him except that he is Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi’s master, and the main reason of those three to choose their own path.
    I would love to see how Adachi reveal this man in near future.
    And i wont read the manga, i feel that watching the jokes in the anime is more amusing than reading it xD

    • True, his face isn’t even exposed, but he is indeed a character of true importance.
      I won’t too.. unless I feel too desperate.. D:

  3. Someone recommended to start with Jump Festa 2005 Special. He said if I liked it, jump right into the Gintama as I’ll love it. Unfortunately, the special didn’t left much of an impression on me besides being so random it feels like I’m watching a parody commercial. After seeing you go heads-over-heels over Gintama though, I feel like I should give it a chance.

    The issue is, it’s over 250 episodes long if we include the 2nd season. I have a self-enforced rule to watch a series in one-go. If I stalled it, I might come back forgetting plot-lines and characters. Coupled with the fact(self-image) that I have a short attention-span and this turns into quite the problem. There are times I sort of watch Fullmetal Achemist: Brotherhood, which is only 64 episodes with a blank mind and waiting it to end just because of that.

    My question is, if I delve into Gintama, will there be stop-points I can take a breather? And how did you watch it? Did you take breaks or just marathon-ed it in one-go?

    • Ironically, I only watched the Jump Festa 2005 midway through the TV series, I’m not sure if doing that for you would actually make you enjoy the OVA more but I know I certainly did. I’m indeed heads-over-heels with it, and unsurprisingly, there are still a lot of things I wanted to talk about it but missed out during the course of the project.

      FMA: Brotherhood is another one of my all-time favourite anime too, lol. But back to the point, since Gintama is “random” like I had expressed, you can basically stop any time you want. Most of Gintama’s “random” episodes are episodic, or at most, go on for around 2 or 3 episodes. If those “serious” arcs I mentioned comes out, then they would go on for about 6 or 7 episodes at most. As for me, I did marathoned it, but at that time, the anime was still ongoing so I was basically watching them weekly ever since I caught up.

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