Character of the Month – June

June’s Character of the Month – Katou Marika (Mouretsu Pirates)

Katou Marika is a student of Hakushou Girls Academy. She was one of the top tier students who excels in her academic studies, and is a member of the Yacht Club in her school. However one day, due to her bloodline, she was requested to become the captain for the space pirates ship, Bentenmaru. Being the decisive girl, she only took a short while to make her choice.

One of the many good points of Marika is her devotions. When she commits to something, she definitely sees it through to the end, and to the best of her abilities. She was already busy even before becoming the space pirates captain. Now, she had a huge piles of piracy assignments added to the stack of already large tasks of schooling, club activities and part-time jobs. She is earnest and diligent, and she works her hardest in anything she does.

She is also honest and doesn’t keep any kinds of secrets. Hibiki in Senki Zesshou Symphogear, made the mistake of keeping whatever she does in secret to her best friend, Miku, and it even leads to a brief “yuri dismissal.” However in Mouretsu Pirates, Marika immediately informs her best friend, Mami, about her situations, and look at just how supportive she is!

Marika has really sharp instincts and make quick, decisive decisions, which is a must-have for a captain like her. She picked up on things in a short time and always thinks of what’s best for her crew. At one episode, she even decide to take charge of the whole ship while the whole crew was hospitalized, not without a bit of problems though.

That episode also highlights how likable Marika is. Due to her cheerful personality, many people is fond of her and they don’t mind helping the clumsy captain, proved obviously by the whole Yacht club immediately volunteering to become her new “stand-in” crew, and also the old hospitalized crew for making the last minute manuals.

To summarize my point, Marika is an awesome character. She is decisive and possesses incredible leadership abilities. She is however, not a perfect captain but with her cheerfulness, her many friends like to help her in whatever problems she is having. THAT is how a leader should be; dependable, and loved by many of her friends, allies and subordinates.

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6 thoughts on “Character of the Month – June

  1. Marika is an amazing character for sure, but there is a hint of Mary Sue that kind of bothers me… She manages to turn things right, until the most recent episode where she needed some help and got some bruises on the ship. Still, I enjoy her character like I do with Chiaki.

    • She’s definitely not the perfect captain but she’s so far, had been awesome at what she was doing. And I like her both just as much :D

  2. Didn’t have any real expectations for this show , but it turned out quite nice.
    Now, let’s hope the end won’t disappoint :)
    I’m gonna miss this show a bit when I’ll end. Nothing exceptional, but still something you look forward to.

    • Episode 22 builds up the last arc quite well.
      Somehow, I have a nagging feeling there’s going to be a second season anyway xD

  3. I love Marika, she’s somehow down-to-earth but up in the clouds at the same time. She’s definitely captain material though, and she reminds me of the characters from Nadesico, who possesed many of the same qualities.

    • She’s definitely have the looks which makes people feels unexpected being the captain of a space ship. But she certainly can get the job done if needed.

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